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  1. I'm a long way from where I was but further along than I have been. I won't be starting a new journal as such at this stage as I'm unsure what direction I'm heading and how my broken bits are going to respond to resistant training. I am however going to have a bloody good go at finding out and trying not to break myself in the process. I have trained 4 days on the trot and had a couple off. I have picked up my old Bulgarian System/Big Beyond Belief/Serious Growth (or any other name it may be known by) again as a way of easing back in to things. I'm doing the 4 day, once a day variation as I think the mix of reps, sets, rest time and ability to have a variety of exercises within the structure will be good. I'll be doing the bigger exercises like squats and barbell bench press on the high rep, low rest time days and then switching them to the low rep, higher rest time days in the power/growth phase. I found this was a good way of boosting strength and confidence with training and dare I say a bit of ego ;-) For example doing 5x13-15 reps with 60 seconds rest between them on deadlift, then going to 3 weeks of 3x5-7 reps with 3 minutes rest between definitely helped increase my strength and stimulate some growth. As far as diet goes, actually eating food before lunchtime instead subsisting on 6 cups of coffee will be a good start and challenge ( baby steps though :pfft: ). My return the workforce has me working PERMANENT night shift, a mix of 2000-0400 and 2300-0700 on a predominantly 4 on 2 off roster. I do recall a thread on here a while back about working nights and weight training/exercising but it didn't seem to go anywhere from memory and only got a half dozen or so responses. SO..... I would be keen to hear from any other night shift workers out there that are giving things a nudge, regarding training, diet, supplementation and any other potentially useful morsels. I remember there being some studies into the affects of night shift work and hormone levels etc, keen to hear thoughts on this (to lazy to go searching at the moment, it's nearly bedtime!!!) I think that's enough for going on with for now. Cheers for looking.
  2. Idle ramblings and observations.

    While knee rehab is ongoing and squats and deads are off the menu, along with pretty much all lower body work, I've been adding to the home gym set up. Scored 4 x 25kg bumper plates at the weekend along with an industrial athletic half rack and spotter arms for FREE! The whole lot had been sitting outside for a long time. Plates were covered in mould, lichen and other crap as well as being very weather beaten. Top pic is after a severe scrubbing with hot water and sugar soap, bottom pic is my attempt to spruce them up.
  3. Idle ramblings and observations.

    Yeh idol follow him. Working with a good physio/rehab team though so we will see how it goes. In some ways I wish it needed surgery, at least then I'd know exactly where I'm starting from. At the moment there's a lot of try this try that going on. Slowly getting a plan sorted though.
  4. Idle ramblings and observations.

    Wee update for anyone still lurking here/paying attention lol. After 2x GPSI appointments, ultrasounds and an MRI I have a diagnosis on my knee injury. What was initially thought to be an ACL/meniscus tear with pain transference to the top of my calf and bottom of my hamstring is actually a tear in my cartilage at the top of my tibia where the biceps femoris inserts. At this stage surgery isn't required and I'm waiting on a referral to a specialist rehab team. Added some gear to the home gym and have started getting more structured/targetted with the training I can do.
  5. Ohjoshua's Intense city, lets ramp it up.

    Nice squat mate, #jealous!
  6. Idle ramblings and observations.

    INJURED!! Slipped on the wet driveway on the 22nd Nov and hyperflexed my knee. Possible ACL and/or meniscus injury. Had an ultrasound, externals look ok. Have a referral in to see the specialist and likely get an MRI. Currently having physio and keeping it strapped. Training everything that I can around it.
  7. Anyone in Dunners or South Island?

    Yep, Dunners. Although this place isn't what it used to be.
  8. Idle ramblings and observations.

    My current playground.
  9. Idle ramblings and observations.

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ wee clip of my last of 6 rounds to finish off a pull day. Not much training been happening due to family commitments and injuries, but slowly building some consistency again.
  10. Idle ramblings and observations.

  11. Idle ramblings and observations.

    Not for the last 3 weeks or so bud. Ended up in ED a little while back, non-gym related and my 13 year old daughter had some internal surgery so been a bit busy with that.
  12. Idle ramblings and observations.

    Not really, I was contracting for myself and they had changed the process for things to a percentage of impairment over your total body. I just scraped in for some cash but it wasn't much. It used to be if you lose X you get Y etc.
  13. Idle ramblings and observations.

    Traumatic amputation of right index finger in 2004 courtesy of a clumsy co-worker and a big saw. I'd imagine it was incinerated.
  14. Idle ramblings and observations.

    30/3/21 A/ bench 40%, 50%, 60%, 65%, 75%, 85% 42.5kg x5 52.5kg x5 62.5kg x3 67.5kg x5 80kg x5 87.5kg x6 B1/ dumbbell row 3x10 48kg, 48kg, 50kg B2/ incline flyes 3x10 24kg, 24kg, 26kg C1/ straight arm pulldowns 3x10 110, 110, 120 C2/ dumbbell floor press 3x8 24kg, 26kg, 26kg D/ Single arm preacher curls 3x10 14kg on all sets E/ horizontal cable triceps extension x37 Bench felt good, especially 6 on the last but hadn't set up well and my right hand was too wide and slipped further out each rep. Small weight increases on everything else.
  15. Idle ramblings and observations.

    Last week was a bust training wise. Strained my calf at work on the Friday night prior, tightened up over the weekend and took all week to settle down. Managed 2 upper body workouts and some time on the stationary bike later in the week. Fresh start today. Bodyweight 90kg. 29/3/21 A/ squats 40%, 50%, 60%, 65%, 75%, 85% 65kg x5 85kg x5 102.5kg x3 110kg x5 132.5kg x5, this was meant to be 127.5kg but I can't add lol. 145kg x8 this felt great today and an increase in reps to boot. B/ hip thrusts 3x8 130kg, 140kg, 140kg C1/ leg extensions 3x8 45 on all sets C2/ box jumps 3x12 (60cm box) D/ reverse lunges 3x10 2x12kg kettlebells E/kettlebell swing x50 @ 24kg 42 and 8 reps. Squats felt awesome, best they've been in ages even with the 127.5kg feeling heavy because it was 132.5kg. Last set was great, good rhythm and tempo. A bit gassed though. Kettlebell swing was good, only needed a very short breather to finish the 50 reps.
  16. Idle ramblings and observations.

    W1 D4 19/3/21 A/ seated dumbbell press 1x15 14kg 1x10 16kg 3x6 22kg, 22kg, 24kg right shoulder failed on the 4th rep B/ machine dips 3x10 82, 82, 91 C/ Lying single arm triceps extension 3x10 10kg for all sets. D1/ rear delt machine (single arm) 3x10 D2/ Side lateral raises 3x10 E1/ single arm cable pushdowns 3x12 E2/ static hold hammer curls 3x10 F/ overhead plate raise 3x amrap 10kg oly plate. Happy with dumbbell press, making some progress. Triceps extension was good, hit 10 reps on all sets so the weight can go up next week. Overhead plate raise was as many reps as I could get in 3 attempts with minimal rest. Hit 40 so that's the number to beat next week. Weight percentages and reps change on the 3 main lifts for next week.
  17. Idle ramblings and observations.

    W1 D3 18/3/21 A/ deads 85kg x5 105kg x5 125kg x3 135kg x5 155kg x5 177.5kg x8 B/ front box squats 7x3 @ 80kg C1/ Lying single leg curl 3x8 25 on the stack with the 2 little plates as well C2/ single leg supported RDL 3x10 24kg kettlebell D/ seated calf raise 3x12 80kg for all sets E/ dumbbell loaded carry x3 2x46kg, 2x50kg, 2x50kg grip failed halfway through the return journey. Happy with today, although it didn't start too well. Think the green apple pre workout disagrees with my stomach a bit. Lifts went well, stomach was all butterflies and I was definitely a bit jittery.
  18. Idle ramblings and observations.

    No straps mate, haven't used straps in years. I did have some double loop ones that I used on most things but my grip strength has built up over time. Balancing the dumbbell is a challenge as I get fatigued at times, even when I used straps.
  19. Idle ramblings and observations.

    W1 D2 16/3/21 A/ bench 42.5kg x5 52.5kg x5 62.5kg x3 67.5kg x5 80kg x5 87.5kg x6 B1/ dumbbell row 3x10 46kg, 46kg, 48kg B2/ incline flyes 3x10 22kg, 24kg, 24kg C1/ straight arm pulldowns 3x10 100, 110, 110 C2/ dumbbell floor press 3x8 22kg, 24kg, 24kg failed at 6 D/ dumbbell preacher curl 3x10 14kg on all sets E/ horizontal cable triceps extension 35 reps
  20. Idle ramblings and observations.

    Current bodyweight 89kg Fiddling and tweaking done, first week properly back on the 5-3-1 variations. W1 D1 15/3/21 A/ squats 65kg x5 85kg x5 102.5kg x3 110kg x5 127.5kg x5 145kg x7 B/ hip thrusts 3x8 120kg, 130kg, 140kg C1/ leg extensions 3x8 45 on the stack for all sets. C2/ box jumps 3x10 on a 60cm box D/ reverse lunges 3x10 2x12kg kettlebells E/ kettlebell swing x50 @ 24kg (40 + 10 reps) Wore different shoes for squats today to see if it would help with my form. My usual ones are completely flat and quite thin, the trainers I wore today have a slightly raised heal and a bit more cushioning. The jury is out on whether it was better or not. Top set of squats was a mixed bag, some reps felt great where others felt heavy and I couldn't get my breathing right. Might be ti.e to up the cardio lol. Leg extensions were easy so weight will increase slightly next time. Upped the weight on kettlebell swings, felt my technique/form getting sloppy by rep 40 and I was pretty gassed so took 20 seconds to reset and finish the 50 reps. Should smash these next week. Probably a 7/10 session.
  21. Idle ramblings and observations.

    Fear lol. I'm not so sure it is. Just trying not to break this old body any more than it already is. I am going to have a crack at some 1rm down the track but I want to at least be back to where I was pre-xmas/laziness. 5-3-1 should help me build up my weights without completely burning out like I've done in the past.
  22. Idle ramblings and observations.

    W6 D4 12/3/21 Gave the delts and tris a tickle up with some biceps on the side. Nothing too structured, lots of volume.
  23. Ohjoshua's Intense city, lets ramp it up.

    Nice deads, numbers are climbing.