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  1. Beta-Alanine

    yeah it'll do that when you take 3g at once ive gone through a good 500g of it over a while. Was ok, but wont be buying it again definalty helps out tho with endurance and gives you a bigger pump i was taking some pre-wo and some post workout
  2. Couscous as a carb source

    yeah ive using cous cous at the momment working my way through 30kg :shock: :twisted: pretty good! nice and light and goes with heaps of food
  3. going out/drinking

    I dont really drink at all maybe only 3-4 beers a month if anything Sticking to my goals is what im doing, but still have the odd drink. getting lastered every weekend is wasting your time. May as well not go to the gym and just drink ok to have the odd drink, but excessive amounts all the time aint good
  4. 4 whole eggs, 3-4 whites mix add artifical sweetner, im using Pure Via microwave in a bowl 60sec, stir, nuke again 60-80sec. mix. eat or whole boiled eggs x5-7 tin of tuna with some almonds omlette with onion,tomato,capsicum and cottage cheese, season

    Les Mills Cashel st is up and running Les mills riccarton and ferrymead are closed and not re-opening. hours: mon-thurs 5:30am-9pm fri 5:30am-8pm sat,sun 7am-5pm
  6. 5/3/1 +10kg bodyweight

    warm up on treadmill and a run for 2-3mins lol bw squats x12 leg swings each way back squat bar x10 60x5 80x5 100x5 110x5 120x5 130x5 135x5 5x10 back squat @92.5kg 60% of 1Rep max leg press 12@200 12@205 2x12@210 rotary calf press 15@40 12@45 10@50 2x8@55
  7. 5/3/1 +10kg bodyweight

    shoulders yesterday 500m row mill press 5-6 sets db side raise,rear fly's,BB front raise,med ball front raise seated shoulder press machine 5 sets of 8 side raise machine 2x high rep drop sets cable curls x2sets rope pull downs x2sets
  8. 5/3/1 +10kg bodyweight

    deads,ham,calf deads up to 150 for 7 7 sets BB stiff leg deads x15 x12 x10 x8 x6 x8 x12 x15 Seated leg curl 4x10 SS rotary calf press 5 sets high and low rep stretch out
  9. cheapest protein in NZ

    bodybuilding.co.nz :nod:
  10. Good time for 3k Run

    in the morning..... :shifty: not sure, im not a runner. ive done both hagley parks in 31mins tho 5-6km
  11. 5/3/1 +10kg bodyweight

    back yesterday wg chins x8 2x10 light assistance seated low row WG 3x10 1x10 neutral grip wg lat pd x15 x12 x8 x12 x15 1 arm DB row 3x8 ez bar preacher curl 4x10 rev cable curl 3x20
  12. 5/3/1 +10kg bodyweight

    yesterdays bench session warm up incline chest press machine 4x10 incline BB 3x10 flat DB 3x10 cable fly 3x10 close grip bench 15x 2x10 skulls 3x10 overhead DB ex 3x10
  13. 5/3/1 +10kg bodyweight

    got some bug last week so missed 3/5 training sesh... back on deck from yesterday did legs. ill be repeating week 2 again. just kept it lighter for the legs session as wasnt quite 100% mon- rolling warm up back squats x4sets front sqquats x2sets leg press x8sets with a couple of 20rep sets leg ex 4x25 rotary calf press 1x20 4x10-12 stretching
  14. where do you get/download pdf books/magazines on fitness,strength training,mobility,stretching,foam rolling etc? or great websites for reserach/articles etc etc
  15. 5/3/1 +10kg bodyweight

    week 2 day 2 bench triceps rotators internal/external 2x10 each push ups x8 flat bench bar x10 35 x5 40 x5 52.5 x3 60 x3 70 x3 77.5 x7 db incline 2x10@20kg 2x8@25kg 2x6@30kg 6@25 8@22.5 2x10@20 dips 10@bw 8@+10kg 7@+15kg 5@+20kg bw x8 french press 2x10@15k+ez bar 2x8@20kg+ 2x6@25kg+ rope pd 2x20 SS 3x15 cable fly's