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  1. Drink bottles...

    Random question, how many of you guys go for a BPA free bottle instead of what a rungy person like myself would do (any container is pretty much a drink bottle), had this debate at work and a co worker reckons his health has improved once he started to use a BPA free drink bottle (although I am willing to bet that he'd say the same about taking a multi vitamin everyday) Having a quick on , those things are not cheap! And every brand brags how it's better than the rest when it's just a bottle!
  2. 24 hour gyms

    Checking out that ex muscle and fitness gym this week, any feedback on Miada ?
  3. 24 hour gyms

    Well yeah, I loved training at fitness plus, but currently with work hours and other stuff I sometimes leave work at 8 pm, by the time I get home and go to the gym it's 9pm already, this way I'll be more flexible and won't have to worry about rushing things they still have both signs there lol, is it still owned by that Iraqi dude that bought it off Mo?
  4. Gymnation Protein Testing - let's make it happen!

    Sorry that it didn't reach the target, how much does each test cost by the way ? Also were you going to make some lucky store owner's day and just buy x amount of tubs from them or were you going to go to different shops and order/buy them from there?
  5. 24 hour gyms

    Where is that? Edit: sorry just googled it, lol that area is now full of gyms, so this is not part of muscle and fitness ?
  6. 24 hour gyms

    Dave is AWOL mate, work/buying a house/thinking of moving has made him do the runners, he still has a stash of his stuff in my house, not even sure if they're good or expired
  7. 24 hour gyms

    Hi all, Long time listener, first time caller.... I am looking for a 24 hour gym to get back into things again, but from memory the snap fitness places just have machines to workout on, I am after one that isn't located over the nasty North Shore or the wicked West Auckland. some of the gyms I've been looking at are Moe's Ex gym (forgot the name) , the gym that became of club physical @ botany Junction , Miada in Otahuhu... I am willing to listen and do more research if there is a better alternative ? Fanks
  8. Nar Labs debate

    Saw the video, really well done.
  9. New To the Country

    There is also fitness plus, but that's slightly more south
  10. Mr Jnr Universe 2001

    Gareth you here bro?
  11. 50kg drop

    Fastest way to do it is to become a meth head! 65kg might be very light depending on your height
  12. By Jiminy - cricket protein is a thing!

    reminds me of this article I read a while ago http://www.bbc.com/future/story/20141014-time-to-put-bugs-on-the-menu Pseudo you're a brave man!
  13. 2016 Goals

    once a month is my E-stat (so realistically , once every 3 months lol)