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  1. Protein on a budget

    I'm on a budget and my first meal is roughly 1100 cals. 3 pieces bread about 7g pro, 1 can 70c baked beans about 17.5g pro, 2 fried eggs about 10.8g pro and 1 fried sausage about 8.6g pro. I shop at countdown $1 and $2 loaves bread, 70c cans baked beans, 14 sausages for $6, 12 eegs for $3.25. Can't go wrong really, depends how many calories you need per day. Once your protein needs are met just Topup on fat and carbs as they are cheaper. Plus milk is fairly cheap and good nutritional value, just spread the 1 litre bottle over 3 days to have with coffees only like $2.27
  2. Hi I am looking at doing my first cycle sometime this year once I lost a bit of weight and got my finances sorted. I am a 27yr old male in Oamaru. I have been training on and off natty for 8 yrs but prob total of 3yrs training. I have been back in the gym for 4 months now on a bulk. I've been researching a fair bit about cycling over the last 8 years on and off but still feel I dont know enough to do it on my own but I could get there soon if I read enough and asked enough. I would really prefer to have some one supervise me and just be there to talk to and ask the odd question and get more info basicly on administration and dosages and amounts and pct or on cycle therapy. Like I don"t know how much is how much in a vial or syringe and dosages and I've never given myself a b12 injection so unsure on how to do that too lol just real simple stuff to some one with experience using a bit of test nothing too major just want to know I'm doing everything the best and safest way. Is there anyone in Oamaru that would be happy to give me some good advice and meet in person and being able to be in contact with just for my first cycle? Who knows we might even start training together and get massive lol, thanks for reading.
  3. Losing weight while on test only

    I'm a 138kg but look like 100kg. Just not training and eating like I'm training and the booze!
  4. Losing weight while on test only

    Yeah I'm thinking the same thing really..
  5. Losing weight while on test only

    Yeah this makes sense, cheers !
  6. Hi I need to lose 60kg to be back down at 75kg 12% bf. If I ran say 12 weeks of 500mg test in a calorie deficit would I still put on some muscle due to the test or would I just lose weight like usual and might as well just do the keto diet natty? Thanks in advance. Also would test speed up weight loss?
  7. TRT in Oamaru

    Getting a bit off topic, but is there any private docs etc willing to prescribe test etc for bodybuilding purposes? I watched a rich piana video where he was asking for pharmaceutical grade stuff like IGF-1 and saying it was for his bodybuilding. I realise that a private doc would cost an arm and a leg. Thanks
  8. TRT in Oamaru

    Thanks this helps a lot. Should I tell the endo and doc I was using test etc for bodybuilding purposes or just complain about the symptoms you just mentioned ?
  9. TRT in Oamaru

    Thanks for reply and info. Nearest endo to me is Dunedin. How easy is it to get approved for TRT? Do u k ow the initial and ingoing cost. I'm guessing the usual GP visit as you said once an endo has approved your good to go through doctor. Thanks.
  10. TRT in Oamaru

    Hi am thinking of doing one moderate cycle of test only. If my test levels don't bounce back, has anyone found a doctor etc in Oamaru willing to prescribe TRT ? I'm 27yrs old. Tia.
  11. If you don't eat enough you are more likely to be more irritable and hungry you will be more likely to end up binge eating which will slow your fat loss progress if it gets too out of control. Also hunger or lack of energy can effect your sleep and into lead to increase hunger so u are more likely to eat more. Also lack of sleep may cause your workouts to suffer leading to less calories burnt so slowing your weight loss. Also cutting calories too low may result you to try get the fat loss over and done with too fast because you dont feel the best and may lead to feeling diacouraged and going way off track with your diet causing weight gain if u dont regain control over your eating again. Some say cutting calories too low will increase the risk of muscle loss which will in turn result in your body using less energy as the more muscle u have the more energy your body uses furthermore the smaller your muscles the more fat you may need to lose to reach your desired look resulting in a longer time frame for your fat loss journey. Some people may experience reduced motivation causing you to exercise and move less resulting in less calories used leading to a longer fat loss journey. Everyone is different so you will have to diet and find out what side effects you experience if any. Plan your caloric intake with refeed days and eat clean foods you enjoy and this may reduce the risk of going well and truly off your diet.
  12. L carnitine

    When is best time to take carnitine tablets?
  13. Protein intake while building vs maintaining

    Too intense, is there such a thing? I will be having clean refeed days every four to five days. I had low calorie days down to 1200 with refeed days and lost 20kg down to 8 percent in next to no time and kept it off until I stopped training and hit the piss. All good man don't stress lol
  14. Would like to know whether protein intake should remain the same during bulk-build vs cutting. I have always used one gram of protein per pound of lean bodyweight per day. I'm not really asking how much protein one needs but whether it should remain the same during a bulk and build. Just as when I'm cutting I would rather extra carbs to fuel my workouts rather than making up say a low calorie day of 1500 with protein calories I don't really need. Hope this makes sense.
  15. Training in a complete carb depleted state...yikes! Am interested in the outcome of this trial though.