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  1. Steroids

    Ask your Dr for a prescription.. Or ask the biggest guy at your local gym and take your chances..lol..
  2. Preferred Needle Gauge

    25G 1".... orange, glute. v-glute..
  3. Former Waikato steroid dealer

    I think they use powerful xray capable of detecting organic/inorganic items.. So, mentioning the First XV tournament in Palmerston North was typical inaccurate news media sensationalism..
  4. 1st cycle thoughts

    It's likely they would get to a higher set-point than a non-steroid user (if all other things equal) after that any progression would be slow..
  5. Former Waikato steroid dealer

    No idea of sarcasm... Where u from in UK pom..?
  6. Former Waikato steroid dealer

    I was taking the piss....
  7. Former Waikato steroid dealer

    Got to keep those stats up..!! Reducing crime, in real terms.. Breaking the law is breaking the law, if left unchecked this gateway offending can lead to further more serious crime, where do you think serial killers start..!! Serial killers don't just wake up one morning and think, let's kill lots of people, it starts from not wearing seatbelts, driving whilst talking on your phone, and driving at 55 in a 50 zone, in the school f*ucking holidays..!! I'm joking kids...
  8. Former Waikato steroid dealer

    Rather than target people wishing to lead an active healthy lifestyle through sport, attempting advantage through exogenous hormone use, why not provide some education as to how it can be done with relative safety..? Methamphetamine use and abuse is out of control here in NZ, whatever steps have been taken to reduce impact upon NZ are not working. Police might best target meth and its massive impact on all aspects of NZ society, but need to be given more resources.. Firearms incidents used to be unheard of, but are now called in every shift, too many frontline officers are working alone covering massive areas with no back-up.. Government needs to get its priorities right..
  9. 1st cycle thoughts

    You don't fry receptors, AR upregulate to a point, but eventually after sustained elevated testosterone levels some desensitization occurs which leads to a decrease in mRNA levels acting as a negative feedback loop.. What research there is on the subject: In several cases it was found that the AR content increased but the binding affinity for androgens decreased resulting in a net loss of testosterone utilization. Essentially, after such a long period of exposure the extra testosterone (above a certain point) became useless, whereas initially when first starting a cycle the extra free testosterone resulted in an almost linear dose-dependent effect curve. So, there's still benefit to an extended cycle (longer than 12 weeks) but the growth experienced isn't near what one expects an the beginning of a cycle... almost a sort of plateau effect. Leaving a 3 month gap or so between cycles resulted in a stronger initial response to the androgens.
  10. True Half-life Tables

    Would what have effect..? Clearance times would, but half life is only a part, remember active metabolites can stay in the system much longer than the actual parent hormone..
  11. True Half-life Tables

    I am aware isotopes contain extra neutrons therefore extra molecular weight.. I was speaking only in the context of steroids and their accompanying esters..
  12. True Half-life Tables

    It's probably as accurate as your going to get, given differences in individual human physiology for half life values... I've posted in another thread more precise data on ester molecular weight, written by Peter Van Mol aka Big Cat a well known biochemist.. As molecular weight should be precise, if its out by the smallest of margins then it can't be the molecule its meant to be..
  13. I'm going to bump this as I think its relevant..
  14. If you look at the data from the considerable research done, there seems to be little (if any) increase in skeletal muscle hypertrophy... Just intracellular water retention..
  15. True Half-life Tables

    I've edited it Tom... Hope you are happy... I want you to be happy Tom..