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  1. Does anyone have a recommendation for a site to buy Protein from in Australia?
  2. Think less, eat more

    Pseudo messaged me about this thread ... <dispensing career advice to someone I've never met and who hasn't asked me for it starts here ... > I'd put a zero in your list: 0) decide if you want to be the boss or not. and I don't mean boss like in all the gym meme's. I mean the guy responsible for the outcome. Like every single industry on the planet, you can be the boss, the person in charge, the guy responsible for the outcome. That's exactly what a PM does. Fundamentally the role of the PM = make the shit happen, on time, on budget, no excuses. That comes with stress. No getting around it, it is stressful because it involves other people; their safety, making them do stuff on time, keeping them happy, and answering questions to other people about progress/budget/quality/risks/issues/etc. People are not robots (yet!) and having a discussion with Jeff and John about working the weekend because they're running late is not fun for anyone, especially the PM! Same stress comes with being the boss in every other industry. Imagine being the foreman on a construction site building a high rise building - being responsible for every one's safety AND getting a fucking building built AND a budget!? Or imagine being Captian of a Navy Ship, or Executive at a Timber factory, or even shift manager at McDonalds! Nobody gives a f*ck if the the Navy Captain has been awake 36hrs straight and is feeling tired or stressed - if the ship runs a-ground she's getting court-martialled! You don't have to be the boss. In the IT industry you can do a heap of cool roles (e.g. a developer, tester, IT Architect, Infrastructure engineer ....), get paid well, do interesting work and have no responsibility other than getting your own shit finished on time and to a spec given to you. You can work 9-5 if you want and still be part of something bigger than yourself. So my advice to you is start at step zero. Either options is very a good decision, but just making that decision will help you put everything else in perspective. <End of my un-called for wisdom ....>
  3. Acquiring bulk!

    I lived there for just under 3 years. You will only get kidnapped if you're a) the son of an American Senator b) fucking rich and you show it off like an idiot c) involved in the drug trade, or d) completely stupid, and do stuff like drive at night through cartel controlled areas on back roads Otherwise it's safe for people like you an me. Just keep your wits about you, like you would in any 2nd world / 3rd world country where there is petty crime like pick pocketing. The reason your Texan mate wants to talk you out of it is (in my guess) a) he's american, so is shit scared of travelling out side of the USA, and b) the american media put soo much hype on tv about bad shit that happens in Mexico that he now believes it happens everywhere, all the time. While there, the security dept of the company I work for gave us a briefing for ex-pats. IIRC 99% of all kidnaps are on locals. Of the other 1%, 95% of those are people involved in the drug trade. That last tiny percentage are usually mistakes where people get freed very quickly, or you get taken to an ATM and forced to withdraw cash, then let go.
  4. Upgrading the forum... er, sometime soon

    Looks great! Well done mate. Lots of hard work I'm sure :-)
  5. Becoming a PT

    That's the crux of the issue right there ... how many PT's have you ever seen that have 40 hrs a week with clients? I would guess a good PT would get about 20-25hrs a week actually with paying clients. Max.
  6. Seven Sharp Bigorexia BS

    I thought the seven sharp piece wasn't too bad. It was neither negative or positive. Who keeps their old/removed heart in a zip lock bag! WTF
  7. Pre-fatigue or keep the weight up

    Running slowly - jogging really. Building up to about an hour. I'll run anywhere around the streets where I live. My goal is to build up endurance, so breaking it up would defeat the purpose. I'd be keen to hear what people think of this because I guess this is the point of my question. Do I loose effectiveness?
  8. Nzifbb why so unprofessional

    Ha. No shit. LOL. If we can get a good photo of both sides, I know a Chinese guy who could whip up a batch of 10,000 of them for about $25
  9. Nzifbb why so unprofessional

    Oh. They actually get a plastic card? Like an AA membership card? Wonder in what social situations they actually whip it out of their wallets and show people?
  10. I started lifting at the same time I joined this forum, about 5 years ago. I've basically been following 1 main split that whole time: Old Split Day 1: Chest + Tris Day 2: Legs Day 3: Shoulders + Abs Day 4: Back + Bis Over the 5 years I've also learned some basics about nutrition from all of you muppets, and generally I'm happy with the results. Slowly but surely I've put on muscle and dropped body fat. Gym life is not even my 3rd hobby, so taking my time, and getting some slow results works great for me. I've decided that I want to add in some cardio due to non-lifting goals in my life, and I completely munted my ankle in May this year. The ankle is almost good again now - but I need to start running on it to make sure I don't end up in another 5 year without it fully recuperated because I never made it flexible again! The other thing I'm was thinking is that I should keep it to a 4 day split because that works for me in terms of the number of days a week I actually get to the gym. I'm not keen for one cycle through the split to take longer than a week, and if I have a 5 day split, chance are it will run over. So what are your thoughts on this split? New Split Day 1: Run Day 2: Chest + Bis + Shoulders + Traps Day 3: Legs Day 4: Back + Tris + Abs I actually tried Day 2 today. I usually start Shoulder day with dumbbell press of 20kgs (yes, after 5 years, I'm still a pip squeak), but after chest, I could barely lift 15s! So I spat the dummy and didn't do shoulders. Would you say that the 'pre-fatigue' factor would be worth keeping new split, even when I have to drop the weight so much!? If pre-fatigue is not the way to go, because I'd get more benefit from lifting as heavy as I can, then I could go to a 5 day split, including a day of running, and just suck up the fact that one cycle through the split will often take more than one calendar week?
  11. Vegan protein powder

    I've tried this stuff before http://www.nuzest.co.nz/clean-lean-protein For me the taste was 4/10, had an aftertaste and I couldn't stomach too much at a time. I had vanilla, and generally I don't like vanilla, so that could explain a lot of the poor taste for me. It doesn't mix as easily as other powders I've used.
  12. how much sleep do you get?

    7-8, but I am a much nicer human being when I get 9
  13. Don't stab me

    Catching up on the forum after a short time away ..... great thread! People here don't seem to realise that whoring oneself on social media is not only happening in the Bikini/Figure/Bodybuilding world: It's fcuking filling up all my news feeds. On FaceBook, InstaGram, Twitter, Neighbourly.co.nz, Google+ and the worst of all, on LinkdIn where I'm bombarded by people telling me they're now President, CEO and Chairman of Joe Bloggs Worldwide Media and Tupperware Enterprises Incorporated! Get used to it. Social is here to stay and grow. If I could make a living through people clicking Like on IG pictures of me doing something I love, I'd fucking post that shit up 57 times a day.
  14. Drying out for comp

    The theory sounds great, but how much of a difference does this really make in practice, in the actual 'look' of a competitor? Anyone got some before drying out vs after drying out photos?
  15. The remarkable story or Ernestine Shepherd http://www.prevention.com/content/remarkable-story-ernestine-shepherd