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  1. is nutraplanet.com a legit site?

    couldnt find optimum melatonin in there catalog? troll?
  2. Wendys Burger Rage (TWL?)

    Ordered a gimmie 5 from kfc. 5 Pieces of chicken (ask for thighs) and large chips. $10 = Had no rage.
  3. law & gear

    Once took some codine I wasn't prescribed cos i was in pain. Thug life.
  4. I am curious as to why you use then. Not a loaded question either. I used while not liftng, but it was for recovery in other physical arenas. not everyone who uses steroids is aiming to go on stage, i take steroids coz i like to look good and get somewhere with my workouts, natural gaining is a long process so i took the easy way, i dont wana be schooled here i know what im doing coming off actually in 4 days and will be starting pct hopefully i keep most of my gains Good shit bro atleast your owning the truth. Do what you want its your life
  5. What about mollecular weight?? If you weighed it compared to other oils would that be a good indicator of the type of the oil?? Bro theres so many different types of oils... Cottonseed, grapeseed, rapeseed, olive, semen, avacardo, peanut, almond.. And the end of the day its just oil so who gives a f*ck lol. jjks but yes all have different property's etc im sure.
  6. pharmaceutical oil is not hard to obtain lol. From what I understand most just used sterilized cottonseed oil. Nothing really different than if you got some off the shelf and ran it through a filter. Oil.. is oil.
  7. Gynecomastia Surgery and Cost

    Wouldn't concern yourself to much at this stage unless its fairly big. Just let the letro run its course and have good pct and see how ya go.
  8. lol noice. op considering diet and training all good. ive heard this before. what gear are you using Not a query of mine just thought it would be good to see what users would say are signs of good or bad gear. Probably didnt think the subject through well enough as to many factors :roll: oh well
  9. lol noice. op considering diet and training all good.
  10. Apart from blood tests and shit gains what would you say are tell tale signs that you are running fake gear? Testicular atrophy isn't 100% in all users due to shut down? Insane hair growth?
  11. Gynecomastia Surgery and Cost

    Thailand is definitely the cheaper option bro! You can get return tickets for around $700 including everything from flight insurance to meals through airasiaX. The surgery is much more cheaper also and you get a wee holiday so would definitely recommend! Enjoy the ladyboys while ya there also \:D/
  12. Should i do Deadlifts?

    Deadlifts are a must! nothing more manlier than lifting a shit load of weight in an insane motion! JUST DO IT!
  13. Jay cutler has gone full retard.

    I have lost almost all respect for him now. Thoes samples made me wanted to slit my wrists. f*ck working out to that gay mutter crap in your ears.
  14. First Clenbuterol cycle - HELP

    At what dosage is this a threat though? from what I've read this happened to horses who were on a huge dose. Like 1 gram if I remember correctly. Would love to hear some older guys chime in on this. Agreed would also like to learn more. EDUCATE!