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  1. maccaz 2018 prep log

    W35d2 squat 195 6x3 leg press 210 4x15 leg extension 4x12 ham curl 4x12
  2. maccaz 2018 prep log

    W34d5/35d1 added a second lighter bench day for technique practice + hypertrophy pulldown 4x10 + a dropset bench press 90 4x10 db row 42.5 4x10 machine row 4x10 lots of arms
  3. maccaz 2018 prep log

    W34d4 Deadlift 202.5 5x3 good morning 60 3x8 1 leg extension 4x12 ham curl 4x12 back ext 4x12
  4. maccaz 2018 prep log

    w34d3 bench 115 5x3 db bench 32.5 2x10, 35 2x10 machine press 70 4x10 tricep pressdown 110lb 5x15 cable fly 60lb 2x12, 50lb 2x12
  5. maccaz 2018 prep log

    W34d2 pulldown 4x10 db row 40s 4x10 machine row 5x10 lots of hammer curls and preacher curls
  6. maccaz 2018 prep log

    W34d1 squat 195x8 leg press 200 4x15 leg extension 4x15 ham curl 4x15
  7. maccaz 2018 prep log

    W33d3 just easing back into it and testing injury, seems to be healed. will be backed to programmed numbers next week. squat 60 5x5 leg press 200 5x12 lots of leg extensions and ham curls
  8. maccaz 2018 prep log

    W33d2 pulldown 4x10 db row 4x10 machine row 4x10 straight arm pd 4x10 lots of curls
  9. maccaz 2018 prep log

    W34d2 last monday squat 210 2x4 tweaked my lower back so had few days off to heal it.. today: w33d1 bench (feet up) 90 4x10 db bench 32.5 3x10 machine bench 4x10 flys lots of arms
  10. maccaz 2018 prep log

    W34d1 pulldown 4x10 db row 40s 4x10 machine row 4x10 straight arm pulldown 4x10 lots of biceps
  11. maccaz 2018 prep log

    W33d5 bench 115 5x4 db bench 30 4x10 machine press 70 4x10 cable fly 4x10 heaps of tricep pressdownsn
  12. maccaz 2018 prep log

    W33d4 last night still not feeling flash but on the tail end of it now. Got the work done. Deadlift 215 5x4 leg extensions ham curls Cable pull throughs back extensions
  13. maccaz 2018 prep log

    w33d3 still feeling a bit sick so shuffled my days to get the less important/demanding sessions out of the way. overhead press 60 4x8 side raise 10 4x10 lots of arms
  14. maccaz 2018 prep log

    W33d2 pull down dB rows machine rows straight arm pulldowns curls
  15. maccaz 2018 prep log

    Got sick as so skipped d5 last week. Trained last night still sick with beast builder and hit a pr on squats w33d1 squat to 210x8 pb bench to 120 just practicing