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  1. Testosterone therapy in men with Crohn's disease improves the clinical course of the disease: data from long-term observational registry study. Abstract BACKGROUND: Crohn's disease is an inflammatory chronic bowel disease characterized by an imbalanced production of pro-inflammatory mediators (tumor necrosis factor-α) and an increased recruitment of leukocytes to the site of inflammation. Low serum testosterone is associated with an increase in inflammatory factors, while testosterone administration reduces them. There is evidence for an immunomodulatory effect of testosterone on differentiation of regulatory T cells. CONCLUSIONS: Normalizing serum testosterone in hypogonadal men with Crohn's disease had a positive effect on the clinical course, also evidenced by biochemical parameters. Testosterone administration appeared safe. doi: 10.1515/hmbci-2015-0014. Testosterone therapy in men with Crohn’s disease.pdf
  2. Steroid side effects

    Individual differences in genetics and physiology, difficult to answer, but probably noticeable in most cases, but size does return upon cessation..
  3. PCT or no PCT

    What compound did you take, how much and for how long.?
  4. Tapering compounds and libido

    Taper is prudent to avoid estrogen dominance as you end a cycle, that was its original purpose I believe.. Recovery of HPTA, is more to do with oncycle damage that has occured from oxidative metabolites from excess androgen conversion to estrogen, mainly in leydig and sertoli cells.. On-cycle protection might be of more relevance...
  5. PCT or no PCT

    The initial high dose of androgens can induce itchy nipples in some people, in most it can disappear never to return... (tip: don't play with them, you can make matters worse).. Test boosters don't work... Eat healthy, no sugars, minimal grains, high fats, plenty nutrients from multiple vegetable sources, nuts seeds berries.. Include some shellfish for zinc content.. How long is a piece of string..?? We are all different, things will stabilize in time.. You could pin 125mg once a week, or 60mg X2/week.. as opposed to 250mg once every 2 weeks to lower the plasma spike.. Remember estrogen metabolises at a slower rate than testosterone, your test might be crashed, with estrogen still high, ish..
  6. best PCT

    Estrogen is essential to our physiology you don't want to be antagonising receptors over long periods..
  7. Game Changers

    There seems to be a shift away from anything that induces a chronic release of insulin (insulinemia), high carbs and sugar are out as are some fruits, except berries.. (too many extreme athletes are presenting with metabolic syndrome due to high carb intake).. Fats are back in as the preferred energy source, and protein is lowered, as excess can produce glucose via gluconeogenesis.. Red meat is ok but lower dose advised due to TMAO.. Green leafy veggie intake is advise high for fiber (healthy gut microbiome)and nutritional content.. There is suggestion amino acid spectrum with plant based can be incomplete, or to derive at adequate daily protein allowance from plants increases daily calorie count too high.. The vegan lobby can be almost fanatical in their ideology, I don't doubt a mostly fresh, organic, plant based diet would be healthy, but with the inclusion of animal protein, but not high, just enough to get essential nutrients.. We are meat eaters, and have been for millions of years, meat determined our biology, we have a hydrochloric acid metabolism for digesting and breaking down meat.. I worked as an archaeologist for over 10 years, my soil samples from sites of habitation contained butchered animal bones, we ate meat.... The vegan lobby might argue we didn't or lie about our ancient history to suit their agenda, that in itself might explain a lot..
  8. best PCT

    Research shows you'll probably recover fine without inducing GnRH , LH, FSH via Clomiphene.. A slow taper off end of cycle whilst employing a very low dose AI might have been a better option, to lower estradiol as testosterone lowered also..
  9. Game Changers

    Recently watched, the data I have doesn't seem to support plant based only..
  10. Test Prop

    I'll state the obvious again: Most AAS users seem to recover just fine as exogenous testosterone lowers to physiological levels, research has shown LH and FSH levels increase post cycle, indicating in most cases the hypothalamic stimuli isn't generally the problem.. The research [of which I have previously posted extensively on here] clearly shows LH and FSH levels don't seem to be the problem, the signal is getting through, but the problem is resultant testicular damage.. No amount of SERM usage can bring back dead tissue once dead.. Excess LH & FSH stimulation has its own pathophysiological issues.. hCG can further induce testicular damage, as the extra testosterone metabolises to estrogen, excess oxidative radicals create a toxic cellular environment in sertoli and leydig cells, resulting in cell death... Antioxidant therapy has been shown to protect against oxidative damage on-cycle.. When 3 month on 3 month off cycles were popular before blast/cruise stupidity occurred, dealers had no income in your off time.. Some bright spark thought up PCT to induce further revenue from the uneducated.. I don't doubt SERM's can trigger hypothalamic action, the research is quite clear it does, but what I am saying is the hypothalamus will restart as soon as exogenous test leaves the body, and estrogen returns to physiological levels.. So why waste your money, if it does it anyway.. Don't believe the hype, the body will recover just fine post cycle if you look after it on-cycle, by keeping the dose sensible, minimising harsher suppressive compounds, and employing sufficient antioxidants..
  11. Test Prop

    If leydig, and or sertoli cells are damaged or dead no amount of hypothalamic stimulation will do any good.. Science is telling us the address the issue on-cycle, rather than wait till its too late...
  12. Anyone suffer with fatigue and tiredness ?

    Exposure to blue spectrum light several hours before bed lowers melatonin production making sleep difficult. Blue light (LED) is particularly bad at anytime of the day, lights, screens, tv, videos, phones, etc Shown to cause macular degeneration via mitochondrial dysfunction and death.. Quetiapine, are you aware of the number of different receptor types it antagonises.? Personally I'd stay away from drugs, find the problem in your life and fix it, because drugs won't...
  13. Test Prop

    An AI is sometimes recommended in the last few weeks end of cycle, to lower aromatisation, especially if the cycle was quite a high dose.. PCT is kinda pointless in most cases, unless the cycle is quite high, generally consisting of a HPTA highly suppressive compound such as nandrolone or trenbolone.. Damage to leydig and sertoli cells is generally accepted as being done on-cycle via R.O.S, no amount of PCT drugs can reverse damaged or dead cells...
  14. Test Prop

    The theory behind tapering off end of cycle is to lower estrogen, as it metabolises at a slower rate that testosterone, leaving you potentially too estrogen dominant...
  15. home made pre-workout

    Black coffee..