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  1. Chest and flabs sorted. Low incline bench in the Smith machine 1x15, 1x10, 2x6-8 Incline flyes 3x10 Dumbell decline 3x10 one arm at a time Low cable crossover 3x10, ladder set with 4 height changes. Weighted decline sit ups 3x12 An wheel roll outs 3x12 alternating to the sides which makes it 24 reps each set.
  2. Leg workout 1 done and dusted. Static Smith machine lunges 1x15 40kg, 3x10 70kg, 70kg, 80kg Single leg extensions 3x8-10 130, 145, 145 1xdrop 145-130-115 Standing leg curl 4x10 60, 60, 60, 65 have to Mickey mouse these on the leg extension. Stiff dead variation in th 45 degree back extension 3x12 @15kg doing one leg at a time and trying to emphasise the stretch. Seated calf raise 3x12 @80kg. Job done. Night off work tonight and tomorrow, chest and abs tomorrow.
  3. Last night's workout was....... Seated overhead dumbell extension 1x15 30kg, 1x10 36kg, 3x6-8 44kg, 44kg, 46kg Single pushdowns 3x10 32.5, 32.5, 32.5 Overhead cable extension 3x8-10 47.5, 52.5, 52.5 Single arm cable dip 3x8-10 52.5, 52.5, 57.5 Single arm push down 1xamrap done across the body with a rope, after that pump! Hammer curl 4x8-10 20, 22, 22, 22kg done across the body. Dumbell preachers 3x10 18kg, 18kg, 18kg Cable crunch 3x12@ 62.5 Incline leg raise 3x15 or failure Cable lawn mower 3x12@ 32.5
  4. 2 days rest came and went. Tonight was day 1, bis, tris and abs. Good workout, bit sloppy with form on overhead dumbell extension but still ok. Weights are going up here and there or I'm managing to squeeze out an extra rep. First leg session tomorrow. Happy to post up tonight's workout if any one is interested. Cheers.
  5. Saturday was leg day number 2! Great pump, totally trashed afterwards. The shits and spew bug has hit the house, doing my best to avoid everyone. Leg workout was this. Leg press 2x12 @260 3x8-10 @ 360, 380, 400 Walking lunges 4x10 with 26kg dumbells Seated single leg curl 3x10 @90 1xdrop set. Stiff leg deads 3x8-10 @ 100, 100, 110 Toe press 4x15 @230
  6. After 6 days on the trot Tuesday was a rest day. Back to it on Wednesday and had my 1st leg workout of the week. Thursday was a night off work and time to hit chest and abs. Got a whole day and night off today and back and shoulders were on the menu. Back on shift tomorrow night but not before I hit legs again.
  7. Things shaped up great, got in and smashed arms and the keg!! Now sitting at work feeding my face.
  8. So on Saturday things changed, as they have a habit of doing where the kids are involved which meant I got to train!! Went in and hit back and shoulders. Another good session, back was poked and had a really good pump in my shoulders. Sunday was day 5 in a row and leg day number 2. Second session doing walking lunges again, legs were rooted. Tomorrow ( Monday, well today now I suppose) is meant to be a rest day but Depending on how I shape after tonights shift I might go and do Arms and abs and take a day off on Tuesday since that's when the kids have sports. Had a pretty hairy restraint earlier and smacked my elbow up so we will have to see.
  9. Rest day been and gone. Wednesday kicked off with arms and abs before work, really wasn't feeling in the mood. Nevertheless it was a good session. Thursday was leg day number 1. Hamstrings were toasted with minimal effort, felt great. Tonight is chest and abs with the mighty ABs v Samoa between sets! Due to family commitments and a shit roster tomorrow will be a rest day before hammering out day 4 and 5.
  10. The dream! If the numbers stack up and you can market/tailor it right to for it. Nothing worse than to die wondering! Like the boot camp, group fit type things with lots of strong man functional based things. Good luck.
  11. After the wee wake up session training has been back on the up and up. Rest day today, trained 5 in a row prior to this which went like this. day 1 arms and abs seated db extension 1x15, 1x10, 3x6-8 pushdowns (single arm) 3x10 overhead cable extension 3x8-10 kick backs 3x10 db curl 4x8-10 db preacher 3x10 cable crunch 3x12 leg raise 3x12 cable lawn mower 3x12 day 2 legs front squat 1x15, 3x8-10 leg extensions (single leg) 4x8-10 standing leg curl (improvised on the leg extension) 3x12 hammy extensions (on the 45 degree back extension) 3x12 seated calf raise 3x12 day3 chest and abs low incline bench (smith machine) 1x15, 1x10, 2x6-8 incline flyes 3x10 db decline (one arm at a time) 3x8-10 low cable crossover 3x10, 1x ladder set (3 steps) weighted decline sit ups 3x12 ab wheel rollout 3x12 cable wood chop 3x12 day 4 back and shoulders seated row machine (hammer strength) 1x15, 3x8 single arm pulldowns 4x8-10 wide grip cable row 4x8 superman press 3x10 side laterals 2x10, 1x drop set (3 drops) rear delt machine (single arm) 3x10 leaning lateral raise 1xAMRAP (pump) shrugs 3x8 day 4 legs leg press 2x12, 3x8-10 walking lunges 4x10 seated leg curl (single leg) 3x8-10, 1x drop(2 drops) stiff leg deadlift 3x8-10 toe press (on the horizontal leg press) 4x15
  12. Forgot too mention the 200mg of caffeine as caffeine anhydrous, just minor over sight. It also mixes great!
  13. Yeh, well ummm lol. It's not too bad as far as these things go IMO.
  14. Hey mate, I got it on sale from NOWHEY, XPLOSIV supps sale site. Another one with very similar specs is KICK pre workout, kiwi made as well, I've had some samples of this and it was on point. At $59.95 for 50 serves it's well priced, but $39.95 was better. Got a good pump with it and the training buzz carried me through well into night shift.
  15. As it happens, it's a pretty good pre workout. After slurping through numerous samples I liked this the best. Manufacturer - zealea health Ltd (nz made) Cost - I picked it up for $39.95, normally $49.95. Size - 250g at 5g a pop. Serves - 50! Even at full retail $1 per serve is good bang for buck. Main ingredients - beta alanine 1200mg Arginine alpha ketoglutarate (AAKG) 1000mg Citrulline Malate 1000mg Vitamin C 230mg DHMA 100mg Niacin 40mg Vitamin B12 Greatest hits - beta alanine also known as CarnoSyn, no -essential amino, boosts muscle carnosine levels. AAKG and Citrulline Malate - 2 more non-essential aminos both target nitric oxide production. Citrulline Malate is proven to endogenously increase plasma levels of arginine. DHMA also known as 2-amino-6-methylheptane HCL and Octodrine. Touted as the next big thing since the demise of DMAA. It's essentially a CNS stimulant and increases dopamine and norepinephrine levels. It's said to have 90% of the effect that DMAA produced. I went with lemonade cooler flavour and it tastes GREAT! Clean and refreshing, not too sweet with no chemical after taste, like knocking back some powerade or raro. I find it gives me good focus and a clean, sustained energy hit without the major jitters some preworkouts do and no crash. I think it's fair to say it's comparable to the original Jack3d and 90% potency is pretty accurate. Personally I find the beta alanine to be a little under done, I really like the tingles i get with around 2000mg. For this reason I'd rate it a solid 8 out of 10, it's not rocket fuel but it gets it done for me. Those of you that are hardcore into stim would probably find 1.5-2 scoops on the money.