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  1. odd question on foot stance

    Hey Pseudo Been good. Thesis is done and I transitioned into clinical work... enjoying it.
  2. odd question on foot stance

    There are several factors that can have an influence on feet positioning. From the top of my head: (1) Muscular tone as mentioned above. (2) Femoral retroversion. (3) Tibial torsion. (4) Pelvic torsion. (Secondary to leg length difference as in true leg length or ... reminiscence of a previous injury that caused a functional adaptation - in this case you would turn your feet out on the shorter side to compensate for the leg length difference. When you turn your feet out, you unwind the ligaments around / between your femur and hip and you end up "lengthening your leg". The way that the ligaments originate and attach are in a way that allows them to lengten - get slack in a way when you turn your leg /toes out - and tighten when you turn it in - like being pigeon toed - Your body does this in order to compensate for either true or the functional leg length differences if or when they exist - IN ORDER to KEEP YOUR HIPS - SPINE - EYES in level. ) Generally as far as unilateral imbalances goes I would be more likely to put money on (without examining it) on number ... (1) if you played a unilateral sport for any significant time or your posture that you sustain in your work predisposes you to this (hard to think an occupation that would do this right now....eg: something physical that gets you to use one of your side significantly more than the other) (4) If you had any lower-back hip issues in the past. Without having examined you I have my money on pelvic rotation. It will change the length - tension relationship of the glutes and i often find that my patients complain about their knees dropping in or finding it hard to maintain proper knee positioning during squats.... etc. As far as the physio not picking up on these... you need to find someone who does. This is a complicated subject but not rocket science and someone could look at the above mentioned things and eliminate them or further investigate them as needed. Sorry ... This is a really big topic and I don't feel like typing an essay.
  3. Hip imbalance/weakness

    Do you mean the bar is tilted in a way, like it is sloping on your back? Do you get any side to side movement during the squat as you fatigue? Do you noticed if your feet is turned out (or in more) when not under load, eg standing at the toilet taking a piss and your feet aren't placed even but it still feels "ok or even" to stand like it.
  4. Elbow Injury

    When your hands are in a hammer curl position the radiobrachialis and brachialis muscles are somewhat emphasised / better positioned to contribute to elbow flexion. (The same movement with a slight modification is offten used as an orthopedic stress test to check for tendonopathy issues etc.) If you had arthiritis issue .... you would be more likely to suffer during BB curl movements as well as these still stress the elbow joint regardless hand position. (IMO) I think your doc was right , it sounds like tenis elbow issues. Go and check out the places Pseudo recommended. Good luck
  5. Rousey v Holm

    I thought Holly has a chance, but never imagined she would win in such a dominating fashion. A great breakdown of the fight by one of the smartest minds in MMA:

    Week #4 in the Pit Stop ... Just a quick update. The shoulder got to the stage where id doesn't hurt 24/7 but still gives me trouble on a daily basis. Particularly on waking up... trying to go to sleep and when stressed by daily activities at work. Some increase in pain free ROM and decrease in general discomfort. Just waiting on them to go 100% pain free and than I start to implement a re-hab protocol. At this stage I can barely do anything but time will come... Training been 2 x / week lower-body only (upper-body = looks like I don't even lift) mainly focusing basics. I had to figure out some alternative exercises to work around the existing shoulder issue. Mainly working on hypertrophy stuff at this stage. Todays workout: Squats 140 x 8 x 3 sets than 130 x 8 x 2 sets Hach squats 4 sets of 10 GM 3 x 10 reps supersetted with some light reverse hyper x 10s Seated leg curls 5 x 8 reps Core decline weighted sit ups. Also managed to cut done on caffein intake... some small progress. Happy feelzzz...
  7. low bar squat - causing pain lowering bench

    You need to improve external rotation in your arms, thoracic extension, open your chest up (decrease pec minor/major tightness) ... in the main time some ideas to consider. http://allaboutpowerlifting.com/squatters-elbow/

    Some good and some bad news... Good stuff = got a rep PB on squats (+2 reps @ 150) I could perhaps get one more rep if I had to, I think... Bad stuff = I'have tweaked my shoulder (quite bad for now, but it will heal ...) The shoulder injury did mess my plan up quite a bit as I was focusing on the squats and bench during this training block. I think the smart thing would be to stop benching and sort my shoulder range / mobility out for once and all. This would be the sensible thing to do for the long term but likely to keep me away from benching for quite a while. 3 months or more perhaps. It has been an uphill battle with the shoulders as I feel as soon as I make some and gain some ground in range of movement I end up loosing it as soon as I train the lats of bench heavy enough. I have very interiorly rotated shoulders and pretty much no internal rotation (maybe 5 degrees when Ideally it would be more like 70-75) similar issue with external rotation I would say I have like 20 degrees after a decent warm up and it should be closer to 90 degrees) Overhead extension I get to about 130 degrees and thats all she wrote.... :boohoo: I think it is time for me to focus on a daily soft tissue, mobility/flexibility routine with a shit load of added mid-low trap, rhomboid, serratus, rear delt, etc work Not even upset that much to be honest. I am at fault for letting it get so bad in the first place :smackbottom: I think in the mean time I still try build a better base for squats and deadlift and shoulder health (thus bench) A bit a hypertrophy work for the back thrown in there for all kindz of aesthetic and shoulder health gainz as well lol I be still hopping in and updating stuff at least once a week....

    A2S R2 3.2 Front squats 120 x 5 130 x 5 140 x 3 Bench 70 x 8 87.5 x 6 95 x 5 100 x 4 107.5 x 8 95 x 10 87.5 x 12 Summo 132.5 x 8 x 2 sets Good mornings 40 x 10 50 x 10 x 2 sets Back extension @ BW 3 sets of 10 Chest supported hammer strength row 4 sets of 12 reps Some stretching , foam rolling.... Good session. Happy with the front squats. I think I had one , maybe two reps in the tank on the top set. I would have liked to do more sets on the sumo pulls but the knees were unhappy with it, so I played it safe.

    A2S R2 3.1 Squats 150 x 5 x 6 sets Bench 70 x 8 92.5 x 6 97.5 x 5 107.5 x 3 x 2 107.5 x 6 Speed deadlift (short rest, 1 rep on every 30 sec or so) 125 x 1 x 15 sets Good session. Very happy with the squats. It is a small volume PB for me (an extra set of 5) felt somewhat easier than the last time I had to do 5s with 150. Could be a confidence issue as well, knowing that I had done 5 x 5 in the past ... going an extra set this time around should be doable. Bench was ok, deadlifts felt snappy as.

    A2SR2 2.4 Paused deadlifts 100 x 3 x 6 sets 3" block summo pulls Slowly worked up to 140 x 5 Good morning 40 x 10 x 3 sets Back raises 3 sets of 10 @ BW Lower-back is still toasted from Monday's stuff... even putting on my shoes were a struggle :pfft: I adjusted some stuff in the program to work around it.

    A2SR2 2.3 Bench 75 x 8 92.5 x 6 100 x 5 105 x 4 x 2 sets 100 x 10 100 x 8 Sling shot 110 x 5 x 2 sets 110 x 8 45 degree incline bench ... slowly worked up to 75 x 8 reps Curls 3 sets ... Better bench session than Sunday despite only getting 5 hours of sleep. Them feels when your job fucking with your plan to make gainzzz.

    A2SR2 2.2 Squats 145 x 4 x 6 sets Front squats 115 x 4 x 3 sets Paused back squats 100 x 4 x 3 sets Box BB step ups 3 x 12 / side @ 30 Better than yesterday. I felt so flat and low on energy yesterday... no idea why. Today was somewhat better. I wasn't bursting with energy but it was at a decent, sustainable level. I am happy with the 6 x 4 on the squats. It is a small pb for me. Never done this rep/set scheme on this weight before. Front squats felt better than last week. I managed them without a belt. Last week it felt like that my lower-back will snap in half WITH a belt on. So some small progress here as well. One step at the time... I just have to remember that each session builds on the previous one.
  14. The Benchpress Arch

    Just bumped into this... good watch:

    A2SR2 2.1 Bench 75 x 8 92.5 x 6 100 x 5 105 x 4 x 3 sets 100 x 6 Reverse DB flies 4 sets of 20 reps The struggle was real. Below average session.