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  1. Smith machine squats.

    @ratz99 glad I'm not the only one!
  2. Curious to hear people's opinions on these, primarily in regards to foot position. As anyone who has spent more than 10 minutes in a gym has probably noticed, the mechanics of the Smith machine causes the bar to travel further forward the lower it gets. I see pretty much everyone trying to squat in this set up with their feet directly under the bar, which baffles me. Because as they descend they end up doubled over in a squished up good morning type position, often with their hips higher than the shoulders. To me this looks like a back injury waiting to happen, especially when they get adventurous and up the weight. Yet I have seen 'trainers' set clients like this. I was shown to set up with my feet forward of center, mimicking a slightly less angled hack squat. I find this helps me keep my back straight and allows me to go all the way down and by varying the width if my feet and toe direction I can target specific areas better. I know some say you shouldn't even bother doing squats in the Smith, but I like it to change things up a bit. Anyway, the point/question is where should you place your feet?
  3. Idle ramblings and observations.

    Moved a couple of days around to try and avoid the crowds of sheeples all doing the same thing. Couple of busy days with the kids and all day in the garden today, gave legs a tickle. Squats 1x15 100kg 1x12 120kg 1x8 140kg 1x5 160kg 1x5 165kg Single leg extension 3x10 145 all sets 1xdrop 145-130-115 amrap dead at 16 reps Seated single leg curl 2x12 90 for both sets 2x6 105 for both sets Single leg s/l deads 3x10 25kg for all sets Seated single leg press 3x12 170, 170, 190 No calves as my right calf is not 100, Achilles seems to be better though. First time doing single leg s/l deads and while I enjoyed them my balance was an issue, not too mention it was tough to shift any major weight. Used a barbell, should maybe try a dumbell? Any tips from those more in the know would be good. Cheers.
  4. Idle ramblings and observations.

    Headed in to train chest and abs last night with all the other sheeples!! Place was nuts. Barbell bench 1x15 70kg 3x6-8 90kg, 90kg, 100kg Incline flyes 3x10 30kg, 30kg, 30kg Single arm decline 3x8 36kg, 36kg, 36kg Low cable crossover 3x10 22.5, 22.5, 27.5 1xladder 27.5 with 4 steps to failure Decline sit up 3xamrap Inclined leg raise 3xamrap Good workout despite having to wait around between a couple of exercises for all teenagers to finishing texting and move on.
  5. Idle ramblings and observations.

    Hey mate, haven't had an issue with indigestion just that manly watermelon repeating. If you liked the kick then you should give War 50 a crack it's very similar, just a bit stronger as it has 100mg of DHMA instead of 40mg.
  6. Idle ramblings and observations.

    After a couple of rest days and a 4am finish, it was time to bash some back. Wide grip pulldowns (overhand) 1x15 120 3x8 160, 160, 180 One arm row 3x8-10 50kg, 50kg, 55kg Close grip pulldowns (underhand) 4x8 160, 180, 200, 200 Hammer strength seated row 3x8 120kg, 120kg, 120kg Barbell shrugs 3x8 190kg, 190kg, 190kg Good workout, really enjoyed it today. Heaviest dumbell in the gym is 50kg and ice been doing it for 3x10 easily so it was time to change it up. There's a sleeve anchored to one if the power racks for slipping an olly bar in, this made a good alternative. Hard to gauge how much of the olly bars 20kg weight has an influence, so I'm only counting the weight I add to the bar. Using 10kg plates to help with range of motion. So far so good. Trying to focus on my lower lats a little bit, find that the way I'm doing these rows and the underhand pulldowns are achieving this at the moment. Thanks for looking.
  7. Idle ramblings and observations.

    Hit arms yesterday Close bench (Smith machine) 1x15 30kg 1x12 40kg 2x8 60kg, 60kg. One arm push down 3x10 37.5 on the stack for all sets. Overhead cable extension 3x8-10 57.5 on the stack for all sets. One arm overhead dumbell extension 3x10 14kg for all sets. One arm pushdowns across the body 3x12 22.5 on the stack for all sets. Standing dumbell curl 1x15 16kg 1x12 18kg 2x8 20kg Single arm preacher curl 3x10 16kg Good workout. Dumbell extension was easy as on the left, right arm did the usual and had to be forced. Wednesday was shoulders and some abs Seated machine press (single arm) 1x15 20 on the stack 3x8-10 30, 30, 40 Side raise 3x10 16kg, 16kg, 18kg Drop set 18kg-16kg-14kg 25 reps Face pulls 4x10 67.5, 67.5, 72.5, 72.5 Rear delt machine (single arm) 3x10 160, 175, 175 Lying side raises 3x10 8kg in all sets Finished off with so me weighted decline sit ups and inclined leg raises. Did the trick. Back into it in Sunday.
  8. Idle ramblings and observations.

    Well that was fun... Squats 1x15 100kg, 1x12 120kg, 1x10 140kg, 2x5 160kg, 162.5kg Single leg extension 3x10 130, 145, 145 1xdrop 145-130-115 x 17 reps Seated single leg curl 2x12 90, 90 2x6 105, 105 Hammy extension 3x10 25kg, 25kg, 25kg Single leg press 3x12 170, 170, 170 Leg press was on the seated horizontal hammer strength machine. No calves as my right Achilles, heel, calf is acting up a bit.
  9. Idle ramblings and observations.

    Chest and abs last night. Bench 1x15 70kg, 3x6-8 90kg, 90kg, 100kg Incline flyes 3x10 28kg, 30kg, 30kg Single arm decline 3x8 36kg, 36kg, 36kg Low cable crossover 3x10 22.5, 22.5, 27.5 1xladder 27.5, 4 height changes for a total of 29 reps. Declined sit ups 3xamrap Inclined leg raise 3xamrap Legs today going to be fun squatting with trap doms!
  10. Idle ramblings and observations.

    Haven't posted any training for a few days, mainly because I've been working too much overtime to get anything significant done and also because I've pinged something in my Achilles/heel region, calf on the same leg isn't feeling flash either. Got a bit ambitious a couple of weeks ago on dead lift, after pulling a comfortable 5 reps at 190kg I thought 200kg would be fun. Broke off the deck nice, locked out at the top of the second rep and as I started lowering it something felt off, touched at the bottom and went for 3 and bailed part way up. Underneath and to the inside of my right heel now has a sharp pain everytime I lock my leg and pull my toes back. Tonight was back, minus the deads. Wide grip pulldowns 1x15 120, 3x8 140, 160, 160 Single arm bent rows 3x8 30kg, 50kg, 55kg Close grip underhand pulldowns 4x8 140, 160, 180, 200 Hammer strength seated row 3x8 120kg, 120kg, 120kg Shrugs 3x6-8 180kg, 190kg, 190kg. Tried some light seated calf raise but no good and stopped after a couple of reps. I've managed to outstrip the dumbell rack so rows was done with an Olympic bar anchored at one end. The weights recorded is just the amount of plates I added without the bar weight. Although it's a 20kg bar I'm not sure what percentage of it is engaged in the lift. Never the less its still more than the biggest dumbell. With the exception of the right leg issues it was a good workout.
  11. The Daily Grind

    Hate this, been a bit the same over the last 2 weeks. Head is saying get to the gym and the body is just laughing at it!!! Too much overtime at work.
  12. best on the go dairy protein

    Only tried the salted caramel NZ Protein, it was sweet but very nice.
  13. best on the go dairy protein

    If you're still looking for a good protein check out Just Protein.
  14. Idle ramblings and observations.

    Training is ticking along nicely. Currently using Savage Roar pre workout and it's really doing the business. Different feels to others I've tried, the mental sharpness/sense of wellbeing is fantastic. Stacked it with a scoop of outrage tonight and apart from the watermelon flavoured outrage repeating on me, it was awesome!