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  1. You need to find your maintenance calories then reduce by 500 calories. Your diet needs overhauling. You may need more meals to stop you from getting hungry and going off your diet. No keto needed, carbs are not your enemy. Eat clean everyday with good water intake.
  2. Hello all, I've applied at a couple meat works and will do a cycle when I have the money. I will only use 250mg of test e only. Are they able to check for steroids and do you think they would and would people suspect after using 250mg with trousers and longsleeves on? Thanks
  3. Hey, my brother came over today and something he said to me was that lately he was finding himself anxious around others and even when driving into town he is finding himself worried about people looking at him while driving and stuff. I said that I can relate to that as I find I get like that when i haven't had a workout in a couple days or more. I do find that it happens to me but he describes it as quite extreme in his case. We both workout a few days each week. Does anyone else know what I'm talking about? Thanks for reading.
  4. Yeah but i kinda want to be a small step up from that but not worried about being big so was just wondering what it would do in regards to health.
  5. I want to have a nice physique and be lean with nice muscles but not aiming to be bodybuilder big. Would running a low dosage cycle all year round to build and maintain gains be okay in regards to health. I think TRT is 100mg p/w, so I was thinking of starting at 150mg and moving up 50mg until 250mg/300mg p/w and stay on it all year round. Thoughts? Thanks.
  6. Jay Cutler says you should be monitored by an endocrinologist if on cycle. Does anyone in new zealand have an endo that they see that know what you are taking?
  7. Cheat Meals/Days

    Hi, I am dieting at the moment. I have lost weight but I would be losing more if I didn't have two high calorie days per week. How should I approach cheat meals and how often should I have these. My maintaince is 3900 calories from the calorie calculator. I eat about 1800 calories on low calorie days and about 4000 on high calorie days. I usually opt for a kfc family pack on high calorie days or Chinese. I drink a lot of Pepsi max a few days a week.
  8. Clenbuterol

    Good post...made me laugh lol. How many mcg did It take to start cramps?
  9. Clenbuterol

    I'm undecided on whether to use clen or not. It's just the cramping. I read on other forums that they were supplementing with taurine and potassium and still getting severe cramps. Is there a dosage you can get away with without getting cramps? Like 40mcg a day be okay or have you had any experience with this you could advice me please?
  10. Training Partner - Oamaru

    Hi, I am looking for a training partner in Oamaru. I train 6 days a week at 4:15am. Must be serious in wanting to improve their physique. Doesn't have to be really experienced, but some previous training would be good. Would be good to have someone more experienced than myself but if not I can help with training and diet.
  11. Clenbuterol

    Clenbuterol drains the body of taurine and potassium. Health supplement stores online have these products cheap so that should sort out the cramping.
  12. I would just get cut down to 8% before you start. That way you can make the most of your cycle.
  13. Clenbuterol

    I want to use clenbuterol to help with my weight loss as I have a fair bit to lose. I am in Oamaru, New Zealand. Is it legal to buy or import or do I need to find a local source ? Thanks
  14. HCG Dosages

    Hi, I would be looking at running 250mg/week of test e for 10 weeks. I read it is a good idea to take hcg on cycle to prevent testes from shutting down. I read steriod.com that you shouldn't take it on PCT if you were using it during the cycle. How much hcg should one take while on cycle ? Would one have to get hcg from their supplier? I googled hcg in nz and found a couple online stores of it but not sure if that is the stuff you need. OFF TOPIC: Can one continue to make more gains by repeating the same dosage of test e only cycle down the track when ready for another cycle or will you just end up at the same size as the first cycle of the same dosage ? Many Thanks
  15. Keto for cutting, high carb for bulking?

    Always keto for fat loss. keep carbs below 50g a day from low carb fruit and veg. You can also bulk on keto, some find it great as it's so easy to keep a bulk under control.