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  1. Test levels & advice

    Why do people always inflate their stats? Sorry, but find it very hard to believe you're 100 kilo at less than 6 foot and 12-14% and natty.
  2. Squat form check. Butt wink?

    Good little trick is squatting in front of a wall, just body weight, toes 3-6 inches or so from the wall, facing wall. Place hands on head. Pretty quickly, you're forced to be a lot more upright - because if you're leaning forward, face smashes wall.
  3. Squat form check. Butt wink?

    Weight is too far forward, you're hunching over. Put your chest up and look up. Is a little big of wink. Better bar position and form might solve that. Hard to tell too much with camera that far away
  4. Hiit training will keep intensity high. Uses intervals. Basically a period of going 90-100%, then rest period where you're walking etc at say 20-40% intensity. Repeat 10-15 times. For example - Find a park, do sprints on the field. Sprint 100 m, walk back, repeat 15 times.
  5. Find a bar down at a local park, do pull ups. Something to do dips on. That's a good start. Sprints. Ideally buy some Dumbbells so atleast can use those.
  6. Lmao the jail cell method. Unless actually in a cell, I'd look at a different plan. That looks rubbish! You in jail OP?
  7. Customes in NZ

    Thanks for your concern, but I'll continue to be fucking stupid.
  8. joint pain

    Yeah, I was using both. You're right, you can't. Just like with any supplement really. I just know that I had the issue for awhile, tried a few things, keep training and it never got better. Tried curcumin, kept training, and then came right pretty much straight away. Might have been chance, might have been placebo, might have been jebus.
  9. joint pain

    I had knee issues in the path that Curcumin helped out with big time. bioavailability issues would be 99% of supps wouldn't it?
  10. Help required - Police PAT

    Once a week doing the 2.whatever kilometre run, pushing it. Getting used to pushing yourself for that distance. Of course the running training would be 4/5 times a week. Personally, I'd recommend 14-20 mins HIIT training 4 times a week. e.g. interval training up a hill - run up, walk back down, repeat x10-15 times.
  11. Help required - Police PAT

    2 cents crew. yeah the time shouldn't be of great difficulty, especially with all the training you've done by the sounds? 4 pts is a lot. Id tend to agree with some of the unfiltered responses. #1 if you're overweight, lose some weight. Will make a huge difference, power to weight ratio is everything. You think something with a V12 engine would be killer fast... if it's in a truck, no. #2 train harder. #3 stick to one plan for 6 months straight. You don't need a pt. google and YouTube are your friends, utilise them. Educate yourself. #4 train harder. #5 do the run once a week. Keep trying to improve your time week to week, even by 1-2 seconds. Some weeks will be shit if sick or energy low etc, but just keep at it.
  12. joint pain

    Take something for joints is a good start, curcumin is really good. Concentrated turmeric, will help with inflammation big time. Get someone one to check your squat out, and start stretching hip flexors, hamstrings etc. Could have other imbalances causing squat to be problematic, common one is weak glutes, core, hamstrings etc. Causes quads to become more dominant, often bend forward more like a good morning as the back half of you is weak, so weight is more comfortable when further forward. Often correlated with inflexibility and tightness.
  13. joint pain

    Probably got tight hip flexors, squats all fucked up, and affecting your knees.
  14. Nzifbb natural

    Drug tested means f all. Could have been on different forms if steroids for 10 years, then 6 months later do a natty show?
  15. Location probably helpful info