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  1. VC in 2011

    No abs?
  2. VC in 2011

    Thanks I'll be keen to see how you go with Beckie. Hey have you seen http://www.bodyrock.tv? She's not entirely BB but she has an amazing body. Wondering if her workouts might be the go? Am too afraid to step out of the gym though incase I loose momentum LOL
  3. VC in 2011

    Who was your trainer chick? PM me if you don't want to name and shame them
  4. Womens pics?

  5. Me

  6. Girls like guys with Muscle?

    These big boys don't do anything for me
  7. Girls like guys with Muscle?

  8. Girls like guys with Muscle?

  9. My progress pics

  10. First Time Ladytraining