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  1. According to my literature serum/plasma must be separated from cells within 45 minutes of venipuncture, this is generally not done at my local lab.. Standard E2 testing can be out of range by as much as 10 times (higher) the correct value shown on sensitive oestradiol, causing unnecessary use of AI's...
  2. Aylmer Porter took my partner to 5 first places and a National Figure title in her first year, and has several clients compete in the NABA worlds...
  3. Wonderful anti-oxidant, replenishes levels of the intracellular glutathione.. Protects testes on cycle from R.O.S damage, therefore assisting in recovery post cycle.. Don't use if prescribed ARB's...
  4. That shows what you know about medicine...
  5. Normally you feel like shite/demotivated when oestradiol is suppressed, either by AI, SERM, or low testosterone which obviously will result in reduced oestradiol conversion via CYP19A1 (aromatase).. Recovery time can not be guaranteed in some people, this is determined by a plethora of factors such as compound used, amount, time on, sertoli cell damage on cycle due to R.O.S (reactive oxygen species) etc.. There is nothing to speed up recovery, SERM's such as clomiphene have been shown to increase hypothalamic response of GnRH, and subsequent LH, FSH release, whilst continuing treatment .. But as most users of AAS recover after 6-10 weeks anyway, it might be assumed the body could just have recovered naturally anyway... Most studys show LH, and FSH crash upon cessation of medication in hypogonadal patients.. hCG only mimics LH, it doesn't increase GnRH, or pituitary response once treatment has ended.. Start on creatine mono, buy your next course, put it in your top drawer and look at it every time you feel pissed...
  6. Having been involved with several studys on AAS over the years.. I am naturally sceptical of yet another..
  7. I have worked on research projects with Oxford and Bradford Universities for over 10 years, I currently work in medicine, I am aware of qualitative research and its methodology..
  8. That would depend upon results, not the fact you conducted it.. Feel free to share your work..
  9. You talk some shite..
  10. The guy's a fuckwit..
  11. I think you'll attract the wrong type of steroid user which will give the usual wrong impression... I've been involved with exogenous hormones 36 years what the f*ck do I know..
  12. I would respectfully disagree.. Most responsible, mature users of AAS would prefer to remain anonymous and don't discuss their use in public.. By insisting on in person interviews, you are likely to encourage reckless younger users, with no thought of consequence..
  13. Then you will limit yourself to an even smaller group (if any).. you'd get a better response from online questions here..
  14. Why just Wellington, aren't you limiting yourself somewhat to a very small group...
  15. Nandrolone hits the bloodstream after about 2 hours, it's effects might take longer to visually see but its working nonetheless, hormones act slowly... Taper off the deca, half the dose for next injection then half again until all gone.. 500mg/week of testosterone is enough for anyone to grow on, eat more, and enjoy the rest of your cycle.. If you can supplement with 3-5g/day taurine to promote healthy testicular function on cycle, avoiding harmful ROS damage to sertoli cells in the testes, which can be pretty dramatic from nandrolone.. No need for PCT, taper off test in last few weeks, maybe with low dose AI...