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  1. Cutting and ripped

    Best gear for cutting are scissors, blades, axes, knifes, etc...
  2. Juic'n

    Hery Bro. I would swap your Var/Dbol system there. Dbol 1-4 to kick start and Var nearing the end so you can get some quality, though I don't see much point in only 4 weeks of Var. Peace

    You asked basically the same question a few days ago. Your other post is 5 threads under this one... Not much has changed this week bro but I'll repost the same shit I told you then... HCG uses in NZ (from Medsafe website) In the female • Ovulation induction in subfertility due to anovulation or impaired follicle-ripening. • Preparation of follicles for puncture in controlled ovarian hyperstimulation programmes (for medically assisted reproductive techniques). • Luteal phase support. In the male • Hypogonadotropic hypogonadism (also cases of idiopathic dysspermias have shown a positive response to gonadotropins). • Delayed puberty associated with insufficient gonadotropic pituitary function. • Cryptorchidism, not due to anatomical obstruction. http://www.medsafe.govt.nz/Profs/Datash ... nylinj.pdf ouch...
  4. New forum policy - brand names banned

    Oh look who's back... Listen kid, I don't care if I'm smaller than any natural guys out there, I have been in this game for several years, and I know when I'm using legit or fake stuff. I don't need to post a pic of myself to prove a point. If I'm solt fake gear, it means I've been ripped off, it means someone stole my hard earned money and that is unexcuseble. Despite the fact that I've been ripped off a few times in the past, I still never acted like you, I never came on here talking shit about a certain brand. My experience is as follows be shared with folks who are interested: APOLLO: I'm sure there's good apollo ou there and some guys on here can prove that by their results, but I was sold apollo bunk gear to. ULTAGENIX: It worked and I would use again, but the source was a terrible comunicator and kept my money without sending me what I ordered. TITAN: Loved everything about it, quality, variety, and specially the very precise communication. Here it is, wethere you like my opinion or not I dont care, thats what Im here for, to share experiences and still keeping respect. Peace
  5. New forum policy - brand names banned

    I agree, don't think brand naming should be banned. But I do think mods should have ZERO tolerance towards idiots who rarely contribute to this forum with good advices, instead they just post name calling and dissing brands. IMO we should be able to discuss and share experiences about a certain brand and what sort of results people are getting on them. It's quite obvious when someone's pushing a brand by their atittude.
  6. 20mg pink dbol tabs

    Amen to that
  7. 20mg pink dbol tabs

    Thanks guys I'm flattered :pfft: Serious though, it took me a very expensive 10 weeker of 1000mg Sustanon/week, a bloated baloon-like face and a lump on my right nipple to realise more gear wasn't the answer. I've backed down to half that dosage on cycles after that, and started to spend more money on supermarket rather than on gear. Best move.
  8. 20mg pink dbol tabs

    What happens too is people run 1 or 2 cycles, put on some nice 10 kg on their frame, then start a 3rd or 4th cycle using the same amout of gear, don't see any weight gain and quickly assume they need more gear to grow. If you're 10 or whatever kilos havier you will obviously need more calories not only as maintanence but specially to grow. I know huge guys who run nothing more than 500mg Test E por week always with amazing results. Why? Because every and each cycle they increase their calorie (protein/carbs/fat) intake.
  9. tren ace eod

    Tren is my favourite no doubt about it. Mon, Wed & Friday isn'r EOD. EOD is EOD! I did tren Ace EOD once but then I decided to go for ED, MUCH BETTER. You can mediate sides such as the night sweats(which might still happen but a bit liess) and insomnia, and I was on 100mg ED.
  10. Titan busted.

    No one with a bit of intelligence and a brain should be listening nor giving a crap to what this guy says anyway. Useless thread.
  11. Albuterol Sides

    Is this a prescription med in NZ?
  12. Ultragenics brand.

    The stuff works as I've used it , but the dealer is a terrible comunicator and douche bag. Peace
  13. thick. solid. tight?

    I am not a hater (srs) and you're looking pretty nice and lean there, but from mid february up until now (only 2 months) you've put on 5 kg of lean mass. We know what you're up to Mr.Natty-who leaves-syringe-between-legs-when-taking-photo
  14. Finaject vs Finaplex

    brb, burying my gear to use it in 10 year time
  15. Shutdown??? After 4th cycle

    Best Advice: See another doctor!