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  1. Nar Labs debate

    I thought it was pretty common knowledge that whenever aminos, glutamine, glutamine peptides etc were listed high up in the ingredient profile that it was likely spiked. Marc Lobliner opened up that can of worms and explained what to look for. Taurine, glutamine peptides etc mainly as the spike the protein content without adding any value. It's the third listed ingredient on Nar Labs.
  2. What's your regimen?

    Hey guys, Long story short I had low T and in my early to mid 20s managed to get on TRT. Doc sent me home with 10 1ml amps of test enanthate 250mg and told me to do one shot a week. This didn't sound right to me as I'd always done/heard of a minimum of twice a week. After a few months I started to notice the benefits in the gym, aggression etc. but ran into an issue in the bedroom. I wanted to have sex but a lot of the time had trouble maintaining an erection despite what my partner did and how turned on I was. Note that I was still getting morning wood. I started to stress out, did some research and found that my e2 was almost triple the recommended amount and I had almost all the symptoms of high E2. Meanwhile my testosterone was 28 on a 8-29 scale. this freaked me out and with the help of my doctor I decided to try a restart with nolvadex. I took 40mg a day, felt like horse shit for the first two weeks after my last shot, then something crazy happened and for a week I felt the best ever had in my life, wanting and having sex 3-4 times a day, crazy gym pumps and drive, general well being was amazing. Another week passed and this stopped and now 4.5 weeks since my last shot I feel shit again although I still have the occasional morning wood. question is, what is your guys TRT regimen? Thinking of getting back on but doing 75mg twice a week with arimidex 0.5mg on shot days. I just want to feel how I did in that sweet spot again. Sorry about the novel but it's a very stressful situation and I don't really have anyone to talk to about it all, doc is pretty cookie cutter with his advice. also has anyone had any success with clomid only therapy? Been seeing crazy lab results online but only complaints seem to be it's a libido killer which would make it worthless cheers