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  1. 28 oct where im at. 102-103kg

    How big are wanting to get?
  2. Creatine

    Ok creatine, what it does to ya: It helps support muscle growth an it help increase strenght, for u to grow u still need to give your self protein, but when your on creatine give it all u got when lifting those weight mate.
  3. muscletech

    If your gonna jump on something that good at a high price, your gonna hav to start pushing some big weights, dont just rely on the product to make u u grow, push your self to the limit. Or else go hard or go home.
  4. Losing weight vs Gaining weight

    Thats a good effort ion 7 weeks Hey cheers mate, anyone can do it aye, it just comes down to how bad u really want it. There's that saying "go hard or go home" I use that alot when im training aye.
  5. Losing weight vs Gaining weight

    Well if u do every thing right u can do both but it is easyer to lose then it is to gain, i hav lost 20kilo's in 7 weeks, dropping my body fat from 41 to 23 at the moment, but i have put 7kilo's of pure muscle aye
  6. Front Squat

    Just use the smith machine at first, keep the elbows up at all times if your slipping away from it then your dropping your elbows, its not a easy exersice but im sure u will work though it, just remember that its not all about the weight.
  7. eggs or replacements

    Well i hope it helps someone in there gains to getting bigger. Peace
  8. eggs or replacements

    hey guys an girls Just been reading what you guys have said on here about eggs I was with a friend the other morning who gets in to his bodybuilding he was cooking us some breakfast, he pulled out these egg whites in a container just stright egg whites in a 1 kg container, im just putting it on here if it might help anyone. Train hard guys an girls.
  9. muscletech

    Muscletech When it comes to these products you have to train hard, like give it 100% in the gym its the only way for these products to work. If you dont work hard another then its not going to work. Muscletech is the main sponser for Mr Olympia and 6 out of the top 10 bb in the world are sponered from them.
  10. creatine results

    Try taking your creatine 30mins before your work out or 45 mins before you start and then take one after training, i found that it worked good for me when i was taking it. Like my squats went up 20kg's, my bench went up 15kg's shoulder press went up aswell or from taking celltech. Alot comes from your mind but you just have to work hard while been on creatine.
  11. good 2 b here

    Welcome friend
  12. Cheap Protein?

    U been to the protein shop yet, i was in there the other day and he had a 2kg cell tech for $99.95 so i had to buy it because you were saving $40 that was a mean deal.
  13. Whats your bodybuilding Budget?

    I spend to much money as it is, and if the miss doenst find it then im ok. ( i hope) lol
  14. Hello from Tga

    hey my man welcome to the club
  15. Hey from a newbie

    chur bro welcome to nzbb