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  1. Looking for a way to lose weight fast.

    Do you really want to sacrifice muscle to lose weight fast?
  2. Squats+lowerback DOMS

    Hope you guys are using your glutes as you rise up out of the squat, if not, thats the quickest way to bring on the lower back pain. The other comment about babys squatting is very true however, they are lower to the ground anyway and super flexible so don't quite see how it compares to fully grown adults squatting.
  3. Lower back injury from deadlift

    Just a thought, how is your abdominal strength, I know alot of back injuries are caused from not bracing your abs and obviously bad form aint gonna help.
  4. heres a challenge

    How much intensity do you train at? You should probably have gained quite abit of muscle mass in 3 years, however only you know what you started out like. Perhaps you are training the same way week in week out, change is always good.
  5. Not much to start with but...

    Some wise person once said to me "you can't train away bad nutrition", first thing to do is sort out how you are going to eat your 5-6 meals per day, time frames between each meal etc. Get it all committed to paper and it will make your progress speedier. Look forward to hearing how you go. If you need any ideas on nutrition or anything else, don't be afraid to ask, there are plenty of peeps with great ideas on this site.
  6. Home Gyms

    I bought a semi-commercial leg press/hack squat machine from No 1 Fitness $995 and picked up a half dozen 20kg plates, it is a solid piece of equipment, im selling my chest press bench/frame on trade me which comes with a leg extension, def worth checking out other equip on trade me, plenty of ex christmas pressies im sure.
  7. Building muscle without bulking

    It takes years of hard training to gain muscle as a women, don't expect an overnight success. Men have a faster result due to their testosterone levels in comparison to ours. Don't be defeated, just keep at it.
  8. training + diet + menstrual cycle

    Unfortunately training with any intensity is a stress on the body and I guess everyone reacts differently to that type of stress, ive never experienced any problems with menstrual cycles even when depleted ready for comps but I know plenty of ladies who do.
  9. corrospondence nutrition course

    Ive almost completed the 3rd module for Netfit Sports Nutrition, didn't teach me anything new, its more about having the qualification to backup my experience. Still good solid info but yes, its pricey. I started it years ago an kept chipping away at it. Really good if you want to do it in your own time and don't want the time pressure.
  10. cuff exercises,pnf,stretching

    If you have access to a cable with mid height adjustment, the same lateral/medial rotation exerise works well here, I find keeping the elbow tucked into the waist is a little easier to achieve. Frozen shoulder takes a long time to sort out, my client had best results from PNF stretching and foam rolling, but still the going was slow.
  11. Thoughts on cheat day?

    I use free meals fortnightly during my diet cycle, my clients do as well. When you are eating clean during the week and training hard, not only does it replenish glycogen stores, but it gives you a full recharge both mentally and physically. You do feel sluggish initially but like was said on the video clip, you train like a demon the next day. I always find that I add a kg of bodyweight the next day but it pushes off quickly after that. The most difficult aspect of this is that it is only for a day and you have to resume a strict regime the next day or it is all for nothing.

    Considering there was only her and me in the class, I wouldn't say she carved it up, however nice lady and congrats to her. Think I will stick to posing muscles, the model walking and quarter turns aint my thing, not like the figure section in NZFBB from years past.
  13. Thank you, there are a couple of ladies im sharing accommodation with from Christchurch, so we will definately take you up on that offer.
  14. Ill be there, competing Nabba class 2 figure