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  1. Southside Novice Push/Pull

    Thanks for coming along Pseudo! Was great to catch up cuz Awesome to see so many people try their hand at the sport and come away hungry for more.
  2. Army vs Navy vs Fire vs Police - Crossfit 275

    Awesome photos! Thanks for stopping by Pseudo, was good to catch up *yes3*
  3. Should we have a competition?

    Pseudo, I suspect you did all your reps strict? 'Cos that would've been killer *bad* I like the wod. Like Ness was saying - both males and females would have the same reps normally. We don't have dumbells at our box, but could use kettlebells? I'll give the comp a go, and know of some others who'd give it a try!
  4. CrossFit Games 2013 are now open

    Ditto on Mikko Salo! And I'm rooting for Spealler to smash it too. I like the look of it. Will definitely sort the elite out from everyone else. This one will be a 4 min wod for me :doh:
  5. NZBB's Strongest Lifter 2012

    WOW. This thread is so inspiring!! Awesome effort from everyone. SG, can you add me to the list too please? Keen to give it a crack. Chur!
  6. TFB goes Oly style

    Yep, they are da bomb... I reckon a summer of CrossFit will do me a world of good and set me up for a good year's lifting. And if I'm up that way, you can count on me visiting... Haha don't forget to visit us in Manukau when you pop in to Auckland G :grin: Feel your pain on the wall balls, I'm awesome at throwing med balls 10cms below the target :roll:
  7. WOD's Lets share as we all do something different

    Yesterday we did the benchmark wod Diane: 21-15-9 for time. Deadlifts (100/70kgs) Handstand push ups Took me 19.27 mins. Last one to finish and I almost died. Andre, do you have a workout journal somewhere? I'm keen to follow your wods/progress. You should come visit our box Dan! Lambie Drive in Manukau. If you do, I'll set up the bar for you (and Teki lol) to do a heavy Grace or Isabel
  8. NZ Fitness Expo

    Haha! Super nice guy. He actually smiled in the photo we got of him, it looks kinda unnatural 'cos I've only really seen photos of him looking pissed off lol. Expo was good fun. I wish they had stalls of food/drink inside or at least a few different options outside.. From memory there was only one out there? Met Teuila Blakely from Shorty Street at the Eggcell stall (man she is TINY), logged in to my facebook to "like" some random Nutrition company for a bag of goodies lol, and bought some protein powder and a foam roller. Even got a free massage for the DOMs in my arms from the people ambush marketing their natural cream for sore muscles (the ladies were lovely and the cream was actually pretty good.) Crossfit Invitational was awesome too - I'm now a fan girl of Ruth Horrell-Anderson. Gutted I missed out on the strongman events on Sunday! Next year should be a goodie. Looking forward to it.
  9. Crossfit prices':,?@$$

    I'm lucky enough to get an emergency services discount, so I pay roughly $140 a month at Crossfit Manukau (Hey Icecream :grin:) So by going 4-5 times a week, it works out to be about $7 per session. I'd also considered joining Ludus Magnus too - but it was too far, and Manukau actually works out to be cheaper. I asked the same questions as you before joining though - I'm guessing (other than the reasons already given) it's the associated costs of setting up/running a gym, becoming affiliated, coaching quals.. It all adds up, so members would need to pay quite a bit to jump on board. It's just the one guy running ours.. We don't have nearly as many members as other boxes and he wanted to keep the cost down as low as possible from what I'm told. As far as decent gyms go, it's pretty choice. Friendly people, great environment to train in, and I've gotten stronger/fitter. Have visited a few others where the classes were bigger and they had more equipment too, just a bit pricier. A lot of friends I've encouraged to try it baulked at the membership prices, but gave it a go.. Nek minit Unlimited Memberships. I'd encourage you to go to a few free sessions (most boxes offer it) and see what you think once your back injury gets better. Wow, 100 a week. You must be tired.
  10. TFB goes Oly style

    Nice deads TFB! I love Rippetoe's Starting Strength.. Always refer back to it every now and then
  11. Iron Mind

    Love it!! Damn.. That last deadlift at the end. Too much J! :clap:
  12. Defection from the Mother Land

    HOLY SHIT. You're amazing! All the best for tomorrow Rach, I have no doubt you'll rip it up !!
  13. Are there many Crossfit people in the house?

    I recently got into crossfit, and it kicks my ass At $140 a month (Crossfit Manukau), it's definitely not cheap. But I've found that the workouts have carried over to help fitness with touch and netball. The only drawbacks I've noticed as a newbie is that my form tends to go out the window with olympic lifting when rushed for time, and kipping pullups are a bit weird when you're used to strict form. But otherwise, it's great for something different and has a fun team and competitive atmosphere :nod:

    GRAND FINALS BABY! What an awesome game :clap: