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  1. Bench fun

    Bench. 80x12 100x5 120x5 Work 130x6 sets x 5 reps Triceps Overhead tri xtn Up to 90kg x 10 Superset pushdown 60kg Cable flyes 5 sets up to 48kg per side Abs 5 sets 60kg machine x 10
  2. Bench fun

    Prepping for comps - never competed before Main lift Bench only current gym PR 165kg Sat Benchpress 130kg x 6 sets x 3 reps Back supplementary work T bar row 3Plates x 15,12,12 Meadows row 2plates 15 15 12 Cable row Lats super set weights no recorded
  3. Start again

    Had knee problem the last 18months and seem to have kicked it now. This is a record of what I have been up to lately. Taking it light and building up to some good squat weights. Working weights three times a week with a light and heavy day same exercises just x 5/6 or x 10 with reduced weights. All weights in kg. Squats ATG 60 x 6 100 x 5x3 120 x 5 Rack pulls 100 x 5 180 x 5 220 x 3 300 x 1 missed 280 x 1 300 x 1 Bench press 60 x 5 100 x 5 120 x 5 x 3 Bentover row 80 x 5 x 4 DB Incline 35 x 6 x 4 Straight arm lat push down 72 x 6 x 4
  4. Training sumo for conventional pull?

    Just a general type question... How long after a heavy deads session is your doms lasting? Went heavy for me last week and been feeling it since Sunday and today is Saturday aiming to lift again tommorrow. Did reps at 140 and 180 then top lift 240kg. Some hanging around this week.
  5. Papamoa power house

    Legs didn't happen physio says next week will be ok. chest day bench 100x5 110x3 120x3 130x3 140x2 150x2 dbl flat press 50kg x8 x5 42 x10 incline hammer press 30x10per side 35x10 40x10 hammer press shoulder 50kg per side x 10x3 tricep pushdoen 54x10x3 overhead tricep xtn 54x10x3
  6. Papamoa power house

    Deadlift 100x10 140x5 180x3 200x2 220x1 closr grip lat pull down 74x10x3 54x10x2 nice and slow overhead Lat pushdown 54x10x3 rear felt row 54x10x3 hammer curls 17x10x2 bicep single arm machine curl 50pdsx10 60x10 70x8 90x5 Got a sore upper back right side on Lat pull down concrete pills for the next week. Diet on point. Legs midweek to come and moving some weight nicely now.
  7. Papamoa power house

    Benchpress 60x10 100x10 110x10 120x8 130x3 150x1 dbell press 40x10x4 bwdips super slow 5x4sets at102kg hammer machine shoulder press 50kg per side x10 60x10x2 tricep pushdown 54x10x4 overhead tricep press 66x10x3
  8. Papamoa power house

    Back day trap bar dead lift 100x8 140x5x3 160x5 180x3 assisted chinups 10x4 close grip Lat pulldown 66x10x3 72x10 flat bar standing Lat pull down 50x10x4 70x9 trap raises 80x10x3 130x8 barbell row 40x10 60x10x3 bicp curl machine pds 30x10 50x10x2 70x10 massive arm pump today. Don't need a lot of arm work at the moment another parts are lagging.
  9. Papamoa power house

    Chest day dbbell bench 35kgx10 45x10 45x8 45x6 37.5x8 shoulder press machine kg per side 50x10 60x10 70x10 Bw dips at 100kg10x5 tricep cable push down 66x10x4 over tricep cable press 66x10x4
  10. Knee problem. Help

    Did mine at christmas on the leg press and still the same. I had knee buckling for two months and stuggle to go up stairs without pain...can still trap bar dead lift and leg press but no lateral movement. If I were you I would skip physio get acc referral and go straight to specialist. I went no doc route and physio early on and it did nothing and now awaiting surgery. Turns out I have torn meniscus and a few other complications. Not worth mucking around after two months the specialist said should have seen him sooner.
  11. Papamoa power house

    Thanks maccas deads at 240kg squat still to small with knee issue but getting Mir next week leg day in one hr.
  12. Papamoa power house

    Benchpress 60x10 100x3 120x2 140x1 150x1 100x10x3 bwdips at100kg 10x5 incline bench 25x10x5 Chest flies cable 18x12 24x12 42x8 36x10 tricep pushdown 42x12x4 overhead tricep xtn 42x10 48x10 60x10x2 72x6
  13. Moving to Tauranga/The Mount

    Live and play in this area if your keen for a workout jam your more than happy to join me in Papamoa for a workut. Pm me your details
  14. Papamoa power house

    Chest and bis benchpress 80x10 100x10 100x9 100x8 120x5 80x15 incline dumbell 30x10x5 cable flyes 24x10 30x10 36x10 42x8 superset from 42kg down to 24 max reps bic p barbell curl 20 plus bar x 10x2 40plus bar x 8 concentration curl 12kg x10 x4
  15. Papamoa power house

    Chest day Barbell bench press 80x10 90x10 100x10 110x8 110x6 incline dbell 25x10x2 27.5x10x3 bw dip 5second rep 5x5 10 quick reps to finish cable cross over 12x12 18x12 24x10 30x10 36x8 super set no rest reverse pyramid 36x10 30x10 24x12 18x20 12x20 6x30. Oh the burn