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  1. Coke Zero - Bad?

    It's fine. There's nothing wrong with aspartame in that dose and it's not fucking with your insulin.
  2. Looking for a mentor.

    Holy. And I thought tomatoes were taking the piss. Good thing I got the rice cooker out of storage.
  3. Foam rollers

    If using a cricket ball on a trigger point elicits a bunch of spasms, that's kinda bad. It means enough pressure is being applied to damage fibres, or the spasms themselves cause the damage. I forget which. Got schooled this week after thinking it was a good thing for ages. Foam rolling through the thoracic region feels pretty good and I haven't heard of it being contra-indicated. Yet.
  4. New topical tanning product

    I think MT2 got a lot more customs resourcing after that NZHerald article where the journalist talked about importing it. Plus lack of stealth. Vials looks like vials with x-ray. Glad the authorities stamped on the plague of tanned guys with spontaneous erections. Public safety and all that /s.
  5. New topical tanning product

    Gonna be real hard to beat MT2. A compound where the 'sides' are arguably of greater benefit than the primary effect.
  6. Sterile viles

    If Customs know you, they'll open the parcel for inspection then send it through. You probably wouldn't want 100g of anything in the wardrobe when you're waiting for this parcel.
  7. Do you even protein?

    So I can eat a cow or 100 crickets? Is this a trick question?
  8. Tap, snap or nap

    In4pics Also, this may be relevant:
  9. Test e cut or bulk

    Are you saying you have test and are now trying to figure out what your training goals are? Roughly 100/99 people on a test only cycle are bulking. I can't tell when people are trolling any more
  10. Tren and test e availability?

    You'll have no trouble finding it in Hastings
  11. continuous injuries

    Connective tissue recovers much slower than muscle. Try switching to front squats from back squats. Lumbar doing enough work. Overall it just sounds like your CNS needs to chill out. Try a two week break. Cardio, bis and tris if you gotta do something. Get to sleep at least an hour earlier most days. If there is no real change after two weeks of this protocol then you can probably cross this cause off the list. Massage is from sports physio yeah? SI Joints all good?
  12. Never heard of it. It does nothing. If your diet is not deficient, then no off the shelf product will boost test. That would make it a medicine requiring a prescription. Or it would sneakily contain a little dbol or other oral steroid. In which case just pin.
  13. Upping TRT

    Wouldn't this have been happening during puberty? Leaving you the size of a hangry 16 year old girl? This explanation seems pretty odd, as is the treatment dosage. And don't f*ck around with orals. Jeebus
  14. I look forward to the day where I have nothing better to spend my time doing than think about this
  15. Would that affect your training?