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  1. Females and SARMs

    yes stay away from sarm's
  2. Females and SARMs

    yes i agree...anavar is better
  3. Getting syringes and needles in NZ

    normally you get from Needle exchange in your city
  4. Wellington

    im in lower hutt
  5. What Federation

    hi all what federation would be the best to compete in either nabba-wff or nzifbb also the reason's thanks :)
  6. olimp supplements

    Hi All if anyone from wellington is interested i have some Olimp supplements from poland they are much strong then the normal US supplements as they are number 1 in europe at fibo and bodypower i have some just for women and also others if anyone is interested in taking them off me let me know..or message me will sell separate or all together as if they get more popular here in nz i can can bring more of what you want in but only for wellington people at the moment
  7. Doctor shred

    hi all does anyone know if he is any good he is on facebook and works in Auckland as nutritionsist he name is Daniel suckling or would I be better to go with Tarren mccall
  8. Buying Viagra Online

    go to your doc and ask for Avigra....must better then Viagra come in 100mg and cut in half to use 4 tabs for $35 much cheapier and i find so much better :)
  9. Top Level Online Coaching / Mentoring

    i know george farah charges $5000 us plus noel fuller on his website charges $ 1500 for contest prep 12 weeks dave pulcinella from rasining the bar dvd's charges $ 1500 for contest prep depends how far out you are and includes everything he charges less if you only want to lose weight and not intrested in contest prep depends on how far you would want to go nz guys i would use if i was to do contest woud be ...marc rainbow...and maybe someone from wellington
  10. Cheapest/best Gyms in Wellington?

    depends where in welly you are in
  11. Generation Iron

    i watched it....didnt like it at all
  12. To old to train?

    Remember this...your never to old to go to the gym..and change the way you look...everyone who train's are there for a reason...so dont let age put you off
  13. Justin Rhys

    maybe you guys should read...that is old news ..and was dealt with or maybe you could ask him at his shop..could be busy running that and no gym time
  14. dorian yates DVD

    you can buy it from gmv.com.au they have lotsssssssssssssss of bb dvd's
  15. buy,sell or swap

    hi..we have all differant section's here...why isnt there a buy,sell or swap section...for anyone who wants to sell there old or new bb stuff...like dvd's or book..etc