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  1. All gear well looked after and used only on carpet. http://www.no1fitness.co.nz/strength-equipment/iron-power-fid-heavy-duty-utility-bench-04083?nav=5788 In near new condition http://www.no1fitness.co.nz/strength-equipment/adjustable-squat-dip-rack-04113?nav=5791 A few marks but near new also http://www.no1fitness.co.nz/weights-and-bars/weight-dumbbell-sets/100kg-olympic-weight-set-03070?nav=5721 Near new condition Also have 2x Olympic dumbells, Olympic curl bar, 2x5kgs weights and 2x 20kg plates, all gear brought from No1 fitness. Sensible offers on the lot or separately. Reply or PM, local pickup only in Christchurch. Cheers Corey.
  2. Agree, The Warehouse, last two cost me $6 each. Thin but still going strong.
  3. 4,000 Calories, upcoming bulk

    YOLO, exactly why you should be careful what you put in your mouth.......each to their own.
  4. 4,000 Calories, upcoming bulk

    If it hasn't been said already I would knock out some of that Tuna,srs. http://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/mroussell5.htm
  5. Is this summer worse than others?

    Workout at home, this problem is the number one reason. That and I don't like the idea of sharing everyones sweat,srs.
  6. Handstand pushups, steps 1 to 6

    Impressed, no room for error there....
  7. Weight Belt Recommendations

    Sweet, thanks mate.......
  8. Olympic Bar + collars Christchurch

    A couple of 20's,10s and 5s plus 2.5s..... Cheers.
  9. I have a spare Olympic sized barbell here with locking collars, has the odd surface spot of rust but overall is tidy and works well. I'll clean this up before pickup though. Its the 18kg one No1 fitness sell rated to over 300kg..... $50 pickup in Christchurch Also have a few Olympus weight plates that can be negotiated if the buyers wants those as well at $2 a kg.
  10. Just after a few ideas on a good weight belt. I'm no big lifter but have had a hernia repair and am starting to ramp things up again and don't want to risk buggering up the repair so want to get into using a belt, mostly for deads as that seems to tweak me up the most in the lower abdomen. Waist is 88cm so not sure on size of belt I would need..............
  11. The beginning

    You are starting from a good base, low fat and some muscle to build-on. Best of luck with your progress Cory.
  12. increase in gymmers

    I'm just grateful I workout at home, that is all.......
  13. 1000 Pushup Challenge

    Chest is fecking sore at the moment, as are shoulders and tri's. Will try diamond pressups next time but aim for 500 as the buggers are a lot tougher in volume but that will have to wait till after the pullup challenge.
  14. 1000 Pushup Challenge

    Decided to give this a go and see how long it would take. I wasn't out to do this in one session but rather slowly fatigue over a few days. Completed 1000 standard military pressups with full ROM inside 72 hours. Pretty happy with myself as I don't consider myself 'fit'. Shoulders and tri's are pretty shagged and pumped to hell. I'll try pullups next. Anyone undertaken any similar challenges and how did you find it? Cheers legacy.
  15. How do you eat oats?

    Oats in bowl, add boiling water, add soy milk, add protein source.....eat.