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  1. Drug-testing beneficiaries?

    Any new beneficiaries should undergo testing before becoming eligible, if they come back with a positive sample they simple don't get paid. They are still eligible for all the assistance with CV's, training, work place experience. But simply no money is handed out until a clear test comes back. This way they can still benefit from the assistance and the programs to get people back into work. I say only new beneficiaries because the cost to test every single current person is at a huge cost to the government, if you have it as a deterrent for new comers, instantly you can weed a lot of the slackers out. My belief is a substantial amount of the benefit should be handed out as food vouchers, gas or travel vouchers(individually assessed), all of which are non transferable and are linked to a specific user so they can't be traded. Only a small portion should be cash to pay for rent, bills etc. Along with putting the current beneficiaries to work, cleaning up the roadways, beaches, local communities, removing graffiti, various community service work etc etc, with a couple of days a side for training, up skilling and interviews. Working along side many housing NZ tenants its crazy the amount that have sky, big tvs, stereos, and sit around on their asses all day long doing nothing. While this is only a small portion and a lot of NZers are struggling and need the assistance, they could get along without a straight cash payout.
  2. Sad they had to bring the GYM into it when nothing was linked back to them, great reporting by stuff, especially the photo from the Les Mills website.
  3. I thought even after "retiring" you still got tested at random for a period, to try and prevent things like this happening. Didn't something happen recently to one of our triathletes who got caught out after retiring.
  4. Not sourcing but ill use a brand new account and accidentally leave my email address in my post.
  5. Operation getting massive

  6. Operation getting massive

    You have the lower body and you have no upper body, you got a problem building...wait a minute. You have the upper body, and you have no legs, you got a problem building your legs. You have the upper...you have the lower body and you don't have the upper body, the upper body, it is easier to build. So if you have the lower body and you don't have the upper body, it is easier to build the upper body. You have the upper body and you don't have the legs, you got a problem building the lower body... No, you don't understand. You have the upper body, but you don't have the lower body, you got a problem building downstairs. You got the up- legs on the bottom, it is easier to build on the top, so you don't have much as a problem.
  7. Esports... now with drug testing

    Difference being back then you would have played for hours on end constantly improving your game, these days you jump in for the odd game and have no where near the ability you once did purely because you don't play. Its like anything, if you stop something you were extremely skilled at for a long time you will suffer when going back to it. Ilyse I wouldnt put all your hopes on becoming a big streamer, the guys that make money of it are not only good at what they do, they are entertainers which keeps people coming back. Its not purely about being good at a game, otherwise there would be tens of thousands of streamers making shitloads. The actual amount of streamers making a decent living of purely streaming is pretty minimal.
  8. Esports... now with drug testing

    Not surprised, plenty of drugs out there just to keep you calm, keep the heart rate down, in a pressure situation with thousands watching you live, tens of thousands streaming and with a shitload of money on the line anything for a slight edge would help.
  9. So you think banning whole countries and punishing hard working clean athletes who have put their heart and soul into training over an entire lifetime is appropriate? I would be severely pissed if I was competing at the Olympics and was denied entry over something another person had done well beyond my own control. This isn't the way to go about it at all. If they want to come down hard on athletes start bringing in life time bans, you get one chance with 12month-36 months suspension, next time you are banned for life. This is the exact same issue that cycling has had for years, they are too lenient on dopers so people take the risk knowing they can come back without a problem. Armstrong was banned for doping, problem was one of the years he was done, you had to go back to about 13th to find someone that wasn't. He got thrown to the dogs, while all the other guys testified against him but were drug cheats as well, now they are back racing while he has a lifetime ban.
  10. I disagree, everyone wants to see athletes bigger stronger faster, everyone loves watching records broken. You may not initially have a big following but I think it would take off. Huge brands like nike, addidas etc may not get behind it, but it would open the market to smaller players to come in and make a name for themselves as its a massive marketing ploy. You only need to look at the likes of Hells pizza who thrive on "negative" publicity to see it would work marketing wise with the right strategy. Short events like the 100m & 200m sprint or 50m swim events wouldn't be effected much, but anything needing a bit of stamina has the potential to be destroyed. Distance Swimming, decathlon, cycling, marathons - any long distance running, shooting while it may sound stupid using drugs to decrease your heart rate, others to increase reaction times and alertness can have a huge increase in your ability. Any field strength evens would be demolished. People enjoy a spectacle and having freaks out there is what would pull the crowds, I know I'd watch it and most of my mates and family would as well.
  11. Exactly this, why punish athletes that have had nothing to do with this.
  12. Anyone know about Army/NZDF training?

    Exactly this. I knew a guy that had been in for 20 years still a private(got promoted shortly after) hadn't passed an RFL in over 5 years. Had a good friend who hadn't passed in 2 years, threatened with being kicked out if he didn't improve, 6 months later still couldn't pass, nothing happened.
  13. Anyone know about Army/NZDF training?

    To be honest a general day in the army in camp isn't to much different structure wise to any other job, start at 8-5 with lunch in between. Its only when you are out in the field you get pushed to the limits. This coming from 5 years in 1st Bn.
  14. f*ck the meat, dairy and egg industry

    I'm actually amazed you all got sucked into this troll.
  15. f*ck the meat, dairy and egg industry

    At first I just thought you were a moron, but 1 egg = 5 smokes a day, just another troll moron.