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  1. anyone know about this course max college?

    thanx everyone for your replys and comments, we (my daughter and I) have sent a letter to max college requesting a cancellation, on the grounds that she can no longer afford to uphold the contract, and as she hasn't started the course yet that Max college would suffer no financial loss if they simply gave her place to someone else. As yet we have heard nothing back but I will let you all know what happens next. Hopefully their bark is worse than their bite and they will grant her a release from the contract. If not , then I guess fair go or consumer law might be an avenue to try.
  2. anyone know about this course max college?

    thanks for your replies, it's difficult to know what to do. She hasn't even left home yet, so doesn't even know how much the cost of day to day living is let alone paying the contract on top. She didn't realize contracts were irreversable and how binding they are. She was so taken in by Max College marketing hype that she didn't think it through. I feel annoyed with the law that this can happen. Kids arn't prepared for these things and don't realize that these people are driven to make money. Sounds like the course is a mixture of good and bad, and mostly teaching sales and bussiness rather than personal training. Has anyone tried to get out of a contract with them and lived to tell the tale?
  3. Hi, my daughter has signed a contract to pay Max college $8800 to do a twelve week personal trainers course with them in albany auckland. She also had to sign an acceptance criteria which gives them the right to ask her to leave the course if she fails to comply, yet with no refunds or release from the contract. The contract binds her to pay $107 per week for the next 78 weeks (she has already paid a $500 deposit), plus penalties of $105 for each late or failed payment, with no right of cancellation for any reason whatsoever. She is only 18years old, but old enough to sign legally without parental consent. I am very concerned as the Max international college for fitness professionals web site appears to be all hype and marketing and I see little evidence of informative course content. They also portray themselves as being very caring and freindly inviting interested people in for a chat or even a coffee, they greet you with "A super sunny day to you, or A wow day etc" but they get you to signthe most draconian paperwork and contracts I have seen. But I feel they prey on young people who have no experience of contracts, who get taken in by the friendly sales talk and don't realize what they are signing is so cruel. I want my daughter out of the contract before she starts the course in january 2011, But I don't know if she can get out? Does anyone have any experience with these people? How can this kind of thing be legal?
  4. Personal Trainer Courses

    Hi I have been looking for information on Max college because my 18year old daughter has just signed avery harsh contract with them to do their 12 week course in auckland paying $8800 at $100 per week . They will charge penalties of an extra $105 for each late or failed payment, and contract cannot be cancelled for any reason whatsoever. She also had to sign an acceptance criteria outlining expected behaviour and attendance, giving them the right to ask you to leave if standards are not met. Of corse the money is non-refundable. I am extremely concerned that they are a money scam. Has anyone tried to cancel a contract with them? I would like my daughter to get out before she starts the course and is totally bound to it.