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  1. Blood tests

    A lot of science and research eh? I'm in. Please share.
  2. Tren High BP

    Worry about why after you've normalised. Dial it back, get some sleep, do some cardio.
  3. Losing weight while on test only

    Pics to see this 100kg miracle. How much space do you think 83 pounds of butter takes up?
  4. Testosterone.

    Yes yes but we aren't lobsters and animal model trials cannot be translated to human outcomes. And yes, bad science gets published daily. Deeply flawed methodologies or outright abuse of statistics are both very common. Why do you think many findings can never be reproduced brah?
  5. So I pin a bunch of insulin then need endogenous insulin to get a result? Doubt it. Let the exogenous slin keep busy shuttling amino acids. Though I can see that carb intake would be needed to avoid trashing blood sugars. By refractory period, I'm talking about muscle protein synthesis having a refractory period.
  6. Cool, it's dose responsive. I bet moderate hyperinsulinemia would enable the uptake of a shit ton of whey protein. Wouldn't even need carbs in the mix. Assuming test isn't rate limiting MPS. Reduced leucine oxidation thanks to hGH doesn't seem interesting when there is an abundance of that amino acid from whey protein. What about the combined effects of insulin, AAS and hGH on reducing the anabolic refractory period? Never been able to find info on this. It must be modulable.
  7. Dang that's a lot of post... What do you mean insulin increases MPS? Do you mean it is increased in a dose-responsive manner?
  8. are dumbells enough for a good physique

    PETN covered most of my thoughts. More specifically, with bench press a bunch of shoulder stabilisers are going to be your limiting factor. BB lets you bench more kgs and cause greater stimulus to the targetted muscle groups. DBs would lead to better 'real world' strength, but we are talking more about size (I think). The downside is the forced fixed handspacing - could be that the humeral head moving and rotating through that range is a bad idea for some. Type 2 or 3 subacromia for example. Buut DB training means a strong side isn't dominating the lift. Short version - neither is better overall, but for size gains most muscle groups people look at will grow faster with barbell training cos heavier.
  9. are dumbells enough for a good physique

    Yeah that's me a month ago. Pretty sure (physical) progression is faster with barbell training, compared to DBs. No point getting slow results, assuming results are the point of your training.
  10. are dumbells enough for a good physique

    Post a pic of "a good physique".
  11. how much is enough Caffeine as a pre-workout

    Nice. Around 1.4g was my top.
  12. Homemade mass gainer shakes

    Making is cheaper and you get what you want. Yay. Good recipe and good total volume. You'll see change in weight from that breakfast rather than whatever you did have. I would add around two scoops of unflavoured whey protein concentrate. Getting 50+g of protein at breakfast simply makes the rest of the day easier, in terms of hitting your targets. Shop around for a WPC with protein close to 78% protein, so 78 grams of protein per 100 grams. Garbage products near 60% protein are not even cheap - read your labels.
  13. Tradie gains

    I get a lot of comments for the not-"healthy" lunches... Usually see two pies and a soft drink for $4 in there too, but that must have been a well-provisioned day! Need to do better with protein though. More, and get them eggs and mince more often. That can be hard at work. 2l flavoured or normal milk is also great.
  14. Looking for a good nutritionist

    Nutritionist or dietitian?
  15. Laced test e??

    Are you concerned that something far more expensive was used rather than test? I don't think it was eh