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  1. Never Give Up

    That's awesome!
  2. Bigkiwi photos 4/6/12

    120kg at 4% bf :shock: :clap:
  3. first cycle...READ ME

    ^^ this
  4. I think genuine experiences, reviews on different brands should be allowed here It gives people a fair idea what they can expect.
  5. that dudes display picture is of a troll
  6. If you don't already have u might wanna price up some serms, ai's before you go getting any vials. Just a suggestion
  7. Depends where it's coming from if your source is good apollo is the goodness. Give your money to the wrong Arab and you'll get peanut oil
  8. Drug seizure

  9. beware SCAM

    i got a message from him too... had a look at the site payment options = western union sounds real legit :pfft:
  10. Titan busted.

  11. Ultragenics brand.

    :pfft: and you believe everything you hear! hahaha. are you a sales rep for Ultagenix makes sense dissing two reputable brands in one post lol All the best with your not made in a kitchen gear brah