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  1. The Form Thread

    Not competitively this year bro, I've got a 10 month old son and he takes up most of my spare time. I work from home currently, so I've been keeping things ticking over in my lunch breaks at a nearby home gym with a few compound sessions a week (bought a new bar and a few more plates to shore it up) Hopefully in a few months when the kid goes to playschool and the routine gets a bit more solid, I can start back onto a more regular program. Possibly target some comps early next year. Your lifting looks awesome man, enjoy following your Instagram :-)
  2. The Form Thread

    Good thanks Peso! Just popping my head in, nice to see peeps getting involved around here, good buzz. *slinks back into dungeon*
  3. The Form Thread

    +1 :-D
  4. AFL

    A few of the St Kilda boys were over here promoting their ANZAC game last week, and they stopped into the Powerhouse for a session. I think it's pretty cool they're over here trying to spread the game (can't say I've ever followed it in the past). Exchanged a few brief words with a couple of them, really nice guys (new St Kilda fan, ha). Not very big but you can tell they are athletes, very wiry sort of build. There wasn't that many support staff with them (maybe 4-5 for the 15 or so players?), but I guess that was probably due to it just being a promo trip. They'll be back in the House leading up to the game in April apparently, the full team too which will be pretty hectic! Here's a vid they posted of their session (I make a brief, blurry background appearance, haha):
  5. Hook Grip - Deadlifts

    Ha, I've walked away from a few sessions with skin under my nails and blood trickling from the scrapes from just alternate gripping, and there are semi-permanent stubble patches on my thighs where the nails scrape up, haha. The few sessions I tried to hook while sumo'ing was just doubling the pain, so I gave that ambition up pretty quickly! But I do agree with the twisting - in particular, the hand that scrapes the thigh causing a twist. I definitely preferred the "straightness" of the hook, as I find I get a little bit of a twist with alternate. If I could deal with the scraping (and I don't think I can because it might change my tech - which is going ok), I would look at hook again.
  6. FS: Nike Romaleos 2 US10

    Speak of "the guy I know" haha. If he still has them bro, sounds like he'll be down for the Palmy novice - and you get the awesome colour - almost too perfect!
  7. Hook Grip - Deadlifts

    Good advice from the guys above. I hook gripped for a while - did as much as 272.5kg with it, which was my max at the time - could've held heavier I believe. I didn't actually think it was that hard to get into, and the pain never goes away, it kinda just gets manageable (I think Phedder said the same). I started like the guys have suggested; doing it for warmups, until you get confident enough (or the pain isn't so bad) that you can start doing it for your top sets. Even if you can only do 1 or 2 reps of a set with it before switching back to mixed, everything counts. I found when I switched to sumo, that the overhand grip scraped my thighs a lot more because they're in the bar path, so I didn't try to carry it across the styles - add the thumb pain, to having your nails scrape your thighs on every rep, and you quickly get tired of it :-/ (Old Bull does it though!) But with alternate, I only scrape one leg at a time, and usually switch grips so I do them fairly evenly. As alluded to above, another option is to switch the mixed grip around. I know, it feels terrible, but do it for warmups, and then switch back to the comfortable one when you need it - eventually it becomes nearly as comfortable, although I don't know if it ever catches up. In a way, it is kinda like being right or left handed I guess, you might be able to train the other hand to be alright, but it might never "feel" as good.
  8. FS: Nike Romaleos 2 US10

    Hey bro, are these still available? I know a guy with that size shoe is looking for a pair...
  9. squat form other thn not going low enough lol

    Think about bending the bar across your back, really squeeze it hard against the traps/where it is sitting, try and force your elbows under the bar, and poke your chest out at the same time. This will help keep your chest up and your torso upright.
  10. squat form other thn not going low enough lol

    That looks too heavy bro, back the weight off and go lower, it is hard to give tips when you are only doing half the motion, as often people have decent weakness at the bottom (of a full squat). A full squat (hips below the knees at least) will show what you need to work on better. Your start position looks ok, my only suggestion would be don't rush it so much. Take a couple of breaths after walking out and get yourself set, think about cues for squatting - deep breath, hips back, knees out, chest out, back tight... etc.
  11. #drizzt

    Aw stink to hear! They are a nice bunch, there are some pretty ludicrous salaries around where I worked though, mainly contractors *secret* Don't know about the muscles bit, I think she just wanted to get the spotters in there, ha
  12. #drizzt

    Ahhh, I didn't realise you worked there too! Ha, I had a few people forward it through to me the morning it came out, was surprised it was a page long, thought they were just chucking me in a side bar somewhere *lol* Nice to hear from ya CC *smile*
  13. NZPF National Raw (Classic) 3-lift, and National Bench Championships, Christchurch This year the New Zealand Powerlifting Federation Raw Powerlifting Championships and National Raw and Equipped Bench Press Championships are being hosted in Christchurch by the Canterbury Powerlifting Association Lifting for the weekend starts at 3pm on Friday the 27th with the National Bench Championships (all lifters). Beginning Saturday at 10am are the National Classic Champs with all women, and men up to 83kg lifting through the day. On Sunday, lifting starts at 10am again with the 93kg men, through to the afternoon with everyone else up to the 120kg+ mens class. Attached is the lifters list - there is a massive 99 lifters confirmed for the Classic Champs, and 44 for the Bench Champs. 140+ total entries makes for a huge weekend of lifting, and is a massive undertaking for the CPA. There is also a livestream for those of us not in Christchurch, which can be found at http://www.ustream.tv/channel/canterbury-sports. Best of luck to everybody competing! NZ National Bench Press Championship Sessions.pdf NZ National Raw 3 Lift Championships.pdf NZPF Raw 3-lift & Bench Champs Info Sheet.pdf
  14. Venue: Canterbury Sports and Performance (CSPC), 120 Wainoni Road, Avondale, Christchurch Contact: nzchamps2013@gmail.com