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  1. First Test E cycle - questions

    Wish I found one of these videos when I was first looking at pinning. Hard angle to record it but I try and show the gist of it. always aspirate. That entire site was wiped down with alcohol wipes. And there’s a technique (which sometimes I can get other times not) if you prick yourself at one site and it’s tender, go close by to another. Sometimes you can trick pain receptors. Not that it hurts f*ck all. and note that was a large pain in the ass 2ml shot. I always jab the thighs. Big enough muscle group and they’re so much more accessible! FullSizeRender.mov
  2. By the time I came off. 120ishkg 6’2 My training and diet were pretty average at that point due to my shitbox job in the aussy outback mining. Hence the decision to come off. didn’t have a PCT. it was a bit of an emotional roller coaster for the first couple of months. It wasn’t planned and just moved back to Nz with no contacts for PCT. But alas. All and all it was definitely manageable.
  3. Anyone? I have in the past about 7-9 years ago. stayed on for 3 years at about 125mg/w. did a couple of blasts in that time but wasn’t really worried about it. Considering just staying on for a bit as a TRT/male contraceptive 🙌🙌 Wondering who else stays on? Has stayed on? Wants to stay on?
  4. Getting syringes and needles in NZ

    Capes medical online.
  5. As title says, I’ve got a killer lumber injury. I’ve been down for about two weeks now. still get pins and needles in toes and fingers on occasion and the back is still tender. takes me a good 30 seconds after sitting or laying down to be able to fully stand completely upright. But once I’m moving it’s ok. Anyways. Question. Does anyone use their lift belts during all or most of their lifts? Dead’s/squats/Bent rows/ hamstring work etc regardless of weight? Even for lighter weights? do you think this would help? well aware of the theory regarding weight belts and eliminating the use of your own natural postural muscles. Hence I’ve never used them. But every now and then I’m fucking myself up. have a mate who uses them religiously and won’t squat or dead over 120kg. thoughts? opinions? cheers Sarge
  6. Covid 19 Home Gyms Set Ups

    garage is a bit of a mess at the mo. just bought a 6ft long heavy bag, so that will be me sorted for the month I think 🤔
  7. Carnivore Diet

    Cheers!! yeah not sure about long term. but at the moment I’m feeling great. My bloods are fine. cholesterol is fine. Liver is fine. so I’m probably just going to keep on doing it until I’m absolutely bored shitless of it then probably just go meat and vege. the no sugars or cabs thing is huge and I’m really enjoying that! No crash after eating.
  8. Carnivore Diet

    Before photos were taken late October last year after I just got out of the cast from a broken ankle. the now ones were taken...well...just now..
  9. Carnivore Diet

    Anyone had a good run at this? I am currently 4 weeks 100% carnivore diet. 6 weeks since first starting with two slip ups... So yeah....If I reference weeks it’s since the beginning of the diet, 6. Basically I haven’t eaten anything but animal products and drunk water and supplemented vitamin c tablets for 4 weeks. I have only eaten dairy on days I would consider cheat meals, and that would be a 1L of full fat milk and cream half and half. 1L dewinkle plain unsweetened yoghurt. Maybe a few slices of cheese. sausages. salami. Marinated mussels etc. My main Main source of energy comes from meat. I eat mainly red beef. Cooked in butter. Fatty cuts like scotch fillets are the best. Maybe a whole roasted chicken with nothing else. Although chicken really isn’t that nutritious and I don’t feel as strong or whatever as I would with red meat. Fish!!! I eat from frozen or fresh just from the deli. lots of fish cooked in AMF (Ghee) You can’t go wrong! lots of salt. I need the electrolytes. and LOTS of water. After the first two weeks i was so far into Ketosis according to those strips (I know f*ck all about that shit) like it was purple as f*ck for a few days . And I didn’t think that was too fun haha. But yeah I haven’t come out of Ketosis since I started according to those strips, but I have lowered to a more medial range rather than the higher end. My body composition has definitely improved, but many factors come into play there. Excuses excuses excuses back in training now after a while off. Smashing the gym every day. This diet has JACKED my energy levels through the roof. I don’t crash or get any shitty feeling after eating. My energy is just a constant plateau of excellent from the minute I wake up to the minute I sleep. In fact I’ve been needing less sleep. which is good cos given half the chance I would just lie in bed all day and do f*ck all. I got bloods 4 weeks in (so 2weeks 100% carnivore), doc emailed me yesterday to say everything is looking better than it has for me in years. granted I was living not the most active lives. And I drunk alcohol. This diet has also helped me quit alcohol. After week 2 of the diet I drunk after night shift and drunk all day cos I’m a pisshead from years of mining, and I hadn’t drunk all week for this diet. So I drunk all day and most of the night. Sickest I’ve ever been in my life. Going from zero sugars or anything but animal products to POISON for like, 14 hours straight. I actually thought I was going to have to take myself to a and e. I could t even keep water down for the entire next day. Actually scared me. Never drunk since. f*ck, rambling. missed heaps. anyone else had a crack at this or currently doing it?
  10. Probably been asked a million times before...so apologies in advance if it has. As the title suggests, does anyone use an online meal delivery service? I used to use muscle meals direct in Australia, found it fantastic. Who do you use? How much do you pay? Advice appreciated.
  11. So I finally managed to get a hold of some gear (I’ve been out of the loop and traveling so long I’m starting from scratch!) does this look legit? I’ve had two shots so far. But another vial that I didn’t take pics of looked like it had glass shavings in it? I have it back to him and he was all good with replacing it. What would that have been?? This is supposed to be test e 250mg so I’m pinning 1ml a week.
  12. Sup fam... wanting to start an open forum for dudes chilling in or not in relationships. Basically....what are your high points and what are your low points for either perspective? Imma drop some shitty topic fire. Ive been with my mrs for 6 years.... I’m 34, she is 24. Yah, you get my shit. Now, everyone keeps giving me absolute assholes on how hot my mrs is and how I’m punching etc (we’ve all heard this bullshit before) but, there’s this saying that this dude once said to me that just won’t leave my consciousness “no matter how hot she is, somebody, somewhere is sick of her shit”....which I cannot argue is 100% true...just due to my track records and I’m sure majority of the posters on here’s track records. You guys would have all had mates like “dude, she’s so hot, how the f*ck did you get her?” was it through bodybuilding? Was it through vanity? Mine was. Well, my last three relationships were based on vanity I guess. She was hot. I could show her off to my friends. Meh good to go. So back to being in a relationship for 6 years....that I’m currently still in. I mean, she’s still hot. I still get girls flirting with me. The dirty climax to this story is..... Do I really love my mrs if I am sick of fucking her and want to f*ck her friends?