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  1. Idle ramblings and observations.

    Been crook with the flu for most of the week. Felt ok today so I had a wee play. Bench press 70kg x15 80kg x10 90kg x8 100kg 3x3 paused Chin ups 4x AMRAP. Bench felt really good, Chins a bit meh. Nothing too crazy.
  2. Idle ramblings and observations.

    Today.... Did some testing on bench press. Bands and medicine ball stuff to loosen up a bit. 1x15 @60kg 1x12 @70kg 1x6 @80kg 1x4 @90kg 1x2 @100kg 1x1 @107.5kg previously done 5x1 at this weight. 1x1 @110kg 1x1 @115kg 1x1 @117.5kg FAIL 115kg was ok, I didn't set up well and I hit the spotters a bit hard on my right side. Corrected and got the rep. 117.5kg set up was slightly better but still clipped the spotters on my right side. Ended up bailing out of the rep. Hitting the spotters definitely threw me off but I really feel I should have nailed 117.5kg. 120kg was in the back of my mind atthe start of the session but I'll happily take 115kg as my 1RM in to my next program. Uploaded videos of 110kg, 115kg and 117.5kg 20220625_131515.mp4 20220625_132014.mp4 20220625_132626.mp4
  3. Idle ramblings and observations.

    Today... Bench 1x12 @60kg 1x10 @70kg 1x6 @80kg (paused reps) 1x10 @70kg D/B row 3x10 Overhead plate raise 3x10 Triceps pushdowns 3x10 supersetted with D/B curls 3x10. Nice easy deload day. Bench was very light, trying to focus on controlling each rep. Paused reps were good. Planning on testing 1RM on Saturday.
  4. Idle ramblings and observations.

    Today... Bench 1x10 @60kg 1x8 @70kg 1x5 @80kg 3x3 @100kg Chins 4x8 Seated smith machine shoulder press (unsupported) 4x7 Close grip smith machine floor press 4x7 EZ bar curls 4x7
  5. Idle ramblings and observations.

    Cheers. But bear in mind I only started barbell benching again sporadically in 2020 and I hadn't benched since 2013. It's all been flyes and cable stuff. Might as well be noob gains lol. Deload at the start of this week then I'm going to test my 1RM.
  6. Ohjoshua's Intense city, lets ramp it up.

    Hey fella, this is the bench program I've been doing. I just Googled programs until I found one I like the look of and printed it off. If put the title into the search bar it'll bring it up. I altered the accessories slightly to accommodate the gear I had and my niggles. I found one on T-nation that looked good too, which I might try but it's 4 days a week.
  7. Idle ramblings and observations.

    Today.... Warmed up with loads of empty bar reps, bands and medicine ball stuff. Bench 1x5 @75kg 1x5 @85kg 5-7x3-5 @100kg 5, 5, 4, 4, 4, 3, 3 Single arm pulldowns 4x7 Snatch grip upright row/high pull 4x7 Triceps French press 4x7 Hammer curls 4x7 Went for reps on the last set of 100kg and couldn't quite lock it out and had to bring it down to the safeties. This was the last session of a 6 week program. Prior to this I struggled to get 1x5 @90kg. Benched 3x a week. Each days weights were based of my calculated 1RM and included a heavy day, light day and medium. This was applied to weight lifted and volume. I calculated this off my 5RM, which was 90kg. This gave me 105kg as my 1RM. I went from doing 5 singles at 90kg on my week 1 heavy day to doing 5 singles at 107.5kg on my final weeks heavy day. 17.5kg improvement. On my medium weight/volume days I improved by 15kg, going from 7 sets at 85kg to 7 sets at 100kg. I know the weights aren't huge when compared to some but it's worth noting that I only started doing barbell bench again after the first covid lockdown in 2020 (I managed 100kg for 3 reps), prior to that I hadn't benched since 2013. I've never been a big presser to start with though. I'm going to do a deload next week then have a crack at a 1RM. Then I may restart the 6 week cycle based of that 1RM or try something similar. Overall, I'm really happy with my progress over the 6 weeks.
  8. Ohjoshua's Intense city, lets ramp it up.

    Crushing that bench press fella, nice work. I've been benching 3x a week in an attempt to boost it to something I'm happy with and also because I can't train lower body beyond the physiotherapist recommendations lol. Each session is % based off a calculated 1RM max. 6 week program ends this week, deload a little next week and then I'm planning to actually test my 1RM.
  9. Idle ramblings and observations.

    Today.... Bench 2x7 @82.5kg D/B row 3x10 Smith machine incline bench 3x10 Overhead plate raise 3x10 Tricep pushdowns 3x10 D/B curl 3x10
  10. Idle ramblings and observations.

    Physio this morning for my cranky knee, slowly making progress on it, followed by a cold training session in the home gym. After a warm up of lots of ball slams, band work and bodyweight stuff Bench press 1x5 @70kg 1x3 @75kg 1x1 @80kg 5x1 @107.5kg (video of my last single attached below) 3x3 @97.5kg 3x5-7 @90kg Chins 4x AMRAP seated smith machine shoulder press 4x7 Close grip smith machine floor press 4x7 Dumbbell curl 4x7 20220613_145146.mp4
  11. Idle ramblings and observations.

    Training day 3 After a warm up of bands, ball slams, push ups and empty bar work I banged this out. Bench 1x5 @72.5kg 1x5 @82.5kg 5-7x3-5 @97.5kg, x5, x5, x5, x5, x5, x4, x4 Single arm pulldowns 4x7 Dumbell upright row/high pull 4x7 French press 4x7 Hammer curl 4x7 Upright row/high pull was done seated due to rooted knee, still felt effective. Bench was good, 6 weeks ago I struggled getting 5 reps at 90kg for just one set. Next week the set weight is 100kg.
  12. Idle ramblings and observations.

    My last single at 100kg from 2 weeks ago. Been a long time coming. Up 5kg on this now. 20220524_143347.mp4
  13. Idle ramblings and observations.

    Banged this out today Bench 4x5-7 @80kg Dumbbell row 3x8-10 Incline Smith machine bench 3x8-10 Overhead plate raise 3x8-10 Triceps pushdowns 3x8-10 Dumbbell curls 3x8-10
  14. Idle ramblings and observations.

    That's day 1 of the program I'm trying, it's classed as a 'heavy' day. Day 2 is a 'light' day with only 4x5-7 on bench press. Day 3 is a 'medium' day for bench, 1x5, 1x5 (weight increase from first set), then 5-7x3-5. Each set of bench has varying percentage based weights. Each day has 1 exercise for upper body muscles/accessories. I altered some of these to work around my particular niggles and what I feel needs focusing on. I'm training Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The program allows for 1 lower body/leg day on Tuesday or Saturday on this schedule. I can't train legs beyond what the the physio gives me, but that's 2 days a week at the moment plus a few things to do at home. It's a 6 week program.
  15. Idle ramblings and observations.

    Public holiday today. Still off work with rooted knee, rehab ongoing but making progress. Smashed out all my rehab shit this morning then trained....... Warmed up with some band work and medicine/slam ball stuffs. Bench press 1x5 @70kg, 1x3 @75kg, 1x1 @80kg followed by 5 singles @105kg. Then 3x3 @95kg and 3x5-7 @87.5kg. Although I fucked up and put a 2.5kg plate on the right hand side instead of a 1.25kg on the last 3 sets 🤦‍♂️ Then, Chin ups 4x AMRAP Seated smith machine shoulder press 4x5-7 Close grip smith machine floor press 4x5-7 Seated dumbbell curls 4x5-7 Having some issues with stability due the knee injury and everything is Seated or supported in some way, getting it done though!