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  1. To cycle or not to?

    As a species we evolved for over 2 million years without grains, 12,000 years ago humans averaged over 6' in height with a brain size 15% bigger than today with perfect teeth.. With the advent of fixed settlement farming practices 10,000 years ago mainly incorporating grain crops, average height reduced to 4'-10", brain size shrunk 15% and our teeth started to rot.. Plants produce highly toxic proteins called lectins to deter animal predators from eating them, whole grains are particularly high in lectins.. Modern research might suggest whole grains might not be as healthy as previously thought..
  2. To cycle or not to?

    Wholegrain anything might not be considered healthy anymore..
  3. Cycle after a break

    Ever week might be a bit too soon maybe try every 2-3 weeks..
  4. UG lab good or bad

    Buy from a recommended home source..
  5. Unfortunately you are technically just within range. Your Endo is probably cautious because exogenous testosterone will shut down your natural production, which is not best practice at your age. I might try improving your natural testosterone via improving diet and HIIT cardio.. plenty healthy fats, nuts, seeds, as many fresh veggies and fruit as possible..
  6. Cycle after a break

    Please read my post on: "Why you should not frontload", it has all the info you need (its in the archive here somewhere)
  7. AAS and depression

    There is some thought regards 5-htp being unable to pass the blood brain barrier in significant amounts to have any therapeutic effect.. I believe I read somewhere vit-B6 needs to be present for conversion to take place (BUT NOT AS A SUPPLEMENT) only in diet, as the presence of B6 taken in conjunction with 5-htp would cause conversion to serotonin in the gut (where the majority of bodily serotonin generally resides), not conversion in the brain neurons (where you would prefer).. Lack of serotonin is not normally a problem on-cycle, it is generally post cycle where problems tend to arise (when estrogen is normally out of whack).. Keeping to a lower dose (as you propose) and tapering off towards the end of cycle, plus eating the correct nutrients should negate any/most depressive problems post cycle..
  8. AAS and depression

    Various AAS contribute to differing mechanisms of mood disorder, especially estrogen, as it modulates serotonin via the enzyme tryptophan hydroxylase..
  9. LOW T & TRT

    I know....... looking at the pictures above there is no reason to discard the product after extracting the first 1ml, as you know manufacturers tend to over cover their arse regards safety information... We've all reused 10ml vials without issue.. Apparently there isn't any BA, as long as the needle going into the vial isn't contaminated I see no problem... I've been aware of self injection protocol since 1981, and have been injecting patients for the last 5, so I don't believe reusing that 4ml vial should constitute a health concern...
  10. LOW T & TRT

    Ignore this post...!!!
  11. LOW T & TRT

    No issue with 25G x 1"... Maybe warm the oil (place the filled syringe in your mouth for a couple of minutes.. keep protective sleeve on needle of course).. :0) The half life is supposed to be 53 days, using a 4ml bolus containing 631mg of actual testosterone according to the manufacturers.. You will be using a 1ml bolus of 157mg every 10 days... It might be worth checking blood levels regularly after a few months as plasma levels have stabilised to see exactly where your blood testosterone levels are because that is a pretty long half life..!!
  12. LOW T & TRT

    Glute has the best bioavailability, if you can contort yourself enough to self inject, quads can be painful for some people due to increased vasculature.. (when you hit a vein with your needle you know about it).. I'm hoping you will try 1ml injection every 10-14 days as opposed to 4ml in one hit, the plasma peak will be too excessive, the vial looks reusable so storage for multi-use shouldn't be an issue..
  13. https://blog.bulletproof.com/eat-dirt-the-secret-to-a-healthy-microbiome-zach-bush-458/ https://blog.bulletproof.com/keto-diet-guide/ Three great introductions to time restricted eating, gut microbiome, and keto...
  14. Look into reducing inflammation one of the major issues known to influence arthritis by dropping carbs especially refined sugars, grains, and increasing dietary fats (keto).. Introduce healthy prebiotic fibers into your diet for a optimally functioning gut microbiome... (a major modulator of arthritis)..
  15. LOW T & TRT

    You presented previously with low testosterone levels for 2 years, it's unlikely natural testosterone will restore itself..!! TRT is for life..!! 1mg of arimidex a day seems excessive...