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  1. ZMA and multi vits.

    A good GP will perscribe them to you as they are a supplement. My new GP is all about the supps. I'm rather healthy apart from a few health cooncerns like depression and ADHD. A lot of people also get perscribed paracetmol and ibrufen in large doses so its cheaper for them. I know I always about about 300 of each in the cupboard. They normally last about 3-6 months, as for my supp I took my information into my GP and said that I am trying them for sleep and she said sure why not give it ago. As for the multi they are only basic and I told her that I take them as a just in case. No problems, and yes anyone should be able to get them on script, its just a mater of asking.
  2. Sun beds - have you, would you, do you?

    And this is why I love the beds and not the capsule. I get to fully relax, now that I am going once a week, I find that the tan wears off real fast. Or am I just becoming tananorexic???? But alas I’m going to go as I look hell of a lot healthier
  3. ZMA and multi vits.

    I have areally good GP, and as I use them for sleep she has no issues giving them to me. I am a high user anyway so I pay for my fair share of meds, as for blood tests I have them regular over the years so we know what is going on and hey wats the system is for. YOU pay enough through your taxes and health care is meant to be free..... Ha right!!!
  4. Prolapsed disks and kidney cysts

    Its just a little lump in my personal journey, okay so competiting maybe out of the question unless there is a scale then I might just be able to do that. Apart from that I am now slowly working out what I can and what I need to tweak until I get stronger. Crossfit is amazing and is keeping me moving and yes at this stage my lifts are crap, but its getting better and stronger each week.
  5. ZMA and multi vits.

    Just to let you fellows know a real cheap way of getting ZMA with out actually buying it. I am one of those people that have to see their doctors more than I really want to. So I get on script Zinc 50mg, B6 50mg, nut I have to buy Magnesium at full price cause its not funded. So for me at the moment the supps are free expect the mag. But otherwise I pay $10 for the other two for three months supply. BTW I also get my multi vits at the same time, as they are only basic mutlis I take two a day again free at the moment or $5 for three months. If your a heavy lifter or pushing yourself then you might even be able to get three a day. Much cheaper than forking out for those expensive ones.
  6. Have a look at your urine the next time you pee. Pee straight into the water, if you end up with a lot of foam then your kidneys are getting rid of excess protein from your system. Your bosy can only handle so much, each of use are different and can handle different about of macros. You can also pick up dipsticks from the pharmacy to mointor this. Or the next time your at the docs ask to use one.
  7. Carcinogenic shampoo, handwash and soap!

    Yes there are alot of cheicals that are now in shampoos et al, but also in foods. You have to decide to what degree you want to be anal about it. Im sorry but I actually want to smell nice so I will use deo, soap, and other products. I have on the other hand decided to remove as much of the processeed foods from my diet. I actually now find that I dont need to use a lot of scented products.
  8. Prolapsed disks and kidney cysts

    Thanks guys for all the support. I just have to learn to live with this now as I have been told that there is nothing that they can actually do, and that I am going to replase a number of times over the rest of my life.

    Ive got all of mine from gaining all my fat, now Ive lost the weight I wear them with pride and a reminder that I no longer weight 130kgs (6 years ago) of 'fat'. Yes there is surgery but it is expensive and it only reduces the scar. Its actually more trouble than its worth. I have seen the surgery and the results, hence I am very happy to keep mine. BTW I'm male as well and 30 years old.
  10. Prolapsed disks and kidney cysts

    SOunds very simalar to that the speciolist told me, as I have alredy been listening to my body while I have been waiting for investagations, and to see the specilist. I think I may carry on with that plan. Some days I am fine and can lift heavy, other times I struggle so I go light.
  11. Oly lifting shoes

    I love my rebok Oly shoes, my ankles are well supported and now with my back it's more important that I'm well supported.
  12. SRS underwear question

    A friend if mind suggested that us guys try the new bonds undies as they now have ones that are meant to stop riding up. Which is my major problem with my tree trunks of legs.
  13. What I bought today....

    New shoes for work, well ACC is refunding me for them. The new CrossFit sprint.
  14. Gymnation Challenge 2013 - Crossfit

    Would love to actually give it a go know I could do rather well, but at this stage T2B are very difficult with my back. The rest no problems, oh trying to find someone to film it is also difficult.
  15. Prolapsed disks and kidney cysts

    No issues from the anti flames according to the specilist a lot of people have the cysts. the pain travels right down the back of the leg to the foot. would love to give the challenge a go but not able to do T2B at the moment.