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  1. To be fair, if you're moving from bb to powerlifting to Oly lifting, then you probably haven't trained enough for size in order for progressive overload results to diminish and consider it your 'natty limit'.
  2. Steroids

    Or, lift for more than 5 minutes before choosing to take a short cut.
  3. Low Test levels.... want to bump it up

    And it's also called sarcasm...
  4. Low Test levels.... want to bump it up

    Forums don't have doors m8
  5. Low Test levels.... want to bump it up

    This guy buffy is pretty fucking patronising considering how stupid some of the shit he says is? I know f*ck all about gear, and never plan on doing it, but it seems ridiculous that this guy is confused as to why test levels would be lower than usual after a cycle? He he talks about crossfit... running a marathon... this guy can't be for real.
  6. Conor McGregor or Floyd Mayweather?

    This makes a lot of sense. Pick a fight with the guy who you're probably be able to wind up - as he has the biggest ego in sport (maybe), who also happens to be undefeated, recently retired, and cherry picked his fights. Question his legacy. He got the fight. If it was all for show to get paid and retire, then what a fucking genius pulling this shit off.
  7. Handstand pushups

    Yeah, I do them regularly. Do sets of 8-12, or deficit for 5 x 5 think I saw them on the cross fit games
  8. Sourcing B12 Injections

  9. Looking for a mentor.

    Meat tastes so fucking good though. I don't care how you paint it, there's no vegan alternative to KFC.
  10. People being all affectionate in the gym

    Haha this chick might be a 6-7. I don't think I saw anybody even checking her out, and I've seen them come in a few years ago, and must have just started coming back. Or changed routine I guess, but point is, they're not even a new couple. Maybe she's a cheater?
  11. Looking for a mentor.

    Personally, I'm not a big fan of eating. Sure, I like food. But the idea of sitting there eating a huge plate of rice or potato to make calories, nope. I've never been a snacker either. People who can sit there for hours eating bags of chips etc, nope. i eat for purpose, or enjoyment of taste. Not the enjoyment of eating. If that makes sense? During the day, my diet is great. I get a lot of good calories and micros in my morning shake - egg, whey, oats, spinach, banana, berries etc. few more bananas during the day, another shake, and the odd pie. A good Heathly dinner. But after 8 pm, I'll smash whatever. My weight goes between 82 and 92 generally, depending on if trying to bulk. I generally just look to maintain, just control the choc smashing. I would sit between 12-20% bf. i have researched a lot over the years, and know my own body. I also know a lot of pro athletes who share a diet very similar to me. 70-80% clean. To an active person, there's no problem with bad cals and the potential associated health problems. Different to an inactive fat lard. i know some people will never get away from the body building mentality of clean calories all the time. But to the average joe, my approach is. A heck of a lot more sustainable, and something you can do for a life time.
  12. Looking for a mentor.

    I dunno about the clean thing. I'm a hard gainer, was like 60-65 kg at 1.80cm up until about 19-20. I've gymed about 10 years, natty, and made my best gains smashing chocolate at night. A block a night for extra Cals. Went through stages of eating super clean, heaps of protein; but it was pretty hard, and results no better than moderate protein and a diet 70% clean.
  13. People being all affectionate in the gym

    Not against affection in public, but in a busy gym is a bit weird.
  14. This tattooed couple in my local gym - the dude is always kissing and cuddling his partner, like he's marking his territory or something. Fucking annoying as shit.