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  1. Got married, now I'm a fat f**k

    Thanks guys. Probably the biggest vice we all succumb to at one point is change. And sometimes change comes in the form of an unhappy relationship, shit job and a huge mortgage. Things get away on you. Alcohol and low budget eating replaces exercise. But f*ck that bullshit. Im looking forward to hitting it back but CLEAN this time. i want my damn abs back and I want to be able to do up my shoe laces without having to take a damn breath and hold it like I'm swimming or some shit lol.
  2. Hello again. Been a long while since I've been on here! Well, as the title reflects, life has thrown a few different challenges over the last few years (as with us all I'm sure) and training kinda fell by the wayside. Settled down, Bought a house in a remote little town in NZ with no gym facilities and have managed to not only lose all the muscle I spent years building, buuuuut bury it deep under a warm cosey layer of body fat. So hoping to see what I can do just around the house with a budget ass home gym and some trainers. But figured I had better reintroduce myself here and reassociate myself again with some like minded knowledgable people, who I can pick the brains of for some diet and exercise advice! So, hello again all.
  3. Career

    lol Sarge for P.U.A terminology actually. and im speaking as in dont support the military, dont support anything which encourages warfare of any kind. but then, im just free dreaming of a war free humanity. you know, that pc tree hugger shit.
  4. Career

    f*ck the army. dont support that shit. find something you love doing and youl never work a day in your life.
  5. Davis Trading

    yep, there prices are going up up aaaand UP!!!
  6. CunningPhase

    its good for you. eat that shit all day every day.
  7. Last Meal

    STEAK!!!!!!! juicy, big and bloody. same as i like my women..."now put the fucking lotion on your skin"
  8. Shotgun Supplements

    they are a good company to deal with, but mind you, so are punchsupplements and the other major ones in nz. fast and efficient. its all down to customer satisfaction so they gotta get it right!
  9. Jay Cutler does not use steroids

    lol@ the title of this topic. funny vid
  10. so ol Mr Big is Mr Big illegally aye...hahaha joking. hopefully someone on this site can help with what i need to say to the doc to get the script! flights are monthly pretty much. but really, im just worried about getting it over there. once its over, then i can just leave it there for my next visit. perhaps shafting is the way to go hahaha. dammit! least im using these new 'slimline' vials... but im worried if i do shaft and they find pins in my bag theyl get the ol rubber gloves out....f*ck that shit!
  11. flight scedules are usually tight, but could possibly fly over a day earlier. So whats the key things to ask my doc to get a script??
  12. any tips on getting a script? I will be out in the mines, so travelling around the cities etc to get gear is not gona happen. Fly strait out to the whop whops. Easy enough to shaft a vial, buuuuuut dont particularly wana go down that route. lol
  13. Hey guys, I am looking to chase a career in Australia, the position is fly in fly out from NZ so i will be coming home for my breaks. My question is this; How do i get my gear overseas? I will only be taking a small amount with me at any given trip, ie. 1 vial and a handful of pins. What sort of medical clearance do I need to try and obtain to make it legitimate for me to travel with this 1 vial? Anyone had any experience with this? Please and thank you Sarge