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  1. I'm 6-7% body fat @ 58 yrs old, have been for decades...
  2. Do your research on LPL, and HSL, via insulin release.. The whole first law of thermodynamics calories in V calories out has been debunked..
  3. Side effects of test e

    lower dose until side effects subside...
  4. Keto works better thats why I recommended it.. Any carb source that elevates insulin can induce fat storage, then subsequently not allow release of triglycerides for energy burning due to hormone specific lipase blocking that action...
  5. High fats, slightly more protein, drop grains, increase green vegetables, drop starchy carbs like potatoes, no rice or pasta .. Keto..
  6. workplace drug testing

    General workplace drug tests are for psychoactives/stimulants, not excess hormones...
  7. hMG is now preferred as it is a combo of LH and FSH... Some endo's include Clomiphene also..
  8. UG sustanon 350

    Isn't hCG a LH mimicking agent..? Estradiol will eventually clear via it's metabolic pathway, only slower than testosterone, thats why its prudent to taper off end of cycle and employ low dose AI to avoid estrogen dominance..

    Depends on the dose, strength increase, some extra aggression.. No you won't need PCT, it's pointless anyway..
  10. Doctors Supervision


    That's all we had when I started.. Ok if you can obtain genuine product..
  12. Test cycle

    I personally try to reduce harms from AAS on-cycle (via use of antioxidants Taurine 3g - Royal Jelly 1g), and I use incredibly small doses compared to what's typically promoted online, just enough to push me into upper-normal and slightly-supraphysiologic levels over the duration of a progressively up-tapering cycle. I would use ten times that amount in the past with no noticeable improvement in long-term gains or progress. The use of SERMs is no guarantee of recovery whatsoever. And guys kid themselves if they think using HCG to maintain testes size on cycle is going to protect them from harmful effects on-cycle - it does not... Generally speaking LH/FSH come back within days of the end of a cycle, making most PCT drugs utterly pointless. The issue seems to be the failure of the message (LH/FSH) to get through to the testes, possibly because of massive leydig cell death... Although some people are naturally less affected, probably because they have higher innate levels of antioxidants like glutathione... A recent study highlights just how hard it is for former AAS users to recover natural testosterone levels after they finish using steroids. To be clear, this doesn't really elucidate which compounds are easier or harder on the HPTA - we already know nandrolone is spectacularly hard to recover from, but at least 8 compounds were used by more than 50% of the cohort - just that as a group it's unlikely we'll ever recover to pre-steroid levels or to those comparable with age-matched non-users. So what help is the study? Well it does give us three things to consider: (1) prospective new users of AAS should always be made aware that recovery is not a foregone conclusion, and that they may never recover former levels of testosterone (2) most PCTs are a complete waste of time and money in the long-run, even if they may temporarily boost test levels (3) taking as many precautions as possible to protect the HPTA (and especially testes) from free-radical damage should be prioritised on cycle (eg. controlling aromatase/oestrogen levels, using supplements like curcumin, royal jelly and taurine). https://journals.plos.org/plosone/article?id=10.1371/journal.pone.0161208
  13. Test cycle

    Obviously a larger dose should yield greater effect, but has likelyhood to induce greater side effects.. That is basic pharmacodynamics there is plenty information out there to show this statement is correct.. Given your height and current bodyweight 250mg/week (possibly split into 2 doses of 125mg ) might better suit your personal physiology.. You shouldn't require PCT as in my opinion it's a load of bollocks, taking care of the testes on-cycle to avoid damage via the supplementation of antioxidants, might seem more prudent, as opposed to trying to restart testicular function once sertoli and leydig cells are dead or damaged.. Train hard and eat well...
  14. Cheat Meals/Days

    Why do you think a high calorie day should consist of shite, ever thought of increasing good fat consumption instead of processed garbage and refined sugar known to cause serious pathophysiological conditions..
  15. Half-life of enanthate is just over 4 days, so not what you read on most popular steroid boards.. Should peak blood plasma levels by about 20 days, but kicks in at roughly 2 hours after first injection..