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  1. Best all round Multi Vit

    Hi, Any advice on best general all round multi-vit to be taking each day, probably goes for Omega3 too... iv tried searching but no posts from around 2012.understand that better food is better than multi-vit but would like advice anyway.
  2. The Olympic

    hi, been looking for a gym that combines gym workout with a pool and sauna etc that has a wet/dry combined changing room. this place looks good and quite cheap. but, as I live on the shore was wondering if anybody can give me any advice on parking, access and if it's worth heading over the bridge each night rather than somewhere on the shore. Most places on the shore I've looked at I haven't thought much of. Millennium is good but everything is separated and a pain in the ass to go for a workout and then a swim without lugging your gear around the place in between. thanks