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  1. Who's cheating whom? Four Corners

    Australia's just a corrupt country full stop. Where there's money there's corruption, Aussie sport has so much money involved there's bound to be.
  2. Gym clothes to fit - HELP!

    Big tits. Not even once
  3. Strained Glute.

    Can u post a pic pls OP
  4. Both can have stable level it comes down to Injection frequency
  5. They aren't shit stirring. It is the same thing just with a different ester lol.
  6. Anzac NRL match

    You think everyone's on drugs except yourself.
  7. Diet on cycle?

    This That's not sustainable though. And you'll soon get fat and stop gaining muscle eventually. For a first cycle yeah sure. Like anything you do though, you should aim to be as productive as you can. I see more ppl on steroids who look like slobs and look shit than ppl I do who look good. So says to be the only differing factor is their diet. So it's very important. First cycle is a first cycle... It's 8-15 weeks of your life, everyone gains from this. As you get down the track it becomes more important so if you apply those important principles of nutrition to your early cycles you will get lots more gains. Food influences side effects too.. Depending what u eat can aid in preventing backne or gyno or bring it on badly and stuff like that. I dnt have alot if time atm to do a big post but get a grip protein drinks and cheeseburgers.
  8. acne long after cycle

    This. It's a pretty harsh medication
  9. I Need a Gym Bud.

    I was looking for gym (permanent) for myself and not for training your average Joe hence it wasn't suited for me. And I remember mentioning that it was 2 years ago when they just opened. So your remark wasn't thought through well before posting. Yeah well it's not for everyone and if u want to free squat, bench press and do shit with an Olympic bar then for sure don't join there obviously. Im just saying the information posted on a forum about a gym or whatever for that matter should be as current as possible... What relevance is talking about what DBs they had 2 years ago. I was just correcting you no offence. If you havnt been somewhere for 2 years you should be asking the questions not giving the answers. It's good to know ur better than average joe too bro.
  10. juice & customs

    Good job that capo sack of shit got banned from here, cunts offering it way too cheap anyway. No wonder the markets fucked.
  11. Anzac NRL match

    Aussies played bloody well in the 2nd half. First half kiwis couldn't finish. Aussie deserved to win, no excuses. I went bed after 60mins. Also no ones juicing lol.
  12. juice & customs

    lmao ?
  13. Letrozole + Nolvadex for gyno

    interesting .... i had mine gynecomastia removed yesterday. Im in so much pain today, anyway mine was no where near $5000 it was $13000. I was quoted 2.5 hours and it ended up taking 4. I had Surgeon Martin Rees from Auckland who works quite slow to produce best results hes a plastic surgeon hence the price. I had the complete gland removed Did you not look into getting it done in Thailand. That's so expensive man.
  14. CDPA Regional Champs 2013 Results

    What does DP do now? Does he still lift?
  15. I Need a Gym Bud.

    Their dbs go up to 45 or 50kg not 24kg. They dnt have squat rack or free weight bench presses, they have smith machines. It's abit safer this way for u supervised 24 hour training. You might not know this or hdve opened your mind to such a crazy idea lol but you don't need to bench, squat or deadlift to have a good physique or Have a good workout. To say its not a real gym is abit silly. Everyone automatically thinks its crap because it doesn't have the above pieces of equipment. Bodybuilders and power lifters make up such a small % of gym members in nz and every where for that matter, that to expect every gym to be set up and cater for them is a silly expectation. Jetts is 24hrs, it's cheap, no contract and you can use any jetts throughout the country. I'm a member of jetts just for its 24hr factor and its so cheap that even if I only go once a week it's worth my money. I train there when I'm busy or staying out at my girlfriends which is on other side of Auckland to my gym. I find it fine and can improvise almost any exercise I want to do in a more functional free weight orientated type gym. It's a good model to Pt out of also, rent is reasonable and the potential client base is huge, looking at working at one now that Iv left club physical