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  1. Sarms NZ

    Just ran into it today myself. Looks suss as f*ck. ' Years ago my friend ran a site in NZ selling bongs, pipes, vapes etc and PayPal froze his funds for being an "unethical" business. sarmsnz is selling shit which is in direct violation of NZ law taking payment over paypal. No way this is legit, this has gotta be a quick snatch and grab scam...
  2. Help me make some tweaks

    I'd swap 2xbananas for 500 mL milk, powdered milk from foodtown is damn cheap. Chuck whey in it if you want. Meat and milk is great stuff.
  3. Colostrum

    Ah well. I am pretty sure something in milk and whey protein makes you secrete more GH. Maybe just protein, which would be a shame. Anecdotally, people who have grown up on lots of milk seem to be taller and larger built. "A recent study in young growing male rats showed that feeding whey protein increased alkaline phosphatase activity and insulinlike growth factor-I (IGF-I) mRNA levels in ectopic bone (Kelly et al. 2003). As alkaline phosphatase is a marker for bone formation, whereas IGF-I is a known potent anabolic agent (Price et al. 1994), this further indicated a possible effect of whey protein on bone formation." http://journals.cambridge.org/download.php?file=%2FBJN%2FBJN94_02%2FS0007114505001789a.pdf&code=5d7fb3b8dcef9b6474f024857fd4885c If only I was a young, growing male rat, haha. I'm not sure whether this is due to an increase in dietary protein, or specific peptides in whey (which as you say should be denatured in the gut).
  4. Colostrum

    Fairly sure IGF-1 in milk is the same as IGF-1 in humans. A lot of the anti-milk sites say that IGF-1 survives both pasteurisation, and digestion. Awesome if it does. Squats and milk = low tech extra GH and IGF-1
  5. What is this for?

    Haha, awesome^^
  6. Colostrum

    IGF is produced by the cow in response to BGH injections,[14] and it is this hormone which increases growth and milk production. Bovine and porcine IGF-I are identical to human IGF-I, while IGF-II differs among animal species.[15] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bovine_somatotropin#Human_health
  7. Last Meal

    Bloody big, and juicy. :pfft: One meal for the rest of my life? Beef stroganoff.
  8. GST-free veges or a gym membership?

    Why not subsidise meat and dairy? Bastards.
  9. It does actually make you more alert, and can do a hell of a job thinning you out even if you don't restrict cals much. Haven't used it to build muscle, but I imagine it would actually work out fine. The old thing about only being able to digest 30g of protein at a time, I don't think it's true. By fasting til around 4-6 PM, your body will be able to utilise protein more efficiently. Some people might not like it as they can't eat a days worth of food in a 4 hour eating window, haha. Anyway no idea if this diet is optimal for muscle gain, used it a long time ago.
  10. what milk do you buy?

    Home Brand full cream milk powder.
  11. If you had an unlimited budget?

    Disagree, the shit is really rich in Vitamin D which increases testosterone and athletic performance.
  12. buying food in bulk

    Davis shipped the WPC 450 20kg sack 'o' protein to me after I did a bank deposit. As far as cheap food goes.... *I can get a 30 tray of size 7 eggs for $5 at an asian store. *2x2l Milks for $4.90-$5.50 depending on location, at service stations and dairies. *Mad Butcher sometimes has a special on steak mince, $6/kg or 2kg for $10. You can get loads of meat this way and bulk up your freezer, if you don't mind fatty steak mince (I personally got sick of the stuff). Looks like Davis does trays of size 7 eggs too, interesting.
  13. Tegal Chicken Nuggets

    As I thought, all of these frozen convenience foods have soy protein in them. Mung's idea is good, just go hard on a whole chicken (dip them with something if you have to/don't care about calories). You know what else is a good convenience food? Steak.
  14. pls recommend BCAA

    Not sure, but I can't see any reason to put up extra $ to buy BCAAs if you are already buying whey.
  15. Blender food!

    Cream or milk with whey protein, yum.