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  1. How big can you get without steroids?

    The best answer to this question is to forget you ever asked it. The mindset that leads you to ask about limitations is the wrong way to think about your training and your goals.
  2. Overtraining & Undereating

    Still here, still training, just not online much at the moment (by choice). I'm taking a mental recovery month right now, getting to the gym when I feel like it (enough to maintain) and enjoying some pints on the weekends I was right at the edge of burning myself out, so I figured it's best to be pro-active instead of pushing myself into another four months of not caring about lifting. I'll start logging more often once I get back into stride in another week or two.
  3. Throw your 10cents in of opinion here plz...

    Recovered muscles and growing muscles and what you feel in your muscles are three different things. It doesn't make much sense to treat them as if they're identical.
  4. Overtraining & Undereating

    14-August Squats up to 140 Close-grips, 90x8, wide-grip 60x20 Chins, +30 / 2 triples three sets of pushdowns
  5. Overtraining & Undereating

    13-August DL, up to 200x2 Strict Press, 65 / 4 triples some curls and side bends
  6. Overtraining & Undereating

    I bought them off TK himself about a year, year and a half ago. He ships down here for a good rate.
  7. Overtraining & Undereating

    Haven't logged the last few sessions, as they were nothing interesting. I decided on a strategy to take for the next little bit, to see about shaking out the cobwebs. 11-August DL (hooked), up to 200x2, 210 Strict Press, 60x3, 65x3 couple sets of light squats Squats felt horrible after pulling and the knees really let me know about it without my Tommy Konos on.
  8. Why does TALL equal STRONG?

    There's that ignorance of basic strength & conditioning principles again. We can sum up PD's whole argument as "people aren't training how I think they should train". I still think every few sessions or so, if people borrowed from docs PBing principles then they would be making greater gains I don't doubt that, but it's not for the reasons you think. Pete you seem really hung up on the idea that hard work can only happen if you're doing high reps or sets to failure -- but there are other ways to train hard. To see this in effect, squat 3-7 times a week, hitting 20-30 lifts above 80% at each session. Hard work happens in different ways.
  9. Why does TALL equal STRONG?

    There's that ignorance of basic strength & conditioning principles again. We can sum up PD's whole argument as "people aren't training how I think they should train".
  10. Why does TALL equal STRONG?

    It seems more like a case of attention-seeking than a real criticism. I'm with Harry.
  11. Why does TALL equal STRONG?

    Saying PLers don't work hard shows a working ignorance of the powerlifting community, just like saying you don't work hard if you don't do forced reps shows an ignorance of basic strength & conditioning principles. I could slam "bodybuilders" but the truth is that real bodybuilders are hard workers. Turns out some people are just assholes regardless of how they train.
  12. Why does TALL equal STRONG?

    Unfortunately competing PLers actually have to squat to depth and do it without a spotter helping them out of the hole. They can't just post internet squats 100 lbs over their very average deadlifts and then piss on everyone else's lifts.
  13. Why does TALL equal STRONG?

    Potential body mass scales with height. Since there's a limit to how much muscle a frame of any dimension can hold before drugs have to enter the picture, this sets a cap on how big any given person can get. Taller people have more "room" to hold muscle and tend to be bigger for that reason. In biomechanical terms (ignoring neural factors), strength is a function of body mass coupled with leverages. Elite-totaling dwarfs like Markus Schick and regular high-squatting dwarves who act like they total elite aren't maxing out the body mass, but have levers good enough to hoist weight across their shorter ROM. But there will always be a superheavy who out-lifts the short guys just through the body weight advantage.
  14. Overtraining & Undereating

    I wish I had access to an SSB or even a plain cambered bar for things like that. I could spring for one myself, but I've been holding our for a Trademe bargain. Ditto for chains, I can get them pretty reasonably from marine supply but I keep putting it off. You can keep your cold though 6-August Front Squats, 110 / 6 doubles Push Press, 75 / 6 doubles misc pumping for arms and abs Took an intentional light day today, just keeping everything moving.
  15. Overtraining & Undereating

    Trained yesterday, just didn't log it. Pretty mediocre session of FSQ, some push presses, and weighted chins. 5-August Squats, up to 160, 130x2/3 Close-grips, up to 110x2, 115 / 2 singles, 100x2/3/5/2/3 Chins, +30 / 5 doubles I'm feeling really stale on the max-single squats right now. Tonight felt good but it was literally the first good squat workout I've had in about two weeks. If there's no turn around by Monday I've got a backup plan that will get some higher reps back in the rotation and maybe dig out of the rut. My plan to annihilate my shoulder injury with relentless overload seems to be working. It still hurts but it's starting to realize it has no choice.