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  1. Yes but I multiply bw by 17% and have 37% protein 35% protein and 50%carbs.
  2. steroids within new zealand

    What are steroids? Can I get them on here?

    Cat spat me out on the porch.. was I?

    Can you still get Sarms in NZ? All illegal here in Aus now.
  5. Cheat Meals/Days

    Because garbage calories are lyf...
  6. The Daily Grind

    Looking jacked man
  7. Skinny arms

    What you do is not as important as how you do it. If you have a weak body part you have to first focus on form so you can feel the muscle working through a full range of motion then push til they can't do anymore reps properly. You can grow your arms using just db curls and lying extensions you just have to do them properly and with intensity.
  8. Dieting for strength

    I agree with you on the point that muscle shifts weight and more I like the point that nattys will look to work on execution, intensity and frequency of training to keep improving whereas a lot of enhanced (definitely not at elite level) guys will look to their drugs. Pretty much the same as bodybuilders. As a bodybuilder I'd actually find my strength increased as my bw dropped and my numbers were in deficit for comps. Essentially because my mental focus was on point, my nutrition was on point and I had zero expectation of getting weaker. Even losing weight now my numbers are the same as normal even though I'm down about 8k and probably going to drop another 5 or so. I think it's mindset.
  9. My journal

    280k. Slow and heavy but it came up eventually.
  10. 2017 log

    But... how... How do we get through our lives not knowing what you're doing? Ffs!!! ???
  11. My journal

    Thanks man
  12. My journal

    Some deads. Nothing spectacular but good for me.
  13. My journal

    Mobility primarily. I've started to do a lot more pt so it's just exhausting when I'm extra fat. That and my 14 year old son has gotten right into boxing and wrestling training and primarily does that with me so I'm losing weight just from the extra activity. I'm also working with some fighters doing more explosive type movements which are just hard to demonstrate when my mobility sucks. 110 will be good. Slender..
  14. My journal

    Taking the week off. Just foam roller and stretching and active rest. Have dropped my bw from around 122 to about 115. Managed to keep my strength and even get a little stronger on some things. I'll take this week easy then push to get down to 110.
  15. maccaz 2018 prep log

    Should do bodybuilding. No need to lift heavy weights and no injuries there ......