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  1. Moving to Equipped Powerlifting

    Yeah equipped lifting is a different beast. even to the point where you programming is different o allow more frequency of certain lifts like bench where its more about the groove of the shirt rather than how strong you are. I know its expensive but you probably want 2 sets of gear. One for training (slightly bigger sizes) and one for comps (slightly smaller) because your weight will be fluctuating so much as well. It will be interesting to see how you go.
  2. Lol, people think fixing squat is easy, it's not till you have your technique corrected by an amateur that you realise the worth of paying a professional. Money well spent. It's funny the attitudes in Aus are so different than NZ. over here in Syndey trainers spend $500 on a 3 hour TRX workshop. $195 to be tought by the best in the world for s whole day is so cheap it's not funny

    Dan H 175kg???? isn't he like my height (175cm)
  4. Jason Blaha vs IPF

    (NZPF/IPF supporter talking) I think since GPC entered the equation the standard of competitions being run in NZ has grown exponentially. NZPF used to be very old school with no music, advertising or MCing. Now the comps are a lot more interesting for spectators and lifters than they were 5 years ago. I still really only think NZ has room for 2 feds and I think GPC is in a much stronger potion to fill that segment of the market than UPANZ but just like business, competition is good for the market place so if 3 feds means more powerlifters, better comps and experiences for everyone than that's a good thing
  5. Cardio level for powerlifters

    I think it's beneficial to have some sort of cardio base, a powerlifting Comp is sometimes 3-5 hours long and long training sessions can have you squatting for 2 hours so having a base of conditioning/ Cardio can allow you to maintain a higher intensity in training for a longer time and prevent too much fatigue on a long day of Comp IMO
  6. GPC National Champs

    isnt the reason of a points system to compare each lifter based on body weight? is it possible that 1 weight class is very strong and others not so? so at the very least one weight class could have the top 2 lifters overall? no one really cares about wilks or other point systems but If you are going to have it then surely it applies to everyone? because relative to body weight even though you are stronger in absolute strength you might not be in relative body weight. even If it is the same weight class. agree with you about not being told about it applying to everyone. they should have been more informed
  7. Squat help

    Lol, it's shit like this which keeps me in a job
  8. Capo aus. And nz?

    All I can say to this situation is lol. And yes two Feds would make sense. One tested and one not. But the factor you at forgetting is ego. Just look at the people involved high up in this mess both in Capo Aus and NZ.
  9. Squat pain

    I used to get it when squatting in cold mornings. tight hip flexors. just do some vigorous static stretching of the hip flexors included with your leg swings etc prior to squatting. that should generally help
  10. perfecting squat and deadlift form

    don't you mean in before WADA? coz there is no way you would be in after WADA lol
  11. perfecting squat and deadlift form

    powerlifting is like running lol
  12. NZPF at the world champs

    your first line sounded like sarcasm lol. but even so only my first sentence mentioned it. the rest I was just saying that he didn't really put 20kg in his deadlift. probably more like 10kg. which is pretty reasonable
  13. NZPF at the world champs

    I assume you arnt talking about drugs.... the 285 dead was easy at the comms and the only reason he didn't go heavier was he just wanted to win the comp and make sure he broke te junior record. and it was done a couple of days after a very heavy equipped comp. the one thing that is obvious is he is a freak. ever since I went to junior worlds with him in 2011 you can see that his potential is off the charts. even his 305 dead looked like a second attenpt
  14. Andrew Burge - Off season Powerlifter

    Thursday - back pullups bb row seared cable row lat pull down rev flys