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    Martial arts, body building (now that I have the time and am at Les Mill wgtn, new member of 1 week) building and designing of course...fishing....
  1. how do i get to my profile page?

    found it 2 secs after I posted, nice 2 c someones paying attention
  2. Afternoon all, I am a new member (joined last year only posted twice) and just starting serious training this year.....will be posting pics later....anyway I'm trying to change my password and duhh can't find the profile page ( I know it's a blanko momento) could someone help with directions of how to navigate to profile page please...thanks
  3. Kia ora,

    Thanks Sakura, (cool name Japans national anthem isn't it) I'm pretty knew to these kinds of forums, bit naive may of been too personal, however a question, do you have to chat as if your in third person? :?: ,I can't quite tell from the dialogue. I will suss it sooner or later.
  4. Kia ora,

    Got that you should do an intro message from the automatic thingymagiggy so here goes....Hello to all. I live in Lower Hutt Wellington and have had 5 children, my oldest is nearly 20 youngest 11. None of them live with me now however, leaving me plenty of time to finally tunnel vision in on a goal that I 've had forever; (to train up to do a bodybuilidng comp) now that I'm sedentary most of the day as I'm a student again. I've been a gym user for a number of years and have kept pretty active but want something more out of it (hence the goal).I have always gymmed alone and love it, when I'm not doing the bad habit thing, (which I won't be, due to study) I find that working out becomes an easy substitue for b.h.t. I love my endorphin rushes and usually tone up pretty fast too no matter how much time I've had out. My other interests are the Building industry (training to be a draughtswoman) and martial arts. I've been plastering and labouring on and off the Welly hospital site in Newtown, happy enough with the work (I have a pre trade carp cert too) but the money was crap and the toll on the body not worth it, I was too stuffed to take myself to the gym regularly and I think I subconsciously started mimicking the boys (aka all other subbies over age of 30) bad habits too much, i.e, drinking, smoking and overeating. Sportswise, I only competed in a Nationals ZDK tournament where I won a silver Senior's medal :clap: (that was a blast) but pulled out due to work and family committments. BACK TO SITE RELATED STUFF I've been on the Go Figure site and seen the sexy samoan team and being a single Maori woman was wondering if there was an already established sexy Maori team that I could join or connect with via emails etc for inspiration,motivation or if not, is anyone interested in starting one up?Lol.Now to the more serious stuff, does anyone know of a personal trainer who is experienced in training females and who can travel to you at the gym your at? I'm just assuming this is what they do, the P.T blokes at my gym have the letters after the name and I'm not knocking this I respect degrees etc but their like my oldest son's age and neither of them have competed in bodybuilding comps. I know what areas I need to work on and would be 190% committed, but they also have to be affordable. So if you have a P.T buddy who does perkies be sure to drop us a line. Well that's about me, I tried to keep it as short as possible but hey never ask me to do an intro :pfft: Hei konei ra