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  1. Rear delt starting to redevelop. Some improvement in the remaing medial delt. Really should get better at taking pictures and find somewhere with decent lighting.
  2. Chest and abs Low incline bench 1x15 65kg, 3x6-8 80,90,90 Incline flyes 3x10 28kg, 28kg, 30kg Decline flyes 3x8-10 24kg, 24kg, 24kg Low cable crossover 3x10 22.5, 22.5, 27.5 1xladder 27.5 23 reps. Cable crunch 3x12 67.5, 67.5, 67.5 Side crunch 3x15 Good sesh. Another really good pump. Bumped the weight on the last set of crossovers. Decline flyes felt good by will be going back to single arm decline press.
  3. Back sesh done. Deadlifts 1x15 120kg, 3x6-8 160kg, 180kg, 190kg D/B row 3x8-10 50kg, 50kg, 50kg W/G pulldowns 4x8-10 140,160,160,160 Hammer strength seated row 3x8 120kg, 120kg, 120kg. Deads were good. 6 reps at 190kg, 20kg off what I've previously pulled for 6 reps, pre tumour. 120x15 and 160x8 were without straps. Added straps for the last 2 sets. Don't use a belt or wraps. Right arm failed at 8 reps on the last set of D/B row. Pulldowns felt good, failed on the 10th rep on the last set. Going to go back to single arm variation on these next time.
  4. Shoulders and abs today Seated single arm machine press 1x15 20, 3x10 30, 30, 40 Side lateral raise 2x10 16kg, 18kg 1xdrop 18-16-14 22 reps Face pulls 4x10 52.5, 52.5, 57.5, 57.5 Single arm rear delt machine 3x10 160, 160, 160 Lying side raises 3x10 8kg, 8kg, 8kg Weighted decline sit ups 3x max total of 39 reps Leg raise 3x max total of 35 reps. Good sesh, loving the face pulls don't know why I've never tried them. Lying lateral raise was on the money, range of motion and strength was lacking on the right arm but it can only get better.
  5. 4 years difference from top left to bottom right. Come a long way. More to come. Keep getting better.
  6. Legs. Leg press 1x15 240kg, 1x12 260kg, 3x10 360kg, 400kg, 410kg single leg extensions 3x10 145,145,145 1xdrop 145-130-115, 20 reps seated single leg curl 4x10 90, 90, 90, 90 single leg hammy extension 3x10 20kg, 20kg, 20kg toe press 3x15 250, 250, 250 single leg press 3x12 150, 150, 150 Hammy extension is done on the 45 degree back extension, trying to get a good stretch and squeeze. Toe press is in one of those seated horizontal leg press machines, as is the single leg press. Single leg press is done fairly slow to get a good contraction. Wasn't in the mood to train, spent 7 hours of an 8 hour shift doing restraints. Pretty knackered by 7am but had a shit sleep. Despite this it was a good workout, better control on leg press. Next leg session I'll be dropping leg press in favour of squats. Haven't done these in months so should be fun.
  7. Arms and abs before work last night. Overhead triceps extension 1x15 30kg, 1x10 36kg, 2x8 46kg, 46kg One arm pushdowns 3x10 32.5, 37.5, 37.5 Overhead cable extension 3x8-10 52.5, 57.5, 57.5 One arm dumbell extension 3x10 12kg, 14kg, 14kg One arm pushdowns across the body 3x12 17.5, 17.5, 17.5 Hammer curl across the body 4x8-10 20kg, 22kg, 22kg, 22kg Incline curls 3x10 14kg, 14kg, 14kg Cable crunch 5x12 62.5 on the stack for all sets. Lots of variation on triceps, not all exercises are done with maximum weight. Really trying to concentrate on form and squeezing the muscle, especially on the single arm exercises. The right arm is still significantly weaker in overhead exercises when done alone. The strength is up in it from last session but it still dies suddenly. Legs before work tonight.
  8. Back session. Deads 1x15 120kg, 3x6-8 160kg, 180kg, 185kg Dumbell row 3x8-10 48kg, 50kg, 50kg W/G pulldowns 4x8-10 140, 160, 160, 160 Seated rows 3x8 100kg, 120kg, 130kg Deadlifts was good, wasn't in the mood today as I'm pretty knackered from work etc. First set was without straps, then added them for the bext 3. Managed 6 reps at 185kg and could definitely cranked it to 8, bit of a sook though. Dumbell row was a good 10 on the last set but need to be a bit tighter on the right side. Pulldowns failed going for 10 on the last set, up on the last session where I failed at 8 on the last. Seated rows is on one of the hammer strength beasties that run each side independently and you load the plates on. Getting a good pull on this and trying for a good squeeze. Time to do the parental bit before heading for a 2000-0400 shift, woohoo (yeah right)
  9. Yep done that in the past. Easier to find a nice all in one though.
  10. Absolutely loving the effects if this at the moment. Getting the beta alanine feels 10-15 minutes after taking it without fail. Good energy, finding it easy to keep pushing ahead even when I'm shattered before I start. Getting a great pump as well.
  11. Bucked the trend and trained chest in Sunday with a little bit of abs. Low incline bench 1x15 65kg, 3x6-8 80kg, 90kg, 90kg Incline flyes 3x10 28kg, 28kg, 30kg Single arm declines 3x8-10 36kg, 36kg, 36kg Low cable crossover 3x10 22.5, 22.5, 22.5 1xladder 22.5 4 height changes 35 reps in total Decline twisting sit ups 3x failure Side crunch 3x15 alternating sides with no rest. Good workout. Managed an extra rep on the last set of bench press. Increased weight on the last set if flyes, failed at 8 reps. Easy 10 on the last set if crossover, totalled 35 reps on the ladder set. Will be increasing the weight on the last set and ladder set next session. Loving the Shadow-X pre at the moment, had a great pump every time I've used it. Monday was a rest day as we had things on. No training today (Tuesday) as I've just finished night shift and have to look after a sick kiddy. Wednesday will be back day.
  12. Welcome back buddy. The iron is always there no matter what life throws at us. Look forward to your updates.
  13. Legs done before work last night. Leg press 1x15 240kg, 1x12 260kg, 3x8-10 360kg, 400kg, 410kg Single leg extension 3x10 130, 145, 145 1xdrop 145-130-115 18 reps total Standing leg curl 4x10 60, 60, 60, 65 Single leg hammy extension 3x10 20kg, 20kg, 20kg. Toe press 3x15 250, 250, 250 Single leg press 3x12 110, 130, 150 Toasted. Hammy extension is on the 45 degree back extension, aiming for a good stretch and squeeze. Single leg press is on the horizontal leg press, high foot placement and trying to drive more through my heels. Good work out. Work sucked balls. Chest after I've had a sleep today with a side of abs.
  14. Tongue adds 5kg of thrust!! Good effort fella.
  15. Couple of nights off work, shoulders yesterday and 1 and 3/4 arms today. Slowly making progress.