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  1. Hello 10 years ago I injured my back in a deadlift and I haven't felt right since, there is some unevenness that just won't go away. I got an MRI done recently and found I have an extra vertebrae in my lower back and the muscles on each side attach differently, like one side is tighter and stronger than the other. So that explains why I feel this unevenness and why I keep injuring my back trying deadlift variations and good mornings etc. Can anyone suggest any exercises I may be able to do safely to work the posterior chain? Thank you
  2. Just in case anyone else is curious. Atlas gym has a trap bar :)
  3. Thank you for your suggestion :) I have contacted them to enquire
  4. I'm just curious why girls who do crappy fad workouts that involve bodyweight squats or holding like a 5KG dumbell, and some bodyweight lunges and situps etc end up looking so good? All my research into diet & exercise etc seemed to say that this stuff was a waste of time and you won't see real results unless doing heavier progressive workouts. The reason I ask is I see it so often with girls, and my wife is carrying bit too much fat but starts doing these crappy workouts and in like 3 weeks looks really good - nice ass and legs etc. Maybe it's more a diet thing rather than exercise now I think about it?
  5. Thinking of joining and just wondering if anyone uses it. Wondering how busy it gets around 5.30 weekdays Thanks
  6. Should knees ever go inwards?

    Thanks Dinahlady, so it's ok to externally rotate femur without toes being out too? Doesn't that go against what everyone says about knees going same direction as toes?
  7. Should knees ever go inwards?

    Thanks for your replies all, much appreciated. I think I've got it sorted now, gained too much flexability in the hips so need to control how much i hold the knees out now. Just doing bodyweight atg squats now and it is feeling much easier and natural
  8. Should knees ever go inwards?

    But when deadlifting knees would need to be out if feet were pointed out slightly. Or should feet and knees both be straight forward? Maybe I've been putting so much effort into keeping knees out that doing single leg stuff & deadlifts with straight feet/knees just feels like they're going inwards..
  9. I've been really working on form lately and with the squat working on aggressively pushing knees out and going ATG. Almost at the point where it feels like I'm standing up from a cross-legged seated position lol I thought the deadlift was sort of opposite, having feet close and knees more inwards when lifting but after doing more research it seems knees should be pushed outwards during this lift also. So my question is, is there any lift where knees are supposed to be inwards? E.g. should this just be done for single leg movements like lunges / step ups etc? Thanks
  10. Building abs from the inside out

    Couldn't have stumbled across this post at a better time, it made perfect sense to me after the core trouble I've been having. Will def be trying it
  11. Fixing old back/core injury

    Hi there About 1.5 years ago I injured my lower back deadlifting, couldn't move at the time but was decent enough after a couple of days. I never felt right, limited movement with my core & lower back but no pain when working out so kept this up (but switched to romanian deadlifts). Only now with a lot of stretching etc am I starting to gain some mobility back but I think I have some really weak deep inner core/back muscles that will probably not activate if I do any weightlifting. I suspect because I worked out ever since the injury I've had other muscles compensating for the injured ones and they just never went back into use. I have literally been feeling muscles kick in that haven't been used in a long time - it feels like a bad cramp but you just keep going with it and the pain eases off after 10-30 seconds and all of a sudden I have extra mobility I haven't had in ages I haven't worked out for 2 weeks but want to get back into it but really need to get this issue fixed once and for all. I have already made piece with the fact I'll be putting my squat and deadlift weights right down to what I started on about 4-5 years ago and just working on going ATG with squats and going very slow and careful on deadlifts to avoid any risk of possible form breakdown. What do you suggest I do - keep not working out until I have better use of all these muscles? Or continue with workout and just be very cautious?
  12. Ab wheel roll out.

    Use a barbell and do barbell rollout. Same exercise no new equipment needed
  13. Ab wheel roll out.

    (double post)
  14. I was already holding the weight behind my head