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  1. Grind of the month!

    Thank you everyone for your participation thus far. Since there wasn't a hell of a lot of activity we're extending the time period to a month. All members who posted 1 rep maxes are automatically disqualified. Sorry, men, but as I stated 1 rep maxes won't cut it. so with out further ado our first grind of the month winner is... Drum roll please... DUNDUNDUN @soundsgood please message pseudonym to collect your prize. Thank you everyone for your participation and the new grind of the month has reset so get posting!
  2. What's your regimen?

    The only thing with aromasin is that it needs to be slowly increased over a period of time which will depend on you as an individual, so I won't throw out numbers. also, the 500mg of week you've heard isn't for TRT, it's for first cycles. There's a big difference there. Maybe talk to your doctor about getting cypianate instead of enanthate as it doesn't aromatise as much.
  3. Swollen Dolan

    Good morning, men and women. I'll enter in my back workout I did 3 days ago and then insert progress pictures at the end. Deadlifts 60/6 100/5 140/3 180/1 200/1 220/1 230/1 new PB. There's been a handful of times I've done 220 for 3 so probably could have got 235 in the past but I've never actually tried going heavier than 220. Straight bar cable pull overs 65lbs/15 x 2 sets 95lbs/10 125lbs/8 155lbs/8 170lbs/9 125lbs/13 Dumbbell rows 50/8 65/7 Single arm machine rows (overhand) 60lbs/10 70lbs/10 90lbs/9 Neutral grip pull downs. What I did here was lean my torso forward in the stretch position and then lean back slightly when pulling it down allowing for a greater range of motion and pump. 125lbs/10 155lbs/9 110lbs/11 EZ-bar rows (underhand) 47.5/15 x 2 sets 57.5/18 + 2 partials. on to rear delts rear delt rows 18/10 22/10 26/8 30/6 + 3 partials reverse pec deck 70lbs/12 80lbs/12 100lbs/8 rest pause another 5 reps rest pause and another 3 that was that. into offseason and weight is sitting around 77kg now that I've dropped a bit of intramuscular and subcutaneous water from dropping out supplementation. No plans to compete, yet.
  4. BENCH! why won't you grow

    Would you say that previous training experience in powerlifting allowed you to make that switch? Meaning you were already used to the powerlifting-style approach to training and changing the technique by increasing frequency allowed you to progress BUT, if you had done that straight off the bat (which I don't think you did, but correct me if I'm wrong) do you think it would have hindered you more than helped you? OP is obviously coming from bodybuilding roots and wouldn't be used to going that heavy, that frequently. Do you think it would be in his best interest to do a 5x5 or reverse pyramid program first (while he also sorts his technique) and then switch to Sheiko 8 weeks later? I do a bodybuilding type strength program where I will test my 1RM and from there I go, "Okay so my 5RM should theoretically be x amount" and then I get 5 reps the next week, then 6 the next, then 8 the week after then I'll go up in weight (an extra 5-10 for bench and 10-20 for deadlifts) and I'll get 3 reps the next week, then 5 the week after and so on and so forth. That works for me BUT it is very individualised. Maybe I could gain strength faster on a different program, but bodybuilding is my priority so I get the best of both worlds.
  5. Gymnation app

    We've discussed this and are in the process of getting it all sorted ?
  6. Grind of the month!

    Welcome to Autumn everybody! We'd like to propose a competition at Gymnation. We're calling it "Grind of the month" and it's eligible for anyone, of any gender and any training style. All you have to do is upload one intense set into this topic OR your workout journal. Whoever seems like they do the most balls to walls set will be deemed the winner at the end of the month. There will be a small prize plus bragging rights to the biggest cock and balls on the forum. Get creative because a 1RM won't cut it.
  7. Swollen Dolan

    When I say I bounce it, I'm not meaning speed reps. I still control my deadlifts down for 3 seconds. I've only sustained 2 injuries from lifting. One was from rack pulls, the other was squatting but aggravated the same injury I sustained from rack pulls. Never an injury doing deads, though. strange, I know.
  8. Swollen Dolan

    FABULOUS QUESTION! I feel my lower back work more when I bounce it because it minimises the leg drive through the bottom. I could just pause at the bottom and round my back but I don't like the feeling of that. It uneases me
  9. Flex Friday

    Just for shits and gigs, let's just get a bit of harmless fun going. New or advanced, let's see your flexed pics no homo. Old or new pictures. Powerlifters are welcome too! Let's see those power-guts, men!
  10. Swollen Dolan

    Conversations sometimes go a little like "Babe, have you got any ideas to help you with your finances?" "Well... I've been trying to think of some..." "Okay so what do you have?" "... You... I have you... And also nothing" ooooh yeah she was like "It's embarrassing!" I'm like "Buuuuuut it's true" I was just giving out an honest idea that would have made a guys year
  11. Swollen Dolan

    I was the best man so I thought it'd be a good idea to go and snort some coke before the speech. Hahah just playing, I can't stand party drugs, only ever done them once and I hated the come down. Wasn't worth it. I think the ulcerated tongue was onset by stress. I have a very laid back nature but my partner keeps asking about my financial situation and what I'm gonna do to fix it (starting out as a PT ain't easy) and it must have got to me. I don't wanna sound like I'm blaming her though. She's amazing a super supportive. I just hate talking about issues I don't have a solution for
  12. Swollen Dolan

    Hahahahaha you mother f*cker! It was actually the back of my tongue which caused it to swell up, along with my glands. So I had to really chew my food so I could actually swallow it without getting it lodged between my tongue and throat (it even hurt to just drink). I was only able to eat twice because swallowing food left me in pain for hours so I was starving.
  13. Swollen Dolan

    Trained back today. Did a bit of biceps stimulation today. I wouldn't say it hindered my back involvement, but I think it did hinder the weight I was able to use. Not that bad though. today is my second day training after an unscheduled week off. My partner got back from England last Wednesday, Thirsday was scheduled rest, Friday, was my brothers wedding rehearsal and Saturday was his Wedding. Woke up Sunday with an ulcerated tongue so couldn't eat food for 3 days (even yesterday was a struggle) but been pretty good today. AAAAAAAANYWAY, today's session went as follows. deadlifts 60/6 100/5 140/5 180/1 180/10 (bouncing out of the bottom) reset at the bottom for 5 seconds and pulled another rep neutral grip pull downs (pounds) 105/10 135/9 165/6 195/6 dropset 150/8 bent rows 60/10 100/8 60/failure machine pull overs (pounds) 60/20 pulses at the point of contraction 80/8 100/8 dumbbell rows 50/7 34/17 seated rows (pounds). Okay so just going to explain what I did here. For the first and third set, I kept my body in an upright position, keeping my shoulder blades pulled back throughout the entire movement to eliminate the rear delts. For the second set, I was leaning forward completely, stretching the lats and the leaning back as I pull the handle towards me (ALA John Meadows seated rows) 135/10 x 2 sets 135/15 thst concludes the workout. I was gonna do some rear delts but I was pretty fucked but I can do those with shoulders on Sunday.
  14. First Cycle

    Right. I must have misunderstood what I was listening to. Thank you
  15. First Cycle

    I would imagine that there would be a higher oestrogen to testosterone ratio due to age and therefore would make it easier to aromatise in terms of that ratio. So it's not that it would convert to oestrogen in larger amounts, just at a greater ratio, if that makes sense. maybe I've been researching the wrong things.