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  1. Whhhaaaaaaat....

    http://www.shockmansion.com/2013/01/14/ ... e-is-sexy/
  2. So on my quest to keep everything in reasonable shape I'm learning that I've hit a bit of a plateau, so now going harder and paying ALOT of attention to what I eats (not that I wasnt before but anyhoo) I'm wondering if my inability to get leaner is due to the meds I have to take for chronic anxiety? Some do change you metabolism and some dont.....but I feel like I should be seeing a little more results over the months....particularly when I've been watching the bad carbs. Any thoughts? Its not like I'm going to come of the meds because no fat loss is worth that result wondering what if anything I can do. Thanks!
  3. Loss of appetite

    So a wee issue I'm struggling to eat properly at the mo - love and crave my brekkie (oats and egg) but for the rest or the day I just force myself - sometimes I'm hungry but I don't wanna eat as it turns my stomach - other times not hungry at all and have to force of down. Lucky if some days I'm getting 1100 cals in (approx) so not leaning out as I reckon starvation mode must be kicking in big time. Trying to eat 4 times a day is a struggle!! Any ideas???
  4. Anxiety after substantial weight loss

    Hiya hun, having suffered from a chronic anxiety disorder (coupled with symptoms of bipolar 2) for over a decade, all I can say is go see a doctor as well - there may be underlying issues that are coming out as you get fitter (confidence etc) that may have been there all along - you just didn't know it yet. There's all sorts of treatments out there it doesn't have to be debilitating, but I strongly advise see someone just to make sure it isn't a bigger problem - I'd particularly urge you to do this if you suffers from any sort of depressive episodes - it doesn't have to be severe - but you should get yourself the all clear. Normal anxiety is the body's way of telling you to fight or flight in a situation - perfectly normal from time to time but if its constant it can feel awful and there is help
  5. New moves for crossfit?

    http://www.shockmansion.com/2012/08/24/ ... -the-core/
  6. Doping!!

    *opening posted edited to cause less offence :twisted:
  7. Doping!!

    Haha that's awesome - was looking for mixer! 2nd guy is long gone from NZ now pommie kid.
  8. Doping!!

    Why would anyone who's not a diabetic use insulin? Isn't that deadly or are you taking the piss?? Im not trying to open up a can of worms just chatted to mate and he says it's frustrating. I guess what I wanna know is why publicly declare to be natural (the second guy I was referring to) when you're not? Surely just don't say anything at all? Ever? Particularly if they are a 'fitness professional' doesn't that just give people false hope?
  9. Doping!!

    Like I said do as you like I was just curious as to what everyone thinks about it.....FYI meth is way fucking worse than 'roids IMHO - do as y'all please as long as no one is getting hurt. I had an ex who did it lots and he kept it in the same part of the fridge ;p
  10. Doping!!

    I've heard about this clen stuff....stills sounds a bit too risky to me! My mate wanted to do it coz her mate had lost 5kg in a week of so so they reckon.....but still.....doesn't sound safe enough - not sure if benefit would outweigh the risks - plus its pricey haha!! :twisted:
  11. Doping!!

    Interesting responses lads, thanks. I'm not standing in judgement at all either just curious as to how it's all viewed in the pro bb world. I daresay if they was a 'safe' PED that got chicks really lean (in relative safety) we'd be doing it too
  12. Doping!!

    So in light of the whole Lance Armstrong debacle I'm wondering what the general BB's community thinks of people who claim to be 'clean' but are blatantly on the juice? I know of a couple of guys (one who is getting quite well known and recently won his class) that claim to be 'natty' but the whole crew look like something of Jersey Shore and there is 'administer by injection only' meds in the fridge hahah....and another who also claims to be 'all natural' but has posted on here in the cycles forum many times....... Anyhoooo I digress.....my mate who is all natural and doing really well says it so frustrating when he's been beaten by guys like this - whats the point of all the feds claiming to be drug free when they clearly aren't? And at what point do they go 'back' to being natty if they used to do it to bulk up a few years ago but came off it? Curious to know whether they are considered 'cheats' or is it just accepted? And why not just admit you're on the juice??
  13. Eating before a workout?

    MY flattie and I are having a debate about whether you should eat before the gym - I say its fine, she says it impedes your workout and you shouldn't eat for an hour before or an hour after. Which one of us is right?
  14. Leg chaos

    Righto thanks lads - back to ankle specialist friday and back to proper training this week and hope it helps we shall sort the stupid knee in due course!!
  15. Leg chaos

    Soooooo bit of a long story but recently I got diagnosed with arthritis in my ankle (due to injury as a child) couple with the outer ligament having pretty much disappeared (I have strong tendons apparently - good seeing as its the only thing holding my foot together!) and I've been unable to train legs since the diagnosis until the specialist said its OK - so a good month or so if not more off legs. Anyhooooo since the diagnosis and lack of training my bad knee (5x dislocation, surgery, been fine for years now) has been giving me shooting pains whilst walking (not all the time but one step or so at a certain angle) and yesterday just standing intense sort of cracking time pain in two spots like something needed to go back into place. SO my question is - do you think the knee pain could be just deterioration of the muscle due to lack of training and its getting weak again? Naturally I'm terrified that I'm gonna get the same diagnosis for my knee as my ankle. I knowI need to go back to the physio and get ore xrays and another scan etc but I cant do all of that on a saturday morning! It was giving me grief yesterday so I thought I'd ask