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  1. Looking for tips to increase bowling speed
  2. High energy workout songs?

    or any songs from this album
  3. What I bought today....

    obviously a lot of people its in the top sellers haha :^o
  4. High energy workout songs?

    dubstep for lifting and for anything cardio related definately drum and bass, any thing from hospital records is legit. Personally Netsky is my favourite just my opinion
  5. What I bought today....

    Optimum Nutrition Creatine Powder 300grams: Firrst time really using creatine so we shall see how it goes :nod:
  6. Im soo skinny!

    is it ok to mix creatine monohydrate in with protein and milk etc when you have your shake?
  7. Im soo skinny!

    Looks good is 5 repitions enough?

    Take it easy' EAZY E
  9. Im soo skinny!

    Could you please link me to a site for Starting Strength please.
  10. Im soo skinny!

    Can any one sugguest a work out that will result in greatest amount of mass put on or has worked for them in the past?
  11. Im soo skinny!

    yea thanks for the advice guys going to start purchasing my own and making the most out of the resources i am avaliable to e.g the milk etc im thinking of starting a dorian yates style of workout?
  12. Hey everybody, OK so i was gyming 4-5 times a week last year and put on around 5-6 kgs which was still hardly where i wanted to be, I am currently stand around 180ish cm and weighing a mare 69 kg down from the mid 70's due to being TO busy to gym(poor excuse). I am currently in wellington at university and its has been hectic which has lead to no exercise and certainly no gym work. I am setting myself a goal to start the gym again, but need advice on how to eat on a very average diet as i am in a university dorm. 3 shit meals a day(carb loaded). Also i am looking to build a stack including protein,creatine , multi , fishoil etc etc so advice on what to buy and brands would be much appreciated sincerely sick of being F**King skinny (rip me to shit about my lack of knowledge if you please if its going to help!)
  13. How is this so cheap?

    What do online stores do with old stock??
  14. How is this so cheap?

    cool cheers mate any ideas what sort of stack i should have if i am looking to put on mass
  15. How is this so cheap?

    hmmm thought so pay extra i guess haha what are good cheap mass gainers?