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  1. Diet

    9,000 is enough for training 6 days a week.
  2. HCG on cycle?

    Ordinarily we'd detect and remove most (all?) damaged cells wouldn't we? This seems like a pivotal factor. If the messed up fellas are allowed to hang around and divide then I can begin to see the problem. It becomes and issue of degree of damage, i.e. dosage and duration. If it all gets cleaned up over time then meh.
  3. So where are the Black Friday deals on whey??

    I satirised the phenomena of a business setting up multiple user accounts, or paying 3rd parties, on a forum for the purpose of promoting their product/brand. The joke is funnier now that I've explained it.
  4. HCG on cycle?

    Most readers don't click-through to studies so it's helpful to mention this was a study on rats. What happens in the rat model after ceasing nandrolone? Without introducing taurine or anything else. The passage of time attentuates nandrolone decanoate-induced poor sperm quality and testicular toxicity, right? Assuming taurine does similarly cool stuff in humans while using nandrolone, the conclusion of the study appears to be don't make a baby while on cycle. Or, supplement with taurine and it's probably okay to make a baby. Or do the on-cycle benefits of taurine have an impact on other important things during the cycle? Keep in mind that <4 readers know if this is desirable "This was evidenced by taurine-induced modulation of testicular LDH-x activity" and I'm not one of them.
  5. HCG on cycle?

    Cool, but what are the implications for after the cycle? Who really cares what the testes do while on holiday, if they come back 100% after cycle.
  6. So where are the Black Friday deals on whey??

    Sweet sweet. We tag-teamed the shit out of this one. Hook me up with some of them shill-bucks brah! On the down low of course
  7. There is a constantly growing body of work in this area. I CBF making an effort but PubMed has 431 results for "body image social media". Poking around would find plenty of on-point work. Not clear how the results of this can have any weight. Psychologists have been working on various aspects of self-image and body dysmorphia specifically for a long time, including the social media dimension. OP is tackling this without psychology. I'm sure it will be a hit with NZ Herald and such.
  8. Plank Exercise

    Isn't this taking a complex approach to a simple problem? Hanging knee raises are good and can be done anywhere. In addition to squats and deadlifts, that's plenty of ab action. If the abs aren't well revealed by being lean, over-developing the abs can leave you looking fatter. Like TLAF indicated, it's all about specificity. What's OPs goal here??
  9. No reason to leave out Goblet Squats. Transition into front squats at a gym laterz.
  10. Hgh testing

    , trying very hard to have those tests done at the same time of day for the reasons given above.
  11. So where are the Black Friday deals on whey??

    Getting close in terms of price, but that stuff isn't even 60g of protein per 100g. Too much nonsense added to the whey. The Just Protein above in the 5kg bag with 15% off is looking pretty sharp. Product looks good.
  12. So where are the Black Friday deals on whey??

    Yeah, I saw Shotgun, 20% not even close. NZ whey prices are ratshit as. 5x1kg for AU$99 is the kind of value I'm looking for. Mission Impossible, despite this being a country full of cows and pastures.
  13. US-style dairy farms coming here?

    Scare-mongering headline from a guy with an axe to grind, published as outrage-porn. It made ya click, so they'll keep publishing that sort of thing. Find out how he came up with those ownership figures. The Companies Office would struggle to come up with stats like this, yet he managed to with less information? That's quite an achievement eh. Anyway, North American-style dairy farming is not coming to New Zealand. Chat with some dairy farmers and Fonterra people.
  14. So where are the Black Friday deals on whey??

    This looks legit. http://nutritiondeal.co.nz/protein/whey-protein/monster-isolate-4-4lb-1910.html