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  1. Hey guys, I've been hanging around reading the posts here and noticed a few people seem to make up their own gear from powder. What's the deal with this? I think I could probably do it, but I don't know anything about the process. Is it a good idea? What are the pros and cons in terms of health? I like the idea that at least I'd know everything was sterile (assuming I do it right!). But are there other risks? Is it more of a problem if you get caught importing it? Cheers!
  2. Horse meat

    Sorry, I was just horsing around. Should I continue? Yay or neigh? :roll: Oh C'mon. Now you're just beating a dead horse. :shock: Later! #jumpingofacliff
  3. Horse meat

    That would be an offal sight. :shock: Bwahahaha nice one pseud! Don't encourage him! :roll:
  4. red meat and premature life

    Again, it is all correlative. Nothing is experimentally proven.
  5. Male hair removal

    What type of clippers do people use?
  6. Did you know...?

    Correlation vs Causation
  7. Overtrained CNS?

    Pseudonym should watch this! :nod: :pfft:

    Whats good on a friday night?? Saturday is always busy and wednesday is all the uni sluzzas coming out to play. isnt it Auckland uni oweek? Next week
  9. NZhredder picture midway through my cut

    This proves it all! LOL
  10. Wrist measurement frame size thingy

    Not really what I was getting at. If your wrist circumference has grown 2 cm's then either you hit puberty or its fat.....
  11. Wrist measurement frame size thingy

    If I recall correctly, I have had someone mention measuring wrist circumference as well before. Something along the lines of frame size etc. Have no idea?... Would be interested to hear some more info.
  12. Did you know...?

    Youtube gets 60 hours of footage a min uploaded (1 hour a second). Or something along those lines..
  13. Lower Back Pain.

    Sweet!, Thanks guys. Will get onto foam rolling ASAP.
  14. Too soon to join a gym?

    Everyone starts somewhere mate! If your putting in 110% effort into it, then I can not see how people can criticize!
  15. Lower Back Pain.

    Like all women, they are just looking for some love :shifty: To be honest, I have never tried foam rolling before. Will give it a go. Any suggestions on which techniques to use? I will have a search on youtube.