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  1. Bodybuilding “peak week”

    I never carbed up nor water depleted when I competed and nor do a lot of people I know that achieve insane conditioning. Then again it could be a genetic thing, not arguing the above but I don't think it is as much of a factor that it is made out to be. Might be something more relevant for those who use PEDs? More muscle mass more to fill out ?
  2. Boxing gym Christchurch

    Looking for a decent boxing gym in Christchurch with knowledgeable trainers. Wanting to build fitness with boxing training as opposed to ambitions of getting into the ring. Had one too many head knocks for that from previous contact sports. No real pass experience other than in my early teens.
  3. best on the go dairy protein

    Tried pea protein? or getting your protein from vegetable sources? -Black beans -Chick Peas -Nuts -Nutolene
  4. People being all affectionate in the gym

    ^This Bloodshot eyes, capillaries blown in face and dripping in sweat..
  5. Weet-bix

    I think your question should be what to eat Weet-bix with...
  6. Looking for a mentor.

    Obviously haven't yarned with any Vegans, RIP OP. What you put in your mouth influences your health whether your active or not. People are concerned about the air they breathe, the water they drink or environmental factors but not so much about food we eat, in ways other than it influences your body composition. But bodybuilding isn't a health lifestyle anywhos so who cares up the dose and leave a large coffin with the goals of leaving humanity behind.
  7. Conor McGregor or Floyd Mayweather?

    Don't think McGregor cares about winning so much more so the pay day. He thinks of himself as a businessman and this is his retirement plan. Its among one of the most lucrative fights in history with each of them expected to earn over 100 million obviously depends on PPV and ticket sells but if is in line with Mayweather v Pacquaio fight it is expected to be around 390 million. Not sure what the split is between Mayweather and McGregor and the agreement was signed in confidentially but I would say Mayweather has taken the larger part of the share as he has the most to offer. Not a bad pay day to take a couple punches to the head! Mayweather will walk away with the win by decision.
  8. Need them 5%er delts and triceps
  9. Acquiring bulk!

    Wouldn't say strong. Bench hasn't been consistent due to shoulder issues. No plans this year being away from home, doing 12 on 2 off like to travel in what little time I have off haha. The other day on site we had 9 out of 10 contractors fail a drug test one for 3 of the 4 things tested (cannabinoids, opiates, amphetamines and alcohol) what a champion! He was worried about failing for cannabinoids but had taken ecstasy on the way to work lol. Also had a guy with a vial of urine that dropped it when trying to tip it into the sample bottle hahaha
  10. Missing the gold chain lol
  11. Aesthetic midsection. Traps, delts and tricep sweep maybe lacking? Some of these classic physique guys competing now look incredible
  12. maccaz 2017 gpc summer classic prep log

    Maccas has returned! When are you getting back on the platform?
  13. Acquiring bulk!

    Wednesday - Legs Squats 160x5x12 Split squats 32kgx4x12 Leg Press 6ppsx5x20 Squats were pretty challenging as deadlifted on the heavier side the previous day so did volume instead of higher intensity. Poor programming really back was still a bit stiff as expected and wasn't the best feeling sets. Done regardless.
  14. Acquiring bulk!

    I've got a house in West Melton its really nice area. Rolleston is the closest town though. Really development here is just as crazy as Hamilton (true city of the future) at the moment a lot building happening. Don't feel the cold with under ground heating and house climate control! Had snow a couple times.
  15. Acquiring bulk!

    Update: Managed to tweak some muscle in my upper back close to the spine causing the muscles to manipulate thoracic vertebrate at least that was the diagnosis. Took sometime to recovery from this beginning on site and working long days. Managed to see a physio in Rolleston "Sports Rehab Physiotherapy" the place is great and got me moving pain free within a couple sessions. Before I got injured I did an NZPF push pull fundraising meet and managed to pull an all time pb of 227.5 beltless and hook grip. Nothing outstanding or competitive but for myself a massive achievement. Looking at getting a 235 pull this year in the gym. Won't be competing again for a while being away from home. Rowing on the erg has also had to take a break for time management reason which is difficult to except as I was wanting to compete in the annual erg races which I though I had a good chance of doing well and perhaps setting some records. Training at the moment is a compound lift with some sets of isolation work, no real split or program just train what isn't to sore or painful to do. Most days are back accessories with the logic and thicker back will be able to pull more and perhaps deter shoulder injuries. Weather that logic is sound not to sure, I enjoy training back a lot more than other groups anyways. Found a gym in Rolleston "Frank Brothers" which I think has recently changed ownership to become a crossfit gym so plenty barbells and plates but lack of machines.