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  1. Just another meathead

    Such low volume, is this how much volume you would have in a typical workout?

    Mark Bells - Strength Training channel on the YouTubes is doing a Sarms series might be worth looking at... Maybe be a one sided argument though (conflict of interest)
  3. steroids within new zealand

    That you Marty...
  4. Training with Cirque du Soleil

    Nicely put together Andrew. But did you get her number ?
  5. Bad UGL gear (Colombia)

    This is why anabolics should be legalized to squash the underground market and allow these medicines to be regulated. No sane person would inject bacteria deep into tissue but that is the risk you take every time you use these unregulated medicines.
  6. Grip Sport

    I’ve also started some grip training over the past few months closing the COC #3 is impressive. Ive made some implements like the hub and rolling thunder as it’s expensive to get them in NZ.
  7. Powerlifting Gym in Christchurch

    Fitness Canterbury is no good the bars and plates are rubbish not to mention squat racks and benches. Its OK for bodybuilding type workouts
  8. Lame reason to lift...??

    If your been together for 14 years who cares.. Obviously your interests are else where in terms of sport, weightlifting will only hinder performance of these interests. Or do you feel insecure in your relationship? If so its probably not healthy, hottie or not.
  9. So no more retarded advertisement with Andy ? Great! I'm not sure who the players are anymore there used to be a few. My old go to was bodybuilding.co.nz which seems to be run through nutratech now. I just purchase by vegan friendly supplements from a local store now.
  10. maccaz 2018 prep log

    Its 2018 bro...
  11. Best power bar and maybe deadlift bar

    Samsfitness won't ship to NZ. Will that YouShop thing work for something like a barbell ?
  12. NZ Muscle Post & Photo of the Month competitions

    Members be aging, priorities be changing...
  13. Finding Gyms while travelling

    Whenever I travel I try find a hotel with a gym or one nearby then you can get a quick workout in daily, otherwise you spend to much time that would be otherwise be better spent sight seeing and enjoying the destination. I struggled in Europe with finding gyms nearby so just skipped training most days and focused on mobility. America isn't to bad but typically a bit of travel time to and from. Most hotels don't have gyms. SE asia was awesome for hotel gyms and gyms in general but that isn't going to help you...
  14. Best power bar and maybe deadlift bar

    I would go with the rouge bar, I have used the USA force bar and the Valhalla bar both are nothing great. Ohio bar looks good haven’t used either though. I’m thinking about buying one but the duty is a c*nt and I emailed them asking if they can remove the Australian tax from the price but they won’t. So you have to pay both Australian and New Zealand tax on the bar plus shipping and an entry fee of like $50.. Texas power bar is terrible for squatting, far to whippy