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  1. Bad gear

    I hope it was a good root at least
  2. Strength/Size decline with age

    I think muscle and strength is the last thing you will lose as long as you keep training and can manage your injuries. Its all the other little things that come with age ie , trapped pinched nerves ,fukd joints and ligements / tendons general wear and tear etc that begins to affect your training and then you start running the risk of losing strength and size.
  3. Interesting I opened the link and the first sentence put me off saying genetics is not a major factor but if that was true I'm sure Ben P would look like Ronnie in his prime. Not saying his programme doesn't have merit it could be very good just don't like the sales pitch
  4. Shout out to my Mrs

    well done and she got some muscle too would be inspiring for a lot of women
  5. 2017 log

  6. Bad gear

    anyone know if test flu can lead to any serious issues? it always comes and goes with me but doesn't affect my day to day life. I remember taking some boldenone once out of Christchurch and got everything fever , PIP , rash , cough was crippled for about a week. Apparently it was because it was "overdosed" lol
  7. Prescription medication for personality

    have a joint kick back and chill the fuk out. Probably a lot safer then all these prescription pill alternatives * I am not a qualified health professional and know nothing about what you are experencing
  8. 2017 log

    Cruel sport sometimes but i recon you making the right decision.
  9. Arnold Classic Australia Link

    Yeah Steve looked like he belonged up there big and sharp but man he needs to sort out his posing
  10. Juicing with medical conditions

    Depends what the medical condition is?
  11. Nzifbb why so unprofessional

    The whole nzifbb scene is shady as f*ck it has goten alot worse since the men's and women's bikini divisions have taken off and are now the main attraction
  12. lol the man the worst I ever used to get was I would see stars for up to a minute after a big lift set could not see at all and have to carefully find a bench or lie on the floor untill it went away
  13. Love for tren

    might as well just stay on if you only gona do 4 weeks
  14. Good luck to Realtalk at GPC world champs

    Talks the talk and walks the walk awesome Tom time to party it up now and have a break.
  15. Big dick playa

    you looked real good at your bodybuilding comp now going for 300 squat awesome man.