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  1. Delt and glute crew checking in. My delts are so full of scar tissue I struggle getting the shit in there. Any other easy spots you guys use? Did quad once and was pegged for a week. Never again
  2. APS

    May as well inject lupi straight off the supermarket shelf
  3. APS

  4. Damn they seem to be pretty common hope I never get one
  5. I read a few journals but the drugs are the interesting part for me. Seeing what results people get off what dosages/compounds
  6. Shame about the hernia, at least you'll be fresh as when you jump back on. LOL at prostate gainz. Do you front load on the ace or run both esters throughout? I can get test suspension but apparently it's a bitch to inject so haven't tried it.
  7. This part of the forum used to be good now it's 95% a bunch of pussies asking stupid questions about a 250mg test cycle. Haven't seen a decent cycle log since my last one either. I'm off ATM but going to step it up in a few weeks. Looking at running a total of 1500mg made up of test e and tren e plus starting and finishing on anadrol plus halotestin a couple of days before my meet. Might do another cycle log. Anyone else running a decent cycle or planning to? Result from my last cycle log. 97-110kg in 12 weeks
  8. Deca pct... nova or clomid?

    I didn't say it would clear his system in two weeks I said stop using it two weeks before the test which is standard protocol for a deca cycle. Also said it will be hard to recover from due to the reason you have outlined above and he will need to take at least 4-5 months off if he wants to recover to any degree.. Not sure that's what he wants to hear
  9. Deca pct... nova or clomid?

    Deca won't do anything for your injury. It's unlikely your natural test levels will recover in a hurry if you use deca as it's very suppressive. Stop using it 2 weeks before you stop test to give it time to clear your system. I've used nolva after a deca cycle but I only came off for 10 weeks so it was a waste of time. Can't say if it helped or not. I don't use anything when I come off now. If you are going to take at least 4-5 months off and genuinely want to recover from your cycle then google "power pct"

    Be making melons
  11. 1st cycle Start to Finish 500mg/week 25mg Dbol/Day

    I'd run 375mg (1.5ml) in one injection once a week for 12 weeks. Dbol will likely leave you with high estro/high bp and looking like a water buffalo for the rest of the cycle. Its really not needed you'll grow like f*ck without it. Save it for 2nd cycle.
  12. Test e cut or bulk

    If you're asking such utterly retarded questions you shouldn't be using gear.
  13. Someone please help

    He's already fucked up his hormones and it's idiots like him that give gear a bad name
  14. Marijuana and working out?

    Wouldn't recommend smoking pre workout it makes me paranoid AF.
  15. First Test E + Dbol cycle.

    Unsure but imo just keep it simple for your first go. Using drugs to counter other drugs you don't need in the first place is unnecessary. If I was you I'd go wk1-10 500mg wk11 250mg wk12 125mg keep your a.i on hand and if you start getting symptoms then use it but you shouldn't need to.