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  1. Kai Greene keeping it real

    Lol now try having to repeat that every time you here the next person saying they want to "start" bodybuilding. No excuse Kai "Predator" Greene 8)
  2. 16 year old..training to be teen nz by 18

    Ditto :clap:
  3. bicep shape when rested

  4. bicep shape when rested

    I wana shape my biceps as hearts, so when I flex them they attract all the babes and I am like ay gurl you made em do that LMFAO Forgotten how funny shit is on here \:D/ party party
  5. TLAF starting point

    :clap: Well done so far
  6. Gym wierdos

  7. Gym wierdos

    Stops people seeing how shredded your iris' are aye bro! :grin: well like the headphones that don't work it might stop people from talking to me... Maybe to put off the competition?
  8. Daniel8 Transformation

    Great progress there Dan keep it up :clap:
  9. this is a woman...................????

    HAHAHA awesome :clap:
  10. Floaters in the eye?? WTF

    I'll be more mindful of the breathing part for sure. I never really gave it much thought. So let me get this right, breathe in on descent and out for the duration of the way up?? I've read that people will hold their breath at top of lift, squat down and and some time on the way back, between getting out of the hole and to the top breathe out. Looks like I need to do more research.
  11. Floaters in the eye?? WTF

    Yep point taken and is true, thanks for that mate. LOL holy shit, whilst awake...haha might tickle a lil then huh? Exactly sir, def plan to play it safe for the next month and a bit. Iwill be itching to get back to it tho.
  12. Floaters in the eye?? WTF

    He didn't say all lifting was out of the question, but anything that requires the valsalva maneuver is out of the question and Id much rather go heavy, so I'ma do something i've not done before and be smart. Take this time off eat heaps and prepare to go to war.
  13. Floaters in the eye?? WTF

    Was at Greenlane acute yesterday, found a tear on the horse shoe 11 o'clock and a burst vein. Had it lasered and went back today to get checked, laser treatment will take up to 3 days to heal fully with minor discomfort to the eye. Get this, no f*cking heavy shit for 6 weeks??? WTF man. Its like breathing with no air. But will learn from this and soldier on, so will take a month and abit off, then back at it...I just hope I don't become too complacent with this time off... <<< Thansk for the replys guys. This is my happy place 8)
  14. Floaters in the eye?? WTF

    Nothing worse then trying to stare at a hot chick (remotely, without her noticing) and having this blob come in to view.