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  1. low test. and HRT

  2. low test. and HRT

    Remember it's the metabolic conversion process of testosterone to estrogen in the testes that produces oxidative free radical damage to leydig and sertoli cells, once necrosed the damage is permanent making recovery or testosterone production/spermatogenesis less likely, therefore a low dose AI might be prudent in your case of elevated estrogen... Most of your estrogen production would be from aromatase in adipose tissue (high bf%), but some will be from the testes, so protection of what functioning cells you do have working there should be a priority.. An endo should know this, it's pretty basic stuff... $800/hour..lol
  3. low test. and HRT

    try omitting these from your diet.. Aspartame. ... Caffeine. ... Sugar. ... MSG and sodium nitrite. ... Dairy. ... Gluten.
  4. low test. and HRT

    You need to drastically lower that bf%, 10-12% would be optimum, look into time restricted eating: I've been following a time restricted protocol for the last 4-5 months bf% is about 8%, and feel much healthier.. as described in the video, water only when not eating which is between a 9-10 hour window every day, with the odd cheat day thrown in at weekends, no refined sugars, no alcohol.. Clomiphene is known for severe depression type symptoms, so don't be too concerned, it is expected.. Disappointed your "endo" (small case it was intended) won't prescribe an AI.. but you need to help yourself by dropping that bf%.. I could be wrong, but isn't clomiphene a synthetic estrogen so could show up as estrogen on blood estradiol testing.???
  5. low test. and HRT

    What's your BF%..? What course of treatment are you currently on for the estrogenic side effects, if you don't mind me asking..
  6. low test. and HRT

    from memory things settle down in time.. plus you're on a pretty low dose, i'm surprised you are effected..
  7. low test. and HRT

    It's fairly common on AAS for some people, can't think of the mechanism behind it..
  8. Proviron

    I tried.... Sorry..!!
  9. Proviron

    I'll try explaining how the substitution of 4,5 double bond for an extra hydrogen at carbon 5, makes aromatase binding imposible.. If you observe the first drawing, see how the A-ring has a double bond between carbon 4 and 5 (double line connecting both).. To substitute the double bond (remove it) you need to replace that bond with an extra hydrogen atom on carbon 4 and 5, (see carbon 4 it has a H below, this is a single hydrogen) when the double bond is removed an extra hydrogen will be added to carbon 4 (making 2, and one hydrogen to carbon 5).. This is because the outer valence electrons of a carbon atom have 4 bonds, so must be bonded 4 times either with 4 single bonds (like with hydrogen) or a double, or even triple bond to another carbon atom or other molecule, those 4 bonds must be taken up.. You see how in the lower drawing the correct spatial arrangement is shown for the testosterone molecule (note it is not flat as drawn above when seen in 3D).. See the 4-5 double bond we discussed above is connected by a double line (double bond), when we remove the 4-5 double bond replacing it with extra hydrogens, the electrical charge changes (altering the shape further).. It is this conformational change of shape that makes binding of the aromatase enzyme impossible (like changing the shape of a key so it no longer fits a lock) I hope you understand..
  10. mens clinic?

    Self medicate..
  11. low test. and HRT

    Testosterone can affect immune function, you could also be showing an allergic reaction to your first dose, it generally subsides never to return, its just your body adapting to BA, or BB.. Natural production will decline, as will other downstream hormones from the initial precursor (cholesterol) such as DHEA, Pregnenolone etc.. Don't stop effexor cold turkey whatever you do, if you decide to stop see your Dr first and decide on a slow taper off over several weeks..
  12. low test. and HRT

    Obviously its better than once a month, see how you feel when previous plasma amounts combine with current dose after about 4 injections.. (what I mean is: there will be some residual testosterone from previous injections that will add up over several injections, leading to higher blood concentrations)..
  13. low test. and HRT

    Inform them you are in pain from the injection site and to reduce speed, to a rate of at least 1ml every 10 seconds, but no less, preferably longer, as it is oil based not water and takes time to absorb into the interstitial space without damaging surrounding tissue.. Or you could state you are in pain due to their incompetence, as you are paying them for their service, instruct them to administer slower or not at all.. Don't worry about short duration warming of product, it will ease the transition from syringe into skeletal muscle, the guidelines on temperature were meant for long term storage (weeks, months)....
  14. low test. and HRT

    You're unlikely to get more frequent than every 2 weeks unfortunately, unless you have some medical background and can put a good case forward for more frequent injections.. There is conversion in adipose tissue, so low bf% works in your favour, there is conversion in other tissues, especially testes that are prone to damage via R.O.S, so supplementation with taurine and royal jelly would be prudent to avoid further shutdown issues.. The shortest ester (propionate) has a half life of as little as 0.8 day, and detectable in blood after about 2 hours, so expect about 10-12mg in the first day..
  15. low test. and HRT

    Position and speed are pretty basic to get right, but some medical staff don't seem to appreciate the difference between water based and oil based injection speed.. I frequently have heated discussion with our medical trainers regards injection protocol, especially IM lateral thigh.. I think some people should have to inject themselves to fully understand correct protocol, reading from books, or practicing on manikins doesn't really cut it for experience..