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  1. This is from an NZ supp site today: Balance 53 serve vs Optimum 50. You do the math
  2. I'm just a chemist so don't pay too much attention to pricing etc.But you guys are making it sound like Balance is the price of diamonds haha.... The difference per serve is a matter of cents. You can't compare a formulation to purchasing the straight raw material. Balance is not just straight WPI or WPC as mentioned. We don't count added amino acids like glutamine and arginine toward the total protein content. Buy a tub, and compare it to anything on the planet. See what you prefer
  3. We do supply many top teams (like really good teams), but some aren't officially sponsored - they just use the products. It is expensive to do so and we rather focus on things like R&D Plus Musashi sponsor heaps of good teams/athletes too Not sure about HPSNZ, probably because we have a handful of products that aren't WADA approved. E.g. Colostrum in our Mass Gainer
  4. The levels are like that to allow people to have up to 3 serves a day without exceeding max limits. Things like carnitine can help fat metabolism and hydroxycitric acid can help control satiety. Heaps of goodies in there if you are trying to get lean which is why it is a premium formula. There is more than one way to achieve a goal be it WPC/WPI/ultra ripped/sheep protein/Casein/human breast milk... In a world of supplement abundance, the choice is yours depending on your goal [I'm currently using Balance plant protein]
  5. That is standard Balance whey. This is ultra ripped:
  6. But it pays to consider that you are not comparing apples to apples here. You are comparing a formula that is whey protein concentrate + flavour/colour... ...against a formula that is whey protein isolate + whey protein concentrate (so contains high levels of essential whey protein fractions including Glycomacropeptides, Lactalbumen and Lactoglobulin) + protease/digestive enzymes bromelain and papain + added arginine + added glutamine. Like everything in the world you get what you pay for...
  7. Why do you say that? Balance is the best brand on the planet. We use the best quality ingredients and have a state of the art manufacturing facility. It makes a big difference. Disclaimer: I work for balance
  8. Coke Zero - Bad?

    There is a huge variety of artificial sweeteners, aspartame being the most infamous (but the most well studied). Coke Zero uses Sucralose and Acesulfame K. Not all sweeteners are the same though so it doesn't make sense to bulk them all together. Most won't give you that insulin spike (pretty much a myth from animal studies). Most will both positively and negatively mess with your gut microbiome (which is critical to a lot of things like digestion, immunity, mood to name a few). Most protein powders are sweetened with sucralose, acesulfame K or a combination. Many people are sensitive to these sweeteners, this is why balance is moving away from them. The natural ones are sweetened differently. If you've ever had an explosive stomach experience after taking something like a preworkout it could be because you are sensitive to these and they have a heap of artificial sweeteners to cover all the nasty tasting stuff in there. Personally, my iron gut is ok with artificials, but many people experience this. But like every toxic thing in the universe. It's the dose that makes the poison :)
  9. One can be 110kg with clear abs eating red meat 8 times a day, why just two. One can be 110kg with abs eating solely portionally controlled big Macs. One can even arguably achieve this eating ice cream 8 times a day... If you could do this on ice cream then why eat big Macs if say savoury food disgusts you. If you are achieving succes solely on big macs why bother cooking real meat... The point is that there is more than one way to achieve your goals, but how do you know your way is best if you have a predeterminated preferance or reluctance to deviate from using your current method. Anyway, I'm just a climate change hippy that values the universal physical importance of gut bacteria so I avoid red meat despite my weekend title of braai-master. Since you have a degree maybe this example will be of interest, there are plenty but this is from August 2016: (Unless of course you value the opinion of t-nation over the Journal of Internal medicine?) http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1111/joim.12543/full
  10. Lucky I eat meat then. I understand it's hard to determine the accuracy of information when you get your PT qualification from the inside of a breakfast cereal box, but ain't nobody got time for beef physically or metaphorically...
  11. Animal products are overrated :)
  12. GPC 2017 CALENDAR

    Deadlifts @ mission bay. Worlds in Czech Republic...Some epic stuff!
  13. Going to the gym and eating lots etc

    There was a single study showing caffeine counteracts creatine (on a leg press max contraction) but other studies on performance (such as sprints, cycling etc.) show no difference between creatine vs. creatine+ caffeine. Caffeine + creatine has even shown additive effects on anaerobic performance (like HIIT). Pretty much every pre-workout contains caffeine + some form of creatine. If you want to boost creatine's effects just combine it with baking soda Creatine has crap stability in solutions (which is why there are no RTD creatine products) rather than being unstable to high temps
  14. New 10RM

    Just hit a new 10 rep squat PB last week. Usually all I care about is 1RM's and consider 10 reps cardio, but this was after I mixed things up with a sprint training programme so conditioning currently on point. 180kg x 10 below, my 1RM sits around 225-230 (w wraps) but haven't tested for a while. Bodyweight is 77.0kg in the morning. Interested to see how other's 10RM's compare with their 1RM's....