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  1. Davis Trading

    Ok has anyone got a direct email or contact for Davis trading im wanting to get a 20kg bag. Had it before but cant find it anymore
  2. Hey steak man nice work with the project. How many days a week you do these with him bro? I do HIIT/Circuit stuff but am looking to move into something like this in addition to my lifting. Awesome results too
  3. Under the bar 2.0

    Sorry bro should have been for 3, god dam late night computing. Its coming along real good bro, as ive said previously I am a natural squatter, rump and hammies dominant short torso. It helped i was into it a while back aswell so muscle memory is kicking in.
  4. Under the bar 2.0

    Hey Guys here are my past 3 Sessions Wednesday 1st Feb Warm up Core circuit Squats Warm up 100kg x 10 120kg x 10 Working 140 x 5 160 x 5 180 x 5 200 x 5 220 x 5 Bench Warm up bar x 20 60kg x 10 Working 80 x 5 100 x 5 x 2 sets 80 x 5 x 2 sets BO Rows Warm up 60kg x 10 Working 80 x 5 x 5 Friday 3rd Warm up Core circuit Squats Warm up 100 x 10 120 x 10 Working 180 x 5 x 5 Bench Warm up 60 x 5 Working 80 x 5 Stopped workout Monday 6 Warm up Core circuit Squats warm up 100 x 10 x 2 Working 140 x 5 160 x 5 180 x 5 200 x 5 220 x 5 Stopped workout So as you can see squats feel great! Progressing well with them i have started wearing a belt for anything over 200 and it helps a little. Im still learning how to use it properly and how to breath properly so hopefully i can get into the 240s in a few weeks. As forveverything else........ it was crap! im getting real frustrated with my arm and its affecting my workouts. It feels like i have no pwer in any pressing movements. Bit of an ego buster aswell because there was a few lightweights pushing more than me on the bench soo i trew the towel in straight after! There is improvement but it is real miniscule! Ill have another try tomorrow night and ill keep it real light just so i get a full workout in. HIIT is good keeping the body guessing. Diet went out the window both long weekends! I was going to allow myself Friday fter my work out to Saturday at about 4pm for a Cheat just to satisfy some craving BUT both weekends it has lasted to Monday before the work out. Im lucky i have been training so hard witgh Lifting and HIIT or else the eight would have blown out, as it stands im 110 flat. I better start adressing the eating so i can get to my target weight of 104. Anyway thats enough from me tonight. PEACE
  5. Under the bar 2.0

    Hey OB thanks mate, yea well hopefully my grip issues heal up before then and ill seriously think about it. Hows it been anyway mate? How is big Reuben? What do you think about the program im fo;;owing?
  6. Under the bar 2.0

    Thanks Driz mate, what ive seen in your journal is inspiring me bro. I think cos i was a good squatter before my lay off muscle memory is being good to me. Im hoping to do a clip soon so i can check depth. My training partner assures me its good but i need to be sure im hitting proper depth every rep, i know some of the 4th and 5th reps are feeling different.
  7. Under the bar 2.0

    Ok guys sorry for the delay been hella busy with other things over the long weekend but i managed to get through my training FRIDAY 27th Warm up Core circuit Leg raises Scorpians Reverse Scorpians Ankle taps 25 reps 2 sets Squat Warm up bar x 20 60kg x 20 80 kg x 10 Working 100kg x 5 140kg x 5 160kg x 5 180kg x 5 190kg x 5 Bench Warm up Bar x 20 60kg x 10 Working 100 kg x 5 x 5 Bent over rows Warm up Bar x 20 60kg x 10 Working 3 x 5 100kg 2 x 5 80kg All in all good work out. Feeling real strong and confident in squats, still to use belt and wraps mainly because i dont really know how to properly but i will hit up some of the other power lifters in the gym maybe next week. Bench and BO rows were ok, just lacking confidence in the bench and rows were just tierd at the end SAT HIIT work out 45 mins wrestling and heavy bag MONDAY Warm up Same core circuit SQUAT Warm up 80 kg x 10 100 kg x 10 Working 3 x 5 @ 160 1 x 5 @ 180 1 x 5 @ 200 OH PRESS Warm up Bar x 10 60 x 10 Working 5 x 5 @ 80kg DEADS WArm up 2 x 10 @ 100kg Working 5 x 5 @ 180 Good workout, felt strong. Body was feeling it a bit from the training and from some bad food choices over the weekend. However pushed through and got some ok numbers up I am not following a prescribed weight scheme i just listen to my body and add (or decrease) weight accordingly TUESDAY HIIT Sprints 45 mins 400s, 200s, 100s Body feeling good will try up the weights on the bench and bent over rows this week. Squats are progressing fine Thats all for now will post again tomorrow night after session
  8. Under the bar 2.0

    Here is todays work out Warm up Stationary bike 5 min Crunch x 25 Leg raises x 25 Ankle taps x 25 Scorpians x 25 Squats Warm up Bar x 20 60kg x 20 100kg x 10 Working 5 x 5 @ 160kg OH press Warm up Bar x 20 40kg x 10 60kg x 10 Working 5 x 5 @ 80kg Deads Warm up 60kg x 10 Working 5 x 5 @ 120kg Overall good work out, squats were good felt nice and tight all reps and all sets were strong happy with the start OH press was a struggle, the tricep was a bit knackered from monday and it showed up how weak my left arm is. The last 2 sets were shit. SOmething i have to keep working at tho i suppose Deads. These scared the shit out of me! I didnt want to ga heavy as i have had some bad experiences due to over doing the dead lift in the past. So i kept it at a moderate weight and got the reps out. Was a good work out all in all and am looking for to Friday. I have a HIIT session scheduled for tomorrow but i may change it to a moderate walk or something just to let the body recover and them hit it hard again Friday! Ok peeps thats it for tonight peace out
  9. Under the bar 2.0

    Ok HIIT today. Awesome workout, i wont post what we did incase i get kicked out of the Powerlifting forum! However it was 35 minutes of ball busting that left me drenched in sweat and colapsed on the mats. I think some one had a heart rate monitor on and acording to that he reckons we burnt 750 calories. I dont know how acurate they are but it gives a good indication that we worked hard. Few more weeks of these and ill hit my targets conditioning wise soon! Body feels good, looking forward to tomorrows Squat OH press and deads, that is going to be fun!
  10. Under the bar 2.0

    Sooooooo Day 1 today was a bit aprehensive going in to it just cause i havnt had any heavy weight on the back for soooo long, any way it turned out ok in the end loved getting under the bar again, found the groove straight away got depth once i went a little heavier and everything looked good. Here is the work out Warm up Stationary bike for 5 mins at an easy pace 2 x 25 crunches 2 x 25 leg raises 2 x 10 scorpians 2 x 10 reverse scorpians Squats Warm up 5 x bar 5 x 60kg Working 5 x 80 5 x 100 5 x 120 5 x 140 5 x 160 Bench Warm up 5 x bar 5 x 60kg Working 5 x 5 @ 100 Bent over rows Warm up 5 x bar 5 x 60 Working 5 x 5 @ 100 So ther it is my first real work out for 4 years. Squats were awesome all sets were up and easy the last set was suprisingly easy. Maybe Wednesday DOMS will kick in but not really feeling anything that feels like it so fingers crossed. Am thinking might either start working sets at 100kg on Wednesday and go up by 20kg each set or just go straight to 160 and do 5 x 5 of that. Ill see how i feel. Bench. Well this was better than i thought it would be. My arm and hand held up ok but i can def feel it is alot weaker than the right. I will probably just keep it at this weight for the week and see about increase next week. Bent over rows were good i am not a very good chins or pulls exponent so i almost always did these, strength is ok but kept it moderate for today. Overall felt really good to get under the bar, and i am really looking forward to Wednesday just for the squating (i love squating) I have HIIT tomorrow so that will test the recovery but i think it will be sweet. Eating has been on spot for a few days just all natural food and i can really feel the difference already. Looking forward to any and all feedback. PEACE
  11. Under the bar 2.0

    Hey thanks guys Yea hopefully get back to somewhere close to what i was all those years back. Im like you drizit i love to squat and im kinda built perfectly for it. My dead is just a brut pull so i will be working hard on that once i get through this first phase My bench well........ without they injury was my weakest lift, that 190 i got in 2007 was a real struggle, i broke it down and it was my lock out that sucked. So once all is good there i will be killing the lockouts. The 1 thing that i am realy dreading is the DOMS i am going to get from squatting! I wont be able to sit for the whole week!
  12. Under the bar 2.0

    Yea i am a Dave Tate disciple Nah havnt looked at a specific comp and honestly i dont think it will be till the end of the year due to my arm and grip issues. Nah not lifting or nothing consistant anyway. Only lifting as such is Kettle Bells and sand bags Will be starting that all next week
  13. Under the bar 2.0

    Hey yo! Ive decided to start up a log here to hopefully improve enough to do my maiden powerlift meet this year sometime in the 105 division. I have a log here somewhere under the name Under the bar. I was and still am an avid Power Lifter but havent yet set on stage due to a bad injury and a few other things stopping me from it like rugby and all. Here is a bit of a timeline on what ive been up to and where i have come from End of 2007 Strongest i have ever been at a bw of 108 Bench 190 raw touch and go Squat 270 no belt or wraps Dead 270 belt Begining of 2008 Moved to Sydney played league for 1 year No heavy lifting just conditioning BW 98kg 2009 Worked full time no training weight fluctuated a lot between 100kg and 105kg 2010 Moved home No training BW ballooned to 115kg August 2011 Heaviest i have ever been 121kg No training, sweating and heavy breathing whilst eating Injured my neck, impinged nerve in neck had muscle atrophy in left arm and constant pins and needles. No grip what so ever, could hardly do a press up September 2011 Neck and arm a little stronger so I started do do HIIT with a little MMA 3 - 4 days a week Started to change my eating and went full keto December 23rd Weighed in at 106 kg Pins and needles gone still lots of muscle atrophy and weakness in left arm however greatly improved Today Weighed in at 110 kg Eating went a bit wayward over xmas still not back to a strick eating plan Arm much more stronger but still a long way to go So there is a glimps at what i have been through. A mixture of inactivity and bad food choices got me to my heaviest weight but a whole lot of dedication got me back to a respectable weight. My plan from Monday the 23rd of Jan is to..... Get dwn to 100kg at under 15% bf Get my lifts up to somewhere near i had in 2007 Keep a healthy lifestyle Program is..... Mon Wed Fri Strong lifts 5x5 Tues Thurs and some Saturdays HIIT Move from KETO to Palea eating I want to keep the HIIT up until i get to where i want to be weight wise and bf% wise. Once i do get there i may chop the conditioning back to 1 day a week and up the lifting days to a Higer volume or more demanding program such as a Smolov cycle or something like that Ok so no more sorry stories just hard work from now Hopefully i can get some feed back from some of you so I can fine tune this program. There it is guys and gurls time to bend some bars and drop some % See yo Under the Bar
  14. Fruit??????

    Ok so i have heard a few differing views on including fruit whilst trying to lose some body fat. I cut them out completley for 15 dtraight weeks and saw some awesome results (keto eating) i have since added in a high day which i have fruit or root veges like potato and kumara with every meal with some awesome results aswell. I was wondering, if i wanted to change up my eating to more of a Paleo style can i have fruit? Its the only thing i crave whilst dieting. An app;e or two a day cant hurt that much right?
  15. #drizzt

    Hey OB mate i see your still watching over the powerlifting guys around here! Nah mate moved back, didnt really work out over there. Anyway bro just looking into a squat program to get my numbers back up to where they should be. Ive had a bad neck injury and bad nerve damage so havnt lifted heavy in 4 years! Without hijacking this page too much i was kinda looking into a smolov cycle for squats but wondering if any type of conditioning training is viable with it. I do HIIT 3 mornings a week (because i couldnt lift a peanut) but ive been given the ALL CLEAR fron doc to resume heavy lifting now. Im still wanting to keep at the HIIT sessions but maybe move it all around for some heavy lifting as well. This young fulla drizzit looking good mate and a few of the guys that were around here when i last was here have made some mean progress. Anyway mate let me know what ya think.