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  1. ADHD, Medication and Building Muscle

    This might suggest they could progress through puberty slower between 14-16 yrs.. https://www.mja.com.au/journal/2013/198/1/growth-and-pubertal-development-adolescent-boys-stimulant-medication-attention
  2. ADHD, Medication and Building Muscle

    This paper might suggest not, although the study was only 4 weeks in design: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5408967/
  3. ADHD, Medication and Building Muscle

    Maybe look into the mechanisms of ADHD and how to negate it with lifestyle changes .. Knock out junk food: Sugars, grains, vegetable seed oils (especially omega-6).. Increase omega-3 consumption, as well as other healthy fats: 8 and 10 carbon MCT oils.. Limit LED exposure from TV's, gaming devices, mobile phones etc..
  4. LOW T & TRT

    Dr David Sinclair recommends metformin for its health benefits regards longevity, I've read some of the research he put forward, after consultation with my Dr it was decided adopting a keto style diet would confer similar effects on insulin sensitivity, fat loss, and overall longevity, but without the side effects..
  5. LOW T & TRT

    Dr's love prescribing drugs for no logical reason... Metformin decreases hepatic glucose production, decreases intestinal absorption of glucose, so why not just lower glucose intake..?????
  6. LOW T & TRT

    If injection frequency of 125mg sustanon/week is applied there should be no need for AI, DHT blockers.. Draw 0.5ml of Sustanon 250 into 2 syringes, inject one, save the other, store upright inside clean container there should be no problem, inject a week later.. Micro-dosing is retarded and pointless... Injecting with a lower dose more often (as stated above) should minimise deleterious effects of blood markers... Peptides like TB-500 and BPC-157 have been shown to work for some medical conditions, but unfortunately are not allowed for use in humans, only animals.. You could always apply to customs to import for your cat, or dogs deleterious medical condition (tendon related, obviously)..
  7. Clen&winnie

    You shouldn't require metabolic enhancers to lose bf%.. Try keto, and a strong coffee.. Regards winstrol dosing for females, try 5mg/day..
  8. Acne After Steroids

    The mechanism of acne can have multiple causes, it may not just be an androgen imbalance issue.. The World of medicine is ever evolving, there is thought PCT is not necessary in most cases, for most people, especially if on-cycle protection is taken to avoid leydig and sertoli cell damage via R.O.S..
  9. Wellington Amateur

    Unless you know your GP personally, approaching them might not be the best option, its highly unlikely they will know enough to offer constructive criticism, or advice beyond don't do it.. Some Endo's may have significant knowledge, but advice will be the same, don't. Testosterone is prescription only here in NZ, Doctors can't prescribe it, Endo's can but only for hypogonadism, not skeletal muscle enhancement.. Finding a PathLab to take pre steroid bloods might be advantageous for future reference.. Otherwise its trial and error, start low, eat enough, train hard, see how you feel, document everything.. You may disrupt your hypothalamus, induce irreversible testicular damage, or grow boobs if you get it wrong..
  10. Would like advice

    Your GP can't prescribe nolvadex to a male without breast cancer..? An Endo possibly could for hypothalamic issues..?
  11. Would like advice

    You're not a female with breast cancer, you don't need it..
  12. Testosterone boosters

    Whats the ingredients..?
  13. Testosterone boosters

    What have you purchased, as most don't seem to work...
  14. Females and SARMs

    You could try a pill splitter, but at best you might only manage 1/4 split, @ 25mg thats still a lot for a female, except maybe in last few weeks pre-comp... Could always crush the 1/4 piece and halve powder, then halve again on glass with a razor or credit card, 1/16th should be about 6mg which would be fine to start off with.. 100mg anavar might not be what it says on the label..?????
  15. Females and SARMs

    Probably better off with Anavar (if you can get it)..