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  1. un branded gear

    Its un branded. It must be safe.
  2. How can you spot a juicer?

    Here's one off topic: Few months back a Courier delivers a package to the wrong gym and the on duty manager mistakenly opens it up to find needles/barrels etc... How can you spot a juicer? Look for the hardcore quiet ones that look at you like you dont exsist unless they know you. 8)
  3. CytoSport Muscle Milk

    Muscle milk always seems to be sold out on some websites, so that may be a indication of its popularity, as to its effectiveness??? :shrug:
  4. Selling steroids here? Don't.

    I Prefer gold coins....just sayin
  5. Selling steroids here? Don't.

    He said he didnt love you anymore!
  6. Graveyard shfits & Lifting

    I think the get rich quick scheme can be summarised as: - Set priorities - Create a routine in line with that - Do it - Repeat step 3 You hit the nail on the head there! Train yourself to a routine and train your mind to get use to it. I aim to head down to my gym around 2am..maybe 3am if I get interrupted and train for a hour then get my arse back to work(Im the boss, so techinically I can go train at my own leisure), the strategy is placing your diet etc around the hours you work and that can help a whole lot!
  7. Justin Bieber hopes Anne Frank was a belieber.

    Anne Franks Reply: Dear Justin...I would hate to be stuck hiding in a secret room for a couple of years listening to your music.
  8. Gym wierdos

    That was me bro^ 8)
  9. Hamilton bust

    http://www.nzherald.co.nz/crime/news/ar ... d=10808308
  10. Hawkes Bay's Strongest Man 2012

    Mean lineup this year! Should be good fun!
  11. U wanna show us where he touched you too?
  12. buying pins.

    Sorry not sure if i follow you here - whos going to give out information on whos buying needles for bodybuilding? Its called Gossip.
  13. buying pins.

    Just a tip for some of you who are a bit put off by showing your face at the needle exchange. Actually take the time to get to know the people who operate your local exchange and they will look after you and order and supply you with whatever you need. A lot of information can be gathered at your local exchange in regards to who is getting what from there in regards to bodybuilding, but for this you need to establish a good relationship.
  14. Pfizer cypionate

    Looks like the boys forgot one when they extracted all the others out of the panels.