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  1. f*ck the meat, dairy and egg industry

    Well, if you're really all about doing everything possible to save the planet, all for the greater good etc, culling, say, 1 Billion people should help. Maybe we need another plague? (mostly) Jokes aside, here's a worthwhile article to look into - http://theconversation.com/ordering-the-vegetarian-meal-theres-more-animal-blood-on-your-hands-4659 Here's the first bullet point to pique your interest; <a data-ipb="nomediaparse" data-cke-saved-href="?%20There" href="?%20There" s%20more%20animal%20blood%20on%20your%20hands."=""> And really, protein's what it's all about!
  2. kind of scared...

    You used to be 120kg, and now you're down to 110kg. Don't focus on being 110kg, focus on the fact that you lost 10kg. You did that, you put in the effort and made it happen. You can keep making it happen. Always want pleasure, who doesn't!? I train because I enjoy it, I think you'll find most of us here do. The key is finding what exercises you enjoy, what type of challenges. Don't focus on the weight loss itself either, focus on healthier diet, focus on improving your physical performance at something you enjoy, focus on improving other qualities of life. If you focus on achieving those positive outcomes, the weight loss takes far less mental effort, and will power is finite. Make it easier for yourself, and have fun with it!
  3. program example

    Basically comes down to Neuromuscular efficiency thanks to hormonal differences. I've seen it shown in a few studies but never dug much deeper, Riccardo may know more about the mechanisms themselves. Regarding the efficiency, men are better able to fully activate the muscle mass we have. We can generate force closer to our true muscular potential than a female can, which makes us perform better on 1RM tests. A females 1RM will be much closer to her 5RM than a males, and typically they need to do more work at a higher relative intensity because of this to build up enough adaptive stress to see progress. It can actually be an issue in PLing for inexperienced coaches trying to gauge attempts from previous rep bests. 'She did 5x90kg, we'll open on 100kg, she should be good for 110kg.' When in reality 100kg is actually quite close to her 1RM, and she might end up failing her 2nd attempt.
  4. program example

    9 working sets of squats is a lot for a novice, likewise with OHP. Not to mention boring for them. Keep the 5x5s, bump the percentages up to 75-80% for both lifts, otherwise it will be laughably easy for her (females can do more reps at higher %1RM than males) I'd replace the 4x8 squats with walking lunges or hip thrusts, depends if she wants to focus on thighs or bum more. And the 4x10 OHP with push up progressions, she'll enjoy working towards solid reps of full push ups more than grinding out another 40 reps of OHP after already having done 25. #1 problem, why has her training been inconsistent? The best program in the world doesn't mean shit if you don't stick to it. If she's having trouble with some movements, or not enjoying parts of the training, change it. There are alternatives to everything, she's not competing so no need to be super strict. Keep her entertained and enjoying it, and she'll stick with it longer and see the results.
  5. Absolutely, Soundsgood you're safe because most of it's from an athlete page, and generally impressive. On your personal page, given that you compete in 3 different iron sports, run a powerlifting organisation, and run a fitness business, people know what they're signing up for haha. Even if your behaviour could be described as attention seeking (I don't think it is) that's to the benefit of GPC, and MuscleFuel. Specifically those people that just post selfies non stop with bullshit inspirational quotes overlaid, or even worse 'throw back tuesday/thursday' (usually both) pictures from when they used to look good, because they're dirty bulking now and look like shit. I'm having a cynical day hah.
  6. It's more the headline that I laughed at, 'serious psychological problems' And yes, unfollow is very useful.
  7. http://news.yahoo.com/people-who-post-about-doing-exercise-on-facebook-often-have-serious-psychological-problems-060256547.html Something most members of this forum are surely familiar with, and often critical of. More than enough 'athlete' pages out there, that's for sure!
  8. Ladies, do we "gymtimidate" you?

    But it only takes one asshole to say it.
  9. struggling with weight gain

    Post up an example of everything you'd eat in a day, do a couple of days if it varies a bit. From there you'll get a lot of good advice of what you can improve on, but I'll guarantee you you're not eating enough. You don't need a supplement or a special training program, you need to eat more.
  10. Support Gymnation, win protein

    Pretty sure they have rats in Nepal... But very good cause! I work with a Sherpa here, devastated doesn't even begin to describe it. Thankfully all of his family are safe.
  11. Support Gymnation, win protein

    May I suggest the rats addicted to iron foundation?
  12. 5/2 Fat-Loss for lifters

    On two non consecutive rest days; Skip breakfast (You've had a solid dinner the previous night) Lunch - Omlette (3 whole eggs, 3 whites) with onions, mushrooms, capsicum, tomatoes, salt and pepper. Cup of fresh berries of choice. Dinner - Stir fry with 250g raw chicken, 2 cups broccoli, 1 cup diced mushrooms, 1 cup diced capsicum , 1 cup green beans. Cajun spice for seasoning, dressed with lemon juice. Another Cup of fresh berries of choice. That'd sit close to 800 calories, certainly no more than 1,000. Both of those meals will be quite satiating, have sticks of celery around if you really need to keep munching. Plenty of protein, fibres from veges, a little carb and sweetness from the berries + a lot of micro nutrients. Does it really look that horrible for two nonconsecutive rest days? Given a maintenance of 2500, that's a weekly deficit of 3000-3400 calories. Higher maintenance, higher deficit.
  13. 5/2 Fat-Loss for lifters

    When it comes to Intermittent Fasting for lifters, the LeanGains protocol of 16 hours fasting/8hour eating window each day comes out above all other protocols. It's also the easiest to do as your body does adjust to the timings, and after 2-3 weeks it becomes second nature. Severely limiting yourself 2 days a week doesn't sound fun at all, not that I've tried it. There's plenty of good discussions on here about IF, give the search button and jam and you'll find lots of good info. And for a very well documented experiment, Dr. John Berardi spent 6 month trialling the different versions of IF, here's his (rather long but worth reading) write up on it all. http://www.precisionnutrition.com/intermittent-fasting- Skip to chapter 7 for the comprehensive conclusion, or read it all for greater detail. Gyzzbrah, I think you'll find the vast majority of members here sit on the same side of the 'fat shaming' fence as you. There's no need for the ironic shitposting.
  14. The most important thing are your goals. All well and good making suggestions, but without knowing what you want out of your training we're not likely to hit the mark. Saying that, do you have time for 4x a week sessions? Upper/lower/rest/upper/lower.
  15. Competing - for yourself, or to win?

    Devils advocate: Posing can be seen as a skill. Everyone has seen show's where the best physique hasn't won, sometimes it politics, sometimes it's because they just can't effectively show what they've got. Also, syncronised swimming is in the olympics... Bodybuilders already have the speedos down, throw on a swimming cap and the line grows thinner :pfft: