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  1. No, try half the dose... then half again.. every 8 days same as previous protocol, until its all done..
  2. Lots of stretches and warm ups, start off low weight increasing as you are able, with mainly compound exercises.. Keep nutrition optimal, full fat meats, plenty fresh vegetables (as many colours as possible), berries, walnuts, macadamias (no peanuts).. Avocados, olives, cook only in butter.. Try bone broth with collagen.. Any steroid will increase healing time but unfortunately compromise collagen composition making the end tissues more brittle and prone to rupture..
  3. Your levels were quite high to begin with.. Prior to using, then I see no reason to interfere with matters further by introducing pointless PCT drug, when most evidence suggests people recover just fine without them ..!! Remember before the days of blast and cruise idiocy, people used to employ time off at least as long as the anabolic cycle, unfortunately in this period of time off your dealer was unable to make money out of you so someone came up with PCT.. It's bollocks, don't waste your time or money..
  4. First cycle advice

    Only thing I’d recommend is just stop after 10 weeks rather than tapering There is a methodology to tapering, ie: to allow blood testosterone to reduce at a slower rate, so as not to reduce the negative feedback signal by becoming too estrogen dominant as you come off.. That's why a low dose AI might be prudent as he tapers also.. Anyone who says you can’t keep gains once coming off is drug reliant and lazy. Over the longer term if all things equal, homeostasis will determine you eventually return to pre-cycle levels (unless something changes, like diet, training intensity etc).. PCT... well I’d suggest talking to a doc. Most Dr's won't have a clue... Most Endo's seem to know very little.. To be honest a lot of people don’t bother with PCT after a cycle such as the one you’ve listen but if you want to be safe 2 weeks of clomid and 4 weeks of a natural T booster should have you covered... Two weeks of clomiphene isn't enough to do anything, not that it's proven to raise levels permanently anyway..(If damage has occured it is too late, although unlikely on 250mg testosterone).. I wasn't aware there was a natural testosterone booster that actually worked..??
  5. First cycle advice

    1. How many calories should I consume above my basal metabolic rate? (Read many stories of people not having clean gains while pouring down the gainer shakes) Try 500, don't eat shite.. 2. How can I protect my gains after my cycle? You can't.. 3. Can I get away without pct? Don't use it.. (i've explained why in another thread)..
  6. So, you were blood tested whilst still on Sustanon 250 I assume, I don't suppose they measured GnRH, LH, FSH.? The thing about primary or secondary hypogonadism (Gonadal, or hypothalamic) is: most of the damage is done ON-CYCLE, which most people don't address, thinking PCT will miraculously bring dead sertoli and leydig cells back to life... Clomiphene may initially show elevated LH, but once therapy finishes you either will return to normal (as you would have anyway, ie: recovered naturally without taking clomiphene) or you will end up with lower levels than before cycle started.. (ie damage has occured).. The process of converting testosterone (endogenous or exogenous) into estrogen and other metabolites produces harmful free radicals (R.O.S) which damage sertoli and leydig cells, the more metabolism the more damage, ie: more exogenous testosterone and you are more likely to induce damage.. There is research to show 1g Royal Jelly, 3-5g Taurine / day on-cycle can protect from R.O.S induced damage.. So as you can see PCT is pretty pointless for most people, you might taper down the dose in the last few weeks and/or add a low dose AI to lower estrogen as your testosterone lowers also.. At your age why not stay on low dose indefinitely..?? Why come off to levels of a 60yr old..??
  7. You don't need PCT at your (our) age.. Take the sustanon if possible, only half the dose once a week (125mg), 250mg is a bit much at 60yrs old.. Stay on, indefinitely if you can..
  8. Aspirin while on aas

    They don't screen as such, I have spoken in confidence with my GP regards past usage, and future TRT options which I am currently on.. So GP wrote script for regular venesection.. I also had the option to donate, as I do back home, but in NZ they throw away all UK blood as it's believed we all have mad cows disease from the 90's outbreak back in the UK.. Regards the receiver of your blood, it might be best not to donate whilst on a heavy blast cycle as some of the hormone will be residual in your blood, not really fair to give some poor sickly person a large dose of AAS after major surgery, or trauma..
  9. Try some glute stretches:
  10. Hey Justin.. I've had a chat at work, noting you stated pain is not as bad as previously experienced, but still there.. Is there, or has there been anything abnormal in the limb below injury, such as pins n needles, loss of sensation, loss of motor control..?? It does sound like maybe you have hit a major nerve.. As long as there is still mild improvement, see how things go, but I do appreciate 2 months is longer than we would like or expect.. If no change ( improvement) after maybe 2 more weeks, you could visit your GP stating a Vitamin B-12 injection was responsible... :0)
  11. I'm at work Sunday so will ask around see if anyone specialises in that type of injury (don't hold out for a miracle)..lol Are you talking about ventro gluteal injections, they are quite popular.. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Intramuscular_injection#/media/File:Im-ventrogluteal-300x244.png
  12. I'm wondering if the pinning is more likely coincidence , and that the real issue is spinal nerve entrapment/or not..? Nerves are very small and more likely would be displaced by the needle as opposed to being severed by it.. (which is unlikely as you'd no doubt experience sensory disturbance and motor loss etc amongst other things below the site of detachment).. You could have damaged the outer myelin sheath and or nicked the axon, but not severed it, although it is possible.. The central and peripheral nervous system do heal themselves after injury (in most cases).. Healthy fats (that's any fat other than trans fat) plus Vit B-12 assist in repair, make sure your diet is rich in these..
  13. Can't say I've heard of this before (lasting so long)..?? Does it follow any of the tracks on this link:
  14. Nootropic & Cognitive Enhancer

    Have you tried 8 and 10 carbon MCT oil with butter and coffee for optimum brain function.. (bullet proof coffee)..
  15. Aspirin while on aas

    All AAS raise red blood cell count, if this is an issue donate or venesection every 3 months.. If you want to thin blood drink water, aspirin is no good in this regard, it stops platelet aggregation (thickening, or clot formation) it doesn't thin blood.. (if thats what youve heard)..
  16. Trt e2 levels help

    Initial nipple sensitivity can disappear after a few weeks, have you tried lowering aromasin, then tapering off to see if sensitivity returns..? Bloat is part of taking AAS, expect some intra/extracellular water retention.. 250mg/week is "NOT TRT"..!! try lowering to 80-125mg/week if you are after genuine TRT levels, E2 might not be a problem then.. Oestradiol is within range, but be aware for males sensitive oestradiol LC/MS is the preferred method of testing: https://www.labcorp.com/test-menu/24871/estradiol-sensitive-lc-ms# Adult Men. The use of a sensitive, LC/MS assay for serum E2 measurement in males is preferred over direct immunoassays because of its greater sensitivity and lesser interference by other steroids.28 In males, estradiol is present at low concentrations in blood, but it is extraordinarily high in semen.4 4. Stocco C. Tissue physiology and pathology of aromatase. Steroids. 2012 Jan; 77(1-2):27-35. PubMed 22108547 28. Handelsman DJ, Newman JD, Jiménez M, McLachlan R, Sartorius G, Jones GR. Performance of direct estradiol immunoassays with human male serum samples. Clin Chem. 2014 Mar; 60(3):510-517. PubMed 24334824
  17. DHEA & Cortisol

    I have the 7-keto DHEA supplement from iherb, oral bioavailability is poor, so tried sublingual dosing but didn't seem to feel anything special.. Apparently pregnenolone works better, that's why it's banned here in NZ..
  18. I have been informed that DHEA supplementation protects from cortisol overconcentration over long time scales.. I cannot find reference to obtaining DHEA either by legal means or other.. Is it available via prescription from a doctor or mens health clinic..? Is DHEA supplimentation a viable option for reducing catabolic hormone build up on cycle, or can the bodys natural production be boosted somehow..? :wink:
  19. HGH USE

    On it's own, very little if any increase in skeletal muscle mass..
  20. Myprotein impact whey

    Similar levels of inflammatory response.. lol Myprotein whey contains sucralose, known to decimate your gut microbiome by as much as 50%, keep well away..
  21. HGH USE

    Don't bother..
  22. LOW T & TRT

    Your nurse is an idiot..!! It's acceptable to draw with an 18G, but to penetrate skeletal muscle 23G or better still 25G is recommended for use within my guidelines.. Her argument might be 4ml is a lot of oil to inject in one attempt, and it's much quicker for her.. But it's not about her convenience it's about your aftercare, if she is causing pain with the potential to induce scar tissue, or damage that is not acceptable.. Request a needle change to 23G or 25G, or another nurse..
  23. Steroid and Blood tests

    Similar question regarding the concentration of gear have you been injecting, how frequent, and for how long..?
  24. There is much debate regarding AAS and cardiovascular health, and how that use may have negatively impacted major organs and tissue of the body.? Several studies show that high doses of AAS such as nandrolone, may lead to growth-promoting effects on cardiac tissue, as seen in hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, followed by apoptotic cell death which is mediated by membrane-receptor second messenger cascades that increase intracellular Ca2+ influx.. AAS abuse associated with sudden cardiac death, myocardial infarction, ventricular remodelling and cardiomyopathy is related to apoptosis.. Several studies in isolated human myocytes have shown that AAS bind to androgen receptors and may directly cause hypertrophy, via tissue upregulation of the renin-angiotensin system.. AAS abuse causes decrease in high density lipoprotein cholesterol by 20% and increase in LDL cholesterol by 20% due to lipolytic degradation of lipoproteins and their removal by receptors through modification of apolipoprotein A-I and B synthesis. Apolipoprotein B has been experimentally linked to the development of atherosclerosis, mediating the interaction between LDL-C and the arterial wall... These lipoprotein abnormalities increase the risk for coronary artery disease by three to sixfold and may occur within 9 weeks of AAS self-administration. Fortunately, lipid effects seem to be reversible after discontinuation.. AAS enhance platelet aggregation and thrombus formation by increasing platelet production of thromboxane A2, decreasing production of prostacyclin and increasing fibrinogen levels.. Ischaemic stroke can occur as a result of atherothrombosis or embolisation either in the carotids or the heart as AAS has been associated with changes in vascular reactivity, lipid profile, haemostasis and platelet aggregation. Accordingly, peripheral vascular disease can occur through the same mechanism.. I know I keep bringing up these cardiovascular issues on here periodically, but so few people consider them, and it really is worth having some awareness and an idea of how to ameliorate effects where possible... However I think the take-home message is how all these vectors interact to cause serious health problems. So, it's not just factors like lipids that cause clots - it's the platelet aggregation as the more acute factor. But furthermore, the AAS causing inflexibility of the vascular network (poor vasoreactivity) which promotes atherosclerotic plaque formation and makes the heart pump harder = the enlargement of the heart = inefficient pumping = reduced ejection fraction = relatively stagnant eddies of blood = increased risk of clotting. And of course, is the likely increase in PCV (red blood cell concentration), which can be an equally important factor. It seems astonishing that most AAS users don't seem to be aware of the effect AAS have on RBCs and how that could aggravated their condition, but again that's part of the general lack of knowledge I keep referring to. What can we do: fortunately, the lipid/thrombus issue is more of an acute concern that diminishes once the cycle is over, and for most people will pass unremarkably assuming they lead an otherwise healthy lifestyle and don't abuse high-dose AAS for prolonged periods.. Most guys on AAS should be using an angiotensin receptor blocker as standard in my opinion (eg Losartan, Olmesartan). Not only will it lower BP, it also prevents and reverses the accumulation of fibrotic tissue, both in the heart and across the cardiovascular system, which is the major concern from AAS use. Cardio: The kind of adaptations we want in the heart are the kind that high intensity cardio bring. It can basically 'enlarge' the capacity of the heart (the chambers) and also improve the ejection fraction. So the heart becomes more efficient per beat, and hence the pulse rate tends to fall - very low in very fit athletes. It does cause a very mild form of hypertrophy, but it arranges the cardiac tissue structurally slightly differently to the type that forms from heavy weight lifting. One of the other positives of HIIT is that it helps to stretch and (theoretically) break up the scarring/fibrotic tissue. We have to bear in mind that intense cardio pumps very large volumes of blood through the heart (unlike weights) which causes a nice eccentric stretch to the cardiac tissue, as opposed to more concentric-focus from weights... Regular blood tests, and blood donation or venesection if hematocrit is too high.. [1] J. Payne, P.J. Kotwinski, H.E. Montgomery, Cardiac effects of anabolic steroids, Heart 90 (2004) 473?475. [2] S. Nottin, L.-D. Nguyen, M. Terbah, P. Obert, Cardiovascular effects of androgenic anabolic steroids in male bodybuilders determined by tissue Doppler imaging, Am. J. Cardiol. (2006). [3] L. Fanton, D. Belhani, F. Vaillant, A. Tabib, L. Gomez, J. Descotes, et al., Heart lesions associated with anabolic steroid abuse: comparison of post-mortem findings in ath- letes and norethandrolone-induced lesions in rabbits, Exp. Toxicol. Pathol. (2009). [4] P.D. Thompson, A. Sadaniantz, E. Cullinane, K. Bodziony, D. Catlin, G. Torek-Both, et al., Left ventricular function is not impaired in weight-lifters who use anabolic steroids, J. Am. Coll. Cardiol. (1992) 19. [5] N.A. Hassan, M.F. Salem, M.A.E.L. Sayed, Doping and effects of anabolic androgenic steroids on the heart: histological, ultrastructural, and echocardiographic assessment in strength athletes, Hum. Exp. Toxicol. (2009). [6] J. Marsh, M.H. Lehmann, R.H. Ritchie, J.K. Gwathmey, G.E. Green, R.J. Schiebinger, An- drogen receptors mediate hypertrophy in cardiac myocytes, Circulation 98 (1998) 256?261. [7] P. Liu, A.K. Death, D.J. Handelsman, Androgens and cardiovascular disease, Endocr. Rev. 24 (2003) 313?340. [8] A.D'Andrea,P.Caso,G.Salerno,R.Scarafile,G.DeCorato ,C.Mita,et al.,Left Ventricular early myocardial dysfunction after chronic misuse of anabolic androgenic steroids: a Doppler myocardial and strain imaging analysis, Br. J. Sports Med. 41 (3) (2007) 149?155. [9] S. Sharma, Athlete's heart?effect of age, sex, ethnicity and sporting discipline, Exp. Physiol. 88 (2003) 665?669. [10] M. Galderisi, N. Cardim, A. D'Andrea, O. Bruder, B. Cosyns, L. Davin, et al., The multi- modality cardiac imaging approach to the Athlete's heart: an expert consensus of the European Association of Cardiovascular Imaging, Eur. Heart J. Cardiovasc. Imaging 16 (4) (2015) 353.
  25. Metabolic stimulators only seem to offer minimal assistance, if any.. Have you tried time restricted eating (fasting only with water for 14-16 hours per day), along with total elimination of refined fructose, processed foods and grains..?