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  1. Probably been asked a million times before...so apologies in advance if it has. As the title suggests, does anyone use an online meal delivery service? I used to use muscle meals direct in Australia, found it fantastic. Who do you use? How much do you pay? Advice appreciated.
  2. So I finally managed to get a hold of some gear (I’ve been out of the loop and traveling so long I’m starting from scratch!) does this look legit? I’ve had two shots so far. But another vial that I didn’t take pics of looked like it had glass shavings in it? I have it back to him and he was all good with replacing it. What would that have been?? This is supposed to be test e 250mg so I’m pinning 1ml a week.
  3. Sup fam... wanting to start an open forum for dudes chilling in or not in relationships. Basically....what are your high points and what are your low points for either perspective? Imma drop some shitty topic fire. Ive been with my mrs for 6 years.... I’m 34, she is 24. Yah, you get my shit. Now, everyone keeps giving me absolute assholes on how hot my mrs is and how I’m punching etc (we’ve all heard this bullshit before) but, there’s this saying that this dude once said to me that just won’t leave my consciousness “no matter how hot she is, somebody, somewhere is sick of her shit”....which I cannot argue is 100% true...just due to my track records and I’m sure majority of the posters on here’s track records. You guys would have all had mates like “dude, she’s so hot, how the f*ck did you get her?” was it through bodybuilding? Was it through vanity? Mine was. Well, my last three relationships were based on vanity I guess. She was hot. I could show her off to my friends. Meh good to go. So back to being in a relationship for 6 years....that I’m currently still in. I mean, she’s still hot. I still get girls flirting with me. The dirty climax to this story is..... Do I really love my mrs if I am sick of fucking her and want to f*ck her friends?
  4. Been off the gear for about 6 years or so now. Training a bit more steady in the last year, picking back up, gains are slowing and I’m impatient and for anyone whose been on then taken a long time off, we all know....we miss that shit!! So im pretty pumped for a go back at it. I live on the coast with no needle exchanges, am I allowed to ask on here where (if anywhere) people get their pins from online? And what is your preferred draw gauge and application gauge? As I say, it’s been a while! I remember them being blue and green?? 23g? Just going to ease into it. Have managed to get some Test E 250. Going to run a 12w cycle at 500p/w. Have clomid and Letrozole on hand. Thinking of trying the serm nolvadex for pct? pumped for the gains, but just as pumped for that fucking ALPHA DOG SHIT that makes you feel fucking 110% every day. That’s probably the thing I miss the most TBH. Cant wait. I see times and information has changed a lot since I last pinned. Do people recommend front loading or not??A Pretty much just test e @500mcg for 12 weeks. Cheers
  5. sarmsnz.co.nz review??

    Anyone used the nolvadex for pct from this site?
  6. Got married, now I'm a fat f**k

    Thanks guys. Probably the biggest vice we all succumb to at one point is change. And sometimes change comes in the form of an unhappy relationship, shit job and a huge mortgage. Things get away on you. Alcohol and low budget eating replaces exercise. But f*ck that bullshit. Im looking forward to hitting it back but CLEAN this time. i want my damn abs back and I want to be able to do up my shoe laces without having to take a damn breath and hold it like I'm swimming or some shit lol.
  7. Hello again. Been a long while since I've been on here! Well, as the title reflects, life has thrown a few different challenges over the last few years (as with us all I'm sure) and training kinda fell by the wayside. Settled down, Bought a house in a remote little town in NZ with no gym facilities and have managed to not only lose all the muscle I spent years building, buuuuut bury it deep under a warm cosey layer of body fat. So hoping to see what I can do just around the house with a budget ass home gym and some trainers. But figured I had better reintroduce myself here and reassociate myself again with some like minded knowledgable people, who I can pick the brains of for some diet and exercise advice! So, hello again all.
  8. Career

    lol Sarge for P.U.A terminology actually. and im speaking as in dont support the military, dont support anything which encourages warfare of any kind. but then, im just free dreaming of a war free humanity. you know, that pc tree hugger shit.
  9. Career

    f*ck the army. dont support that shit. find something you love doing and youl never work a day in your life.
  10. Davis Trading

    yep, there prices are going up up aaaand UP!!!
  11. CunningPhase

    its good for you. eat that shit all day every day.
  12. Last Meal

    STEAK!!!!!!! juicy, big and bloody. same as i like my women..."now put the fucking lotion on your skin"