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  1. My response was a standard answer to the limited info you originally presented.. It would appear you have experience of insulin and its mechanism of action.. I'm not allowed to prescribe insulin in an emergency setting, and must present patients to hospital if insulin is needed.. You are obviously aware of the danger incorrect application of insulin induces, My knowledge is not what it was so I won't comment further..
  2. If you have to ask questions regarding insulin, you shouldn't be using it..
  3. My current cycle stats

    Kickstarting is retarded..
  4. hey new here

    You don't need Clenbuterol, lower carbs.. try keto..
  5. Second Cycle - Test E+ Dbol

    Maybe try first 2 weeks 125mg X 1, then increase to 125mg X 2, for 2 weeks, then 250mg X2.. Drop the Dbol, you are frontloading which is retarded... You could taper down last 2 weeks at 125mg once a week.. Forget nolvadex, your hypothalamus will regain function just fine....
  6. This paper shows no significant difference in pharmacokinetic profile or metabolites between SC and IM.. https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/full/10.1002/sm2.80
  7. Instead of ghrelin agonists (GHRP-2) maybe consider addressing what caused tissue to become compromised initially.. Recent research suggests Advanced glycation end products (AGEs) compromise connective tissue, cartilage, spinal discs etc.. We know refined fructose, processed grains and vegetable seed oils induce AGEs and subsequent tissue damage.. Maybe GHRP-6 might be a better option to GHRP-2... For optimal tissue healing and regeneration BPC-157 combined with TB500 injected alternate days, as both have opposing mechanisms of action..
  8. Steroid use

    Testosterone enanthate, or cypionate on its own, low dose (which you don't have).. So none of the above... Certainly not trenbolone for a first time user..!!!
  9. Why cycle?

    https://resources.bayer.com.au/resources/uploads/pi/file9425.pdf I have always had my reservations about the chart supplied on page 3. Bayer state: "testosterone levels are detected in blood after one day". The graph shows blood testosterone levels at day 7, we know from previous studies on testosterone esters, blood testosterone levels are detectable after 1-2 hours, increasing to a high plasma peak somewhere between 1-2 days before it starts to decline (dependent upon the ester).. We know the higher the initial peak the greater the metabolism to DHT, and estrogen, with subsequent side effect associated.. (in some people)... With the current Reandron data we don't know how high that initial peak is as they have cleverly hidden that information by only testing at day 7.. If you are currently undergoing blood tests with your Endocrinologist, it would be wise to NOT increase the dose, as this will show abnormally high blood plasma concentrations, therefore he will likely reduce your dose or increase the injection spacings so they are further apart.. If not under supervision of an Endo, and able to inject yourself without your Endo requiring blood tests in the future, then dose and injection frequency is up to you... Reandron is 4ml consisting of 250mg of testosterone per 1ml.. When the ester weight is removed you end up with 157.9mg of testosterone per 1ml, or 631.5mg per 4ml... Because Bayer only measure from day 7, we know from other pharmacokinetic profiles blood testosterone levels would likely have been much higher (how high we don't know).. This is relevant in determining the correct half life, and thus a guide on your dose and injection frequency.. (I hope you understand).. Bayer state a half life of 53 days, I personally think its closer to 40 days... My concern is 631.5mg seems a very high initial dose to begin with... The undecanoate ester is 11 carbons so release into the blood will be slower than shorter esters, but expect an initial high spike at 4ml... Maybe try 1ml every 7 days, this should over time increase blood plasma levels to higher than the Bayer study data at about 4-6 weeks.. Monitor blood plasma results at 1 month, then at 2 months, to see what is happening, monitor any side effects..
  10. Testosterone expiry dates?

    I wouldn't be concerned about the drug potency, but more the oxidation of the vehicle oil if the vial has been opened. We know vegetable oils are hugely inflammatory on human pathophysiology.. Thats a lot to throw away, if it were me I'd probably try a small bolus to see if there was intramuscular swelling, redness, or pain post injection, if not I'd give it a go...
  11. Why cycle?

    There's a couple of reasons, cost can be prohibitive to some people. Health, as myocardium tends to thicken with over use, plus many other endocrine mediated effects due to downregulation of GnRH, LH, FSH, plus effects of excess androgens on estrogen and DHT mediated tissues. etc... I have my reservations on Reandron's initial high dose regime, I personally would inject less over a shorter time frame.. Yes, increasing the frequency would induce a greater response from skeletal muscle, (if exercise and diet were on point) but as stated I'd probably inject less but more frequently to avoid the initial high plasma spike post injection..
  12. Testosterone expiry dates?

    don't worry about it..
  13. Kickstart is retarded and works against homeostasis, taper up taper down, antioxidants oncycle to combat testicular damage, you dont need PCT..
  14. Pretty dangerous, hope you know what you are doing.??
  15. I'd probably agree with Graham, the body will recover just fine. If you've damaged your testes it won't simple as that.. Once leydig and sertoli cells are dead there's nothing you can do about it..