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  1. Nootropic & Cognitive Enhancer

    Yeah man, I have a mct powder ready to go when I go into full keto, I kinda don't really get much out of it, but I got a bag of it so I wanna use it up. Lol I've never thought of it as a nootropic though, outside of maybe a sense of well being from being in ketosis in general. I might actually try some mct powder in coffee tomoz, might be a good way to use it up haha,
  2. Nootropic & Cognitive Enhancer

    Noopept is a great cost effective one, I've had ok experiences with that. As mentioned above creatine and caffiene. Creatine is actually impressive in terms of mental performance. Nicotine is good, but im not sure exactly how long the effect lasts, I'd assume its quite short. Ashwaganda, while not being a nootropic can lower stress and anxiety and help sleep. Fucking great imo But end of the day nothing beats just training a clear mind and setting up good practices.
  3. Nah that's fine man, give it 3 months, re-evaluate and pivot where you see fit. You don't, and probably shouldn't crush yourself on a full body split. Like I said above, its about managing a higher frequency and volume over the week, not destroying a muscle group in one sitting. Good luck man!
  4. Skinny guy trying to get buff

    Do they actually laugh at you, or you're perceiving it that way? Not calling you out on that, it's pretty rare to find that level of c*nt in the world. And misunderstandings are quite common. Either way who cares man, the gym is about what you're doing. If its that bad to the point its effecting your workouts, talk to the PT or gym owner . Congrats on the 2kg! a win is a win bro, claim it. It may be best to start with you posting up what your actually doing, age, workouts, what you're eating and the supps. That way people can then talk on what it is they think is right and wrong
  5. Yeah I mean technique can fail, you might need to do less reps or drop weight the following set, but what I'm referring to is when you train hard, you need time and energy to recover. If you severely tax say shoulders on monday, it's unlikely that you'll perform well on Wednesday. The benefit of full body, or programs which play with frequency, training muscles multiple times a week. Is you're attempting to get a higher amount of total work done over the week. Sets x reps x weight. Which should mean more progress. Progressive overload and what not. So when I say manage fatigue its more of a thing of not exhausting the muscle so much as you miss the next training session or just dont perform well on that day. And yeah man just 3 sets of laterals or anything there will be good for developing the side delt. You could kind of just have a blank space to try whatever there too, depending on how much time you have and what you want to work on.
  6. Hey that looks good as man, good on ya for getting some leg work in. So just to clarify you'd be doing this, a full body 3x a week? If so, be sure to track the fatigue levels and adjust amount of sets as needed. Full body splits are great, they can be a solution to greater overall weekly volume, but you gotta be disciplined with it. You're most likely not wanting to go to failure, otherwise the next session, which is only 2 days away can suffer. I find them hard for this reason, sometimes you're just feeling it and go hard, and then you simply cant perform well, or at all by the next session. One last thing I would personally suggest is some medial delt work, and reducing the sets on those isolation exercises. You'd be getting good indirect bi and tri work from those big compounds, so you could prob just do with 2 sets of curls and tri ext. Like i mentioned above this just keeps the fatigue manageable, but over the week, you'll still be getting good iso work in. And get in something like upright rows or side lateral raises for those side shoulders. Next thing to do is just try it man and see how it goes, that's a hell of a lot more complete than the original idea. Maybe something like the following will help you pick the amount of sets and frequency for the time you've got. https://renaissanceperiodization.com/hypertrophy-training-guide-central-hub/
  7. How flexible are your workout days? Having heavy pulls on sunday and monday could be rough, and you may not get the performance/recovery you're after. If you're 100% committed to that, it maybe wise shuffling the program to something like a upper body push, upper body pull, and sunday arms. Bicep isolation, medial delt, tricep isolation, abs, traps. and I'd say at least do some leg press or lunges, nothing hectic but something to keep those muscles mobile, maybe some romanian deadlifts to swap out with another big pull exercise.
  8. SARMS

    I guess drop the dose to 15 or less man, see how it goes, may as well considering you've already bought it. It's a rough side effect that only some people seem to get, wish I could help more man. Extra coffee? hahah
  9. Rolled Shoulders fix

    Ayo fam, thought I'd stop in and link this, good vid.
  10. SARMS

    At what dose?
  11. SARMS

    It's all a big scheme to harvest stem cells, the next big steroid haha
  12. Rolled Shoulders fix

    I've managed it more with chest stretching, and posture cues. No amount of rowing and pull movements really helped my posture, it was a mind muscle thing for me. That said face pulls were handy. Also getting under the incline bar bench with a light load and using it as a weighted stretch was farken orgasmic. #nohomodoe
  13. SARMS

    Yeah it's entirely reversible as soon as, or soon after discontinuing the drug. I should correct myself here, and say its more an issue with glucose tolerance than insulin sensitivity, same real world effect though. Poor glucose control. I've heard that it is because of competition with IGF1, but I'm not entirely sure if that's scientifically accurate. This study shows that fasting glucose is normal, but tolerance, not so much. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/9467542 Why this matters vs real hgh, is that mk677 causes multiple gh spikes throughout the day, meaning poor glucose tolerance throughout, where real gh, you get the impact of gh within a predictable window, evening from what I understand in the context of general health, not max gains. So you usually don't eat around those times and don't face this issue as much. That's what I was meaning by multiple spikes being bad, or troublesome. You can see the multiple spikes during the day here: https://academic.oup.com/jcem/article/82/10/3455/2823475 I don't know much about hgh for sports performance, so maybe someone more experienced can chime in on the use of hgh, and insulin. My intention for it was to see if I could get some benefits of increasing hgh for general health and joint health, tendon repair etc, any cosmetic effects after that were a bonus to me. But having uncontrollable and constant spikes in gh and the relationship with poor glucose control, its not exactly the best solution, or a total replacement for real hgh. It's cheap though team. So I mean, There is a use for it no doubt. But with the general advice I've seen for mk677 of "you should run it for 6 months to see benefits" isn't entirely benign info considering the time you would be exposing your body to high blood sugars. It's worth being aware of.
  14. SARMS

    Well to start there's a whole bunch that work through different pathways that will help any cycle. Like mk677, or cardarine. But for the roid replacements. Such as lgd and ostarine. It's probably cheaper and more effective to use an oral steroid. But if the sides are too much. Thanks yeah sarms are a great replacement and that could be where the real value comes in. Tolerance. Just give it a hoon man. See if it's something for you.
  15. SARMS

    For what purpose? They work, but they are nothing like AAS, I think of them as AAS with a ceiling. As in they seem to have diminishing returns in many cases, that limit the results possible from them. I'm fascinated with them though. I've tried ostarine and mk677. Ostarine was cool, better pumps in the gym, slight performance increase, and some kgs at the end of it. Very mild though. LGD Looks amazing, but as these anabolic sarms do cause mild shutdown it's a good idea to have a PCT ready, you really have to consider if you think those gains are worth the sarm and the PCT over just oral AAS plus PCT. Mk 677, I've actually got into recently at varying doses, maybe I can update with my experience later. But so far better sleep, slightly fuller muscles. No hunger or bloating, but savage insulin resistance. It doesn't necessarily cause gh bleed, but it causes multiple spikes of gh throughout the day. That's been the only put off for me so far, even on a low carb diet. It's definitely not a long term replacement for actual hgh as far as I can tell. But its the cheapest way to get gh through other means, you can google blood work from others who have done it, it's quite impressive.