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    jimmybro1 reacted to TommyWoods in Best power bar and maybe deadlift bar   
    Brett Gibbs recommends the Force USA Powerlifting Barbell - he posted it in Instagram awhile back
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    jimmybro1 got a reaction from gazza in Game Changers   
    Anyone see the documentary on Netflix's ? 
    Rather biased towards plant based, but still interesting especially around inflammation from animal proteins and influence on blood properties. 
    Anyone with medical background to challenge findings from the information they presented in the documentary ? 
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    jimmybro1 reacted to Pseudonym in Beaten Paths are For Beaten Men   
    RIP, Old Bull.  
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    jimmybro1 reacted to gazza in Idle ramblings and observations.   
    Job done, 3rd place NABBA Otago.
    f*ck TUMOURS!!!!

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    jimmybro1 got a reaction from Pseudonym in Training with Cirque du Soleil   
    Nicely put together Andrew. 
    But did you get her number ? 
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    jimmybro1 reacted to Realtalk in RIP Old Bull   
    It’s with sadness that I share the news of the passing of one of our oldest members, OLD BULL. Old Bull passed away yesterday on the 6th April.
    Old Bull was one of our oldest current contributing members. He joined our forum in December of 2005 when it was nzbb.co.nz or (new Zealand bodybuilding) and was a consistent contributor from then till now. Always posting quality content sharing his vast knowledge. He ran a training journal titled “Beaten paths are for beaten men”. 
    Old Bull or OB’s name is Warren Trent, he lived in wellington and was involved in the NZPF (New Zealand powerlifting federation) and was the man for the central districts affiliate of that. He owned and ran the powerhouse gym in  central Wellington. A no nonsense strength gym that is well known in the strength and lifting community. From world champion powerlifters to all black rugby players training there, if you want to get strong  this is the place to go. 
    Rest In Peace OB, you’ll be missed by all of us around here. See you on the other side.

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    jimmybro1 reacted to Pseudonym in Training with Cirque du Soleil   
    Okay guys - it's been a while, but we've got another Cirque du Soleil video for you. This time it's with KOOZA, who are currently playing in Auckland (and they've just extended the season to March 23). I saw the show, and like every Cirque show, it's packed full of great acts, great costumes, and great music. Expect to see some amazing feats of fitness, agility and flexibility from the artists.
    Again, we've split this into two videos. In this first one, I'm talking to Straps aerialist Haley Viloria, who demonstrates some of her stretching and mobility work. Enjoy!
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    jimmybro1 reacted to victoryworksnz in getstrength nz   
    Signed up to pile on to this thread as well.  If you're thinking of buying some of their made in NZ products, don't bother.
    I've been waiting since June, about 3.5 months, for a safety squat bar and a swiss bar.  Order cost about $750 after discounts.  Website says expect a 2-3 week lead time.  I've been chasing them since week 6, and all they do is ignore your messages, or occasionally reply with BS about how it's nearly done.  
    On top of that, received a bench slingshot from them at the time of the order in June, in the wrong size - but they simply won't reply to my emails about that.
    Just atrocious customer service.  They badly need another local competitor to keep them honest.
    Will update if I ever receive my stuff.
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    jimmybro1 reacted to 1D13 in getstrength nz   
    Signed up just to review these guys. 
    Bought a pair of shoes and a belt off them. 
    "suede" on the shoes came apart after a few months of gym only use. Absolute garbage. 
    Sent me the wrong size belt after waiting months. Sent it back at my expense, refused to refund the cost. Got the right size a couple weeks later. The real kicker was when the rivets that were used in construction rusted though after about 6 months, resulting in the belt coming apart during a sqaut set! 
    I'm all for supporting NZ business, which is why I tried them. They're just marking up goods produced in China/Pakistan made as cheaply as possible. 
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    jimmybro1 reacted to Pseudonym in Lame reason to lift...??   
    Play nicely, guys. There's no reason why Intern's story can't be true. Let's see...
    - Man in troubled relationship joins bodybuilding forum in effort to impress his Mrs. Considers using steroids, but then decides that's not for him.
    - Cop proactively on the hunt for steroid dealers joins dead-quiet bodybuilding forum, concocts elaborate back-story about why he needs steroids in the hopes that someone will PM him, then inexplicably does an about-turn and says he doesn't want gear any more.
    I know which I think is more likely! Sounds like all that gear is making you guys paranoid!
    Oh, and @intern - I think PETN's comment was his suggestion on how to deal with a broken relationship, not a welcome to the forum. Not sure if that makes things better or worse!
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    jimmybro1 reacted to intern in Lame reason to lift...??   
    At least part of the reason we've been together 14 years is because I care a lot. But every man has his limits, and you are right, not healthy - and recent developments have indeed made me insecure for the first time since we got together in 2004...
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    jimmybro1 got a reaction from intern in Lame reason to lift...??   
    If your been together for 14 years who cares.. 
    Obviously your interests are else where in terms of sport, weightlifting will only hinder performance of these interests. Or do you feel insecure in your relationship? If so its probably not healthy, hottie or not.  
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    jimmybro1 reacted to gazza in Idle ramblings and observations.   
    Down the road for fasted cardio this morning,  then back down for a body composition assessment. 
    Scored a pack of goodies for being the member of the month and highest gym user for the month (43 visits lol). Bag of protein, tshirt, gym towel shaker and some bluetooth headphones for the win.

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    jimmybro1 reacted to maccaz in maccaz 2018 prep log   
    lol i get access denied when i try change the title. @Pseudonympls
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    jimmybro1 reacted to gazza in Idle ramblings and observations.   
    6 pack!!!! Lol.
    Back today
    WG pulldown 1x15 120, 3x8 160, 180, 180 failed at 7 reps on the last
    DB row 3x10 48kg, 50kg, 50kg easy 10 on the last. 50kg for all sets next time. 
    CG pulldown 4x8 180, 180, 200, 200 failed going for 8 on the last. Loving this at the moment, really feeling my lower last engaging.
    Cable row 3x8 200, 220, 220 easy 8 today. 
    Seated DB shrugs 3x10 46kg dbs on all sets, trying to keep it tight and get a good squeeze.

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    jimmybro1 got a reaction from justhell in NZ Muscle Post & Photo of the Month competitions   
    Members be aging, priorities be changing... 
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    jimmybro1 got a reaction from justhell in NZ Muscle Post & Photo of the Month competitions   
    Members be aging, priorities be changing... 
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    jimmybro1 reacted to Bigken1985 in First GPC powerlifting meet at 16   
    Just duck eggs
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    jimmybro1 reacted to maccaz in Best power bar and maybe deadlift bar   
    force usa is rubbish.
    valhalla is just a australian barbell co bar with sharper knurling and more expensive. theyre made at australia barbell co.
    rogue ive heard very good things but never used.
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    jimmybro1 reacted to Bigken1985 in Best power bar and maybe deadlift bar   
    I've been saving a little bit of cash up and migh5 be in the market for a proper power bar. If i keep saving up i could add a deadlif5 bar to that. So weighing up my options. I have a solid strength power bar but wanting to step it up
    1. Force USA power bar.
    Have heard these have decent  knurling. Cheap price. Designed in USA  and built in China I assume. No reviews online really
    2. Valhalla power/deadlift bar. 
    28mm for power bar which is smaller than most and not ipf approved. Most power bars seem to be at least 28.5. Limited reviews, made in aus. Pretty expensive. 12 month warranty
    3. Rouge Ohio power/deadlift. Most positive reviews of almost any bars. Ipf specs. Lifetime warranty. Seems to have established the standard for power bars. Have to ship from aus so might have duty. Will probably end up costing the same or slightly less than the valhallas 
    My pick is the rouge. Let me know what everyone thinks and if there's another option 
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    jimmybro1 got a reaction from Pseudonym in Thailand Vacation   
    Yup going diving at Phi Phi Island will be good. Will try get some quality photos like you do ! 
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    jimmybro1 reacted to Pseudonym in Thailand Vacation   
    Do you dive, bro? If you don't, you should. Pretty sure it would be right up your alley, and Thailand's not a bad place to start!
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    jimmybro1 got a reaction from ratz99 in Thailand Vacation   
    Was a bit odd, but not as odd as the sex show I seen in Europe though that was fucked lol. 
    Bangla Road was off the chain, most intense party scene I’ve experienced. In Karon now then traveling north for the chilled out portion of the trip. 
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    jimmybro1 reacted to Bigken1985 in Taking down 650kg among other things   
    Sun 12.3.18
    GPC south islands 
    Was a early start, Left town around 5.15 
    Weighed in at 99.5. Didn't really matter as we were all up against each other anyway
    Warms ups were shit. Last warm up @200 was slowslow. There were pound plates and whippy bars which threw things off a bit
    Opener 220 slideshow
    2nd 230 good
    3rd 242.5 miss
    Bench  this was were things went sour a little
    Opener 140 good. Grindy ugly
    2nd 145 miss 
    3rd 145 miss
    Deadlifts.  things were feeling better here
     Opener 220 butter
    2nd 240 no worries
    3rd 252.5 Absouloute grind of my life. Had to let my air go so I didn't pass out it took that long to lock out. Got the down command and whites. 
    622.5kg total 45kg total pb 
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    jimmybro1 reacted to Isaac in First GPC powerlifting meet at 16   
    Hey im new to the forum, ill be competing at GPC Wellington Regional 3 Lift on april 15th.
    Ive been reading up on how to prepare for a first meet, so this is how ill be doing it:
    Arrive 14th for weigh in and seminar (competing in open mens under 82.5kg).
    Morning of 15th, medium breakfast. Bring lots of water, electrolytes and snacks.
    Squat attempts:
    200kg-210kg depending on how im feeling
    Bench attempts:
    135kg-140kg depending on how im feeling
    230kg-240kg depending on how im feeling
    Any help and/or tips would be appreciated
    Most of my training footage and prep will be on my instagram: @isaaclee_fitness