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  1. Why waste ten years reaching “your limit”? It’s just wasted time really, if you are gonna get on eventually regardless. Id agree if you were on the fence about using, but if you’re gonna do it then why delay the inevitable (inb4 someone interprets this to mean every person new to the gym should take gear - I’m not saying that so calm down lol) 5-6 years inconsistent is 5.5 years longer than everyone else that starts in this day and age lol
  2. maccaz 2017 gpc summer classic prep log

    W6d4 bench 70 x 5 100 x 2 120 x 1 cg bench 80 6x8 viking press 50 x 10 90 x 4 50 4x10 cable row 4x10 big dogs tomorrow, then holiday from Tuesday. Gonna be on a cruise ship so will just muck around in the ship gym when I feel like it. Sounds like it has heaps of accessory gear/machines so will be good
  3. maccaz 2017 gpc summer classic prep log

    w6d3 (gonna get boring here including my extra hip glute work to keep track) banded wall sit paused 5x3 goblet squat 10kg 4x10 single leg rdl 10kg 3x8 (so fkn hard) deadbug 3xfail deadlift 60 x 8 100 x 5 140 x 1 170 6x6 high bar squat 60 x 10 100 x 5 120 4x8 sldl 100 4x10 split squat x lots
  4. maccaz 2017 gpc summer classic prep log

    W6d2 Bench 60 x 8 90 6x8 bench feeling strong. These were all quite easy. T bar row 70 5x10 one arm machine row 50lb 5x12 each side bicep curls tricep extension got a hip stability program from physio which I’ll be following religiously for next 6 weeks as it’s my big weakness in the squat. Im going on holiday for 2 weeks on next Tuesday and will be in a cruise ship so will muck around with the gym on there but mainly having time off and embracing the buffers lol. Tomorrow will be 7 weeks since last pin. Strength feels fine but I haven’t gone heavy. I had a touch of sad feels last week but I’m prone to that shit anyway sometimes and it was only slightly worse than usual, plus I expected it and was pleasantly surprised. Sex drive is back 100% after it dropped off for a couple weeks. Feeling positive that I’m starting to recover
  5. maccaz 2017 gpc summer classic prep log

    Had heaps of dry needling and deep tissue massage in my glutes and hams so backed off the numbers heaps and just had a technique session with coach w6d1 ssb squat 65 x 5 105 x 5 145 x 6 105 6x6 deficit deadlift 70 x 5 120 x 5 160 3x5
  6. maccaz 2017 gpc summer classic prep log

    W5d3 had to squeeze two sessions into one because I’m away this weekend and will be squatting with coach on Saturday cg bench 60 x 8 80 5x8 deadlidt 70 x 5 120 x 5 160 5x8 lots of press downs and curls in between spotting friends squats rest tomorrow and Friday, squat with coach in Gold Coast on Saturday
  7. maccaz 2017 gpc summer classic prep log

    w5d2 bench press 40 x 5 80 5x8 cable row 80kg x 10 drop set no rest down to 10kgx10, rekd machine row 55kg 5x10 rear fly light weight 5x12 cable side raise 5x10 each side db curl x lots tricep pressdown x lots liking the super high volume/drop setting for accessory, will keep doing it. my legs are still toast from sunday.
  8. maccaz 2017 gpc summer classic prep log

    w5d1 massive leg day squat 60 x 5 100 x 5 140 x 3 150 5 x 8 deficit deadlift 145 3x5 leg press (worked to top weight then did a massive drop set, got gf to take 2 plates off a time so no rest) 200 x 10 240 x 10 280 x 10 300 x 10 260 x 10 220 x 10 180 x 10 140 x 10 100 x 10 60 x 10 20 x 10 that was fucked did the same again with extensions and seated ham curls, worked up to a top set, then dropped a plate each set for 10s, 14 sets of each. legs are rekd today
  9. maccaz 2017 gpc summer classic prep log

    W4d4 cg bench 60 x 5 75 x 5 105 x 1 115 x 1 75 3x8 wide grip pull down 62kg 10x10 short rests seat ohp 60 3x8 pec deck 50kg 5x10 biceps/triceps x lots as usual
  10. maccaz 2017 gpc summer classic prep log

    w4d3 deficit deadlift 70 x 5 120 x 5 150 3x8 front squat 80 x 3 100 x 3 120 x 1 130 x 1 140 x 1 pb im shit at front squats. struggle to hold the bar in place, always ends up rolling. i think my legs can front squat 180-200 but my arms cant hold it in place lol rdl 120 3x10 done bench tonight, then next block starts sunday with some heavier shit
  11. maccaz 2017 gpc summer classic prep log

    W4d2 bench press 60x 5 80 3x8 cable row mid stack 10x10 killed me tricep pressdown 200 reps bicep curls 200 reps cable side raise light 5x10 each side
  12. I'd keep training as you are until wedding is out of the way and you can afford a prep coach. Definitely go for it i reckon, I don't have the willpower diet wise to go anywhere near it but massive respect for people who do
  13. maccaz 2017 gpc summer classic prep log

    W4d1 natty status not affected me yet as far as I can tell. 4 weeks since last pin so test should be low. Bloods soon. High bar squat 60 x 5 110 x 5 135 3x8 leg press 260 4x8 leg extension 10x10 ham curl 10x10 split squat 8kg/side 3x10 working on stability. One side is shit
  14. maccaz 2017 gpc summer classic prep log

    W3d4 last night machine fly 55 5x10 cg bench 60 x 5 80 5x10 wide grip pulldown 72kg 5x10 Standing bb ohp 60 4x8 Hammer curl 20kg 5x12 12.5kg 3x20 pressdown 7x12
  15. maccaz 2017 gpc summer classic prep log

    W3d3 deficit deadlift 70 x 5 120 x 3 160 4x8 front squat 70 x 5 110 3x8 70 x 15